Food For Thought!

Posted: January 20, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Articles
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A man and his girlfriend got quite the surprise a couple of weeks ago in Toronto when they grabbed a bite to eat.  According to reports, Tommy Lam and his girlfriend were on their way to work on Saturday January 2 when they decided to stop at a local McDonald’s restaurant for a quick bite to eat.

After ordering a couple of breakfast burritos, Lam alleges that he discovered ants inside one of the burritos after biting into it.  At this point he had already eaten one of the two burritos and wasn’t sure if that one too had ants in it or not.  He said the ants were not moving so he believes they were already dead.  He reportedly found fifty dead ants inside of the breakfast burrito.

The couple immediately returned to the McDonald’s and spoke with the manager.  They claim they were not given any apology for the incident and instead were only offered a replacement burrito—which they declined.   Lam and his girlfriend have kept the tainted burrito and are planning on taking the matter to the proper health authorities.

Now how about that food for thought! I hear ants are a delicacy in some places, especially with chocolate on them!

—Matthew Casey


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