Misery Loves Company

Posted: January 21, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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It’s official! Conan O’Brien is done on NBC.  I knew this was probably going to happen based on all of the rumours out there that his days were very numbered as host of the “Tonight Show”, but deep down inside of me I hoped that these were just rumours that were over exaggerating the situation and making unsubstantial claims.

I really am going to miss Conan when he goes off of the air after this Friday.  I really looked forward to seeing him every night.  The good news however is that he can go back to the airwaves as early as this coming September according to his exit contract with NBC. His most likely new home will be the Fox network, but I have a feeling that this won’t be easy for him as the brass at Fox are going to have a lot of convincing to do with their local stations.

In a way though, O’Brien’s whole situation got me thinking, if a man as distinguished as Conan O’Brien can get screwed over by his network that means no one is invincible with anything! Doesn’t matter how good you may be.  If the big guy like him can get hammered then I sort of don’t feel quite as bad when I get blasted in some of  the things I do.  If Conan can get knocked down and then get right back to his feet I suppose I can too! Misery loves company!

–Matthew Casey

  1. brenw23 says:

    Maybe you can do a variety show with him on Family Channel.

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