Signs of Winter All Around…

Posted: November 30, 2009 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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What a mild fall this has been! Not really any snow in Toronto as of yet, and temperatures have been climbing to the mid single digits most days.  But even despite this gentle start to fall signs that old man winter is about to show his dreary face are everywhere.

In most parking lots snow clearing equipment sits at the far ends of the lots.  They wait patiently like starving vultures to get their first taste of snow. Another sign is the wind.  It’s getting a chill to it that hits you like a mean step mother’s breath.

So all in all we can’t forget that winter is on its way.  The signs are there and they’re becoming more obvious each passing day.  All I can say is I wish the weather would stay as mild as it has been for the whole winter.  In my humble opinion if global warming could give us milder winters, then it wouldn’t be such a bad thing—I think.

—Matthew Casey


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