Conan O'Brien's Feud with NBC Represents Something Else…

Posted: January 22, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Articles, Entertainment
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One of the reasons that Conan O’Brien has been so popular these last few weeks, aside from the fact that they’re his last days on NBC,  has to do with something that a lot of people wish they could do.  Tell their boss to go to you know where when they’re getting pushed around.

In the very public battle over the last couple of weeks the nation has watched as the big NBC executives have tried to push the “little man” (and I use that loosely because obviously Conan is quite the person…) Conan O’Brien around.  But he said no. He wouldn’t take the flack.  Instead Conan stood up for what he believed was right and never wavered from his decision to not go with what NBC was proposing.

His last couple of weeks as host of the “Tonight Show” have given the opportunity for people to watch a battle between a man and a big corporation.  And although NBC really seems to have  won, I think everyone has enjoyed watching Conan “stick it to the man”.   In a sense people who have had battles with the “man” in their own respects are living vicariously through him, imagining what it would be like if they could do the same to their employers who might be giving them a hard time.    Conan is one lucky guy, he has the opportunity to blast his employer on national television, something many people probably have dreamed of at one point or another.

—Matthew Casey

  1. Furluge says:

    You definitely hit the nail on the head about that. Though I and many other people also see another common undesirable office personality in Jay Leno.

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