Look! It's a hobby rocket! No it's a missile! No it's nothing!

Posted: January 31, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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Something strange was in the skies over Harbour Mille Newfoundland on Monday January 25 and the government of Canada doesn’t seem overly concerned.  Whatever was in the skies that evening around 5pm definitely wasn’t an airplane.  But what was it?  That is a bit of a mystery.

What started out as a plan for a local resident of Harbour Mille to take pictures of a beautiful sunset turned out to be a little more interesting than that.  Instead the resident snapped a picture that has garnered national attention and ignited a media firestorm.  The picture shows a silver like object moving through a clear blue sky with a trail of smoke and flames behind it.  According to witnesses there were actually three objects in the sky at the time.   Another resident looked at the object in the sky through a pair of binoculars and described it as a “humongous bullet”.

The sight of the objects was so frightening that it was reported to the local RCMP.  Even the police were stumped as to what the objects could be as they have concluded that the incident is an “unexplained sighting”.  The RCMP don’t seem to be overly concerned and neither does the Canadian Forces. Despite not knowing what the objects were they have confidently stated that there is no threat to the security of Canada.  The sighting has garnered so much attention that it even made tracks in the Prime Minister’s office.  However all Stephen Harper had to say was, “there is no indication that there was ever a rocket launch”.

The explanation that the government is giving for the sightings is that Harbour Mille is a playground for hobby rocket enthusiasts.  Maybe that is so, but in my opinion hobby rockets aren’t that big and they generally go straight up then down and not in a horizontal motion.  So given that three extremely large unidentified objects have flown over a Canadian province one would think that some alarm bells would have gone off in the Prime Minister’s office. Maybe he would even be looking into it more aggressively for say, national security?

Fortunately Senator George Baker who is from Newfoundland is really looking into the situation and not buying the government’s explanation.  On Power Play with Tom Clark on CTV he made his stance clear that what these people saw was indeed not a hobby rocket and was most likely a missile launched from the French territory of St. Pierre et Miquelon which is just off the coast of the province.  He stated that for the government to even suggest that people would be out on that day in Harbour Mille Newfoundland firing off hobby rockets when the temperature was -14 and the windchill was -25 is ludicrous.

I’m not a believer of conspiracy theories, but I think that someone in the higher ranks of the government knows a little more about the situation than they are letting on.  I think perhaps a mistake may have been made somewhere along the line with the situation and the government of Canada just doesn’t want to own up to it.  Someone must know something because three objects roughly the size of 18-wheelers shouldn’t be able to slip across our country with out setting off an alarm on some radar screen.  I definitely hope that more answers come from this one!

—Matthew Casey

  1. brenw23 says:

    I really don’t think this is as big an issue as some are making it out to be. Honestly, I believe that if it was something major, it would’ve been addressed as such. I’m not one of those conspiracy theory guys who believes the government is out to get us or anything. Now don’t get me wrong. If you believe this to be more than what the government is claiming it is, I’m not saying you’re a nut-job but I’m sorry. I just can’t find anything frightening here.

    Plus, was there debris found from any of the missiles anyway? None that I heard of. Right now I’m really doubting the severity of this news, but I’ll stay tuned and see what happens.

    Either way, good stuff, Matty.

  2. macas539 says:

    That’s another interesting thing, no debris was ever found…so I don’t know what to think? UFO? haha! Let’s not even dive into that territory…

  3. Verula Mium says:

    Hey. Interesting stuff. France is wanting to extend Le Baton out to the continental shelf, so a good time to start playing Big ‘Ex-Acadia’ Brother and intimidate the ex-relations ;- )

  4. Verula Mium says:

    It’s all about oil after all…

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