Oprah Winfrey To Interview Jay Leno

Posted: January 22, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Articles, Entertainment
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This should be good.  It has been confirmed today that the Queen of talk Oprah Winfrey will be flying out to Los Angeles to interview the funny man Jay Leno.  Maybe this will give Jay the chance to fix up his reputation, if it is even possible to do so, in light of the whole giving the “Tonight Show” torch to Conan O’Brien and then taking it back seven months later.  Of course it’s wrong to blame this whole mess on Leno as he is probably just doing what NBC wants him to do.

The interview is set to air on Oprah’s show next Thursday, January 28.  Should be interesting to see what Jay has to say about things.  The public certainly won’t be hearing from Conan for a while because his exit contract prohibits him from doing any interviews or comments about his departure from NBC until at least September.

—Matthew Casey

  1. Furluge says:

    I think you give Jay Leno far too much slack in this affair. Jay Leno isn’t some poor victim who’s just doing what the company wants him to do. He’s a man who’s been engineering this to occur ever since whatever point in 2004-2007 he put his plan into motion. His current cover story is just that, a story.

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