Take It Easy…The Eagles had it right!

Posted: December 1, 2009 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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Okay, so the end of the semester crunch is definitely on.  I’m inundated with projects and tests to study for.  There are only twenty four hours in the day and for me right now it seems like each and every hour is being eaten up by something.  Every class is demanding a piece of my time.  I’m sure that I am not the only student who feels this way at this time of year!

When we get caught up in the rush of everything we tend to forget the simplicities of life, the little things that might just brighten our days ever so much.  For instance the other day I was writing a hefty research paper for an English class and was getting so stressed out.  After three solid hours of dedication to this task I decided to simply go outside for a little walk.  Just some fresh air made me feel so much better; it took a lot of the stress away.  The air sort of cleared my head and allowed my thoughts to flow so much better when I got back, and the walking didn’t hurt anything either.

Another important thing to keep in mind during this crunch time is perspective. Yes school is very important but in reality why get so worked up over it?  There are things that are more important such as family, friends and our own personal mental health and well being.  Just do your best, set out a list of things you want to accomplish during a day and do what you can.  Don’t over criticize yourself and don’t beat yourself to death if you’re stuck on something.

In the end I always tell myself, I am one person, I take it one step at a time and I can’t do miracles. This keeps me grounded.  Even if I don’t quite get the best mark in the end on the project I still don’t fret.  I know that I still have family and friends who care about me just the same regardless of how I did on that project for that class.

—Matthew Casey


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