Even in Tragedy People Still Out to Scam

Posted: January 24, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Articles
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Police are warning people to be vigilant of a new email money scam that is going around.  It’s being reported that a group of scam artists is sending out millions of emails.  The messages claim they are in Haiti and are victims of the recent earthquake.  Claiming to be badly injured, they are requesting money to buy medicine.   The emails also make a claim that they are front line aid workers who are trying to raise money to help others as well.

The public is being warned to ignore these emails and to be extremely careful to who they send their money to.  These fraudulent emails always ask for the funds to be sent via money transfers.

It’s a shame that even amidst all of the devastation in Port Aux Prince and Haiti that there are individuals out there who would seek to rob money from willing donors for their own good.  This shows that the world is a scary place and one must be ever conscious of everything around them.  I would suggest only making donations through official charities and to do so in person, that way you know that your money is safe and is going to the people who need it and not lining the pockets of someone who doesn’t.

—Matthew Casey


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