Even NASA Gets Stumped!

Posted: February 6, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Science, Technology
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An Interesting Image!

This image shows what appears to look like a spacecraft out of science fiction. It was captured on January 29, 2010 by the Hubble Space Telescope.

First it’s strange objects flying over Newfoundland and now it’s something flying near the Earth that even NASA can’t quite explain. On January 29 the Hubble Space Telescope snapped an image of an”X” like object whizzing past the Earth at a distance of 290 million kilometers. The image shows what looks like a spacecraft of some sort with a contrail of dust luminescing from behind it.

If one was a Trekkie, and I am a big one, it could almost be said that the object looks like a Klingon bird of prey or maybe even something that the Romulans would have in their fleet.  Whatever it was even NASA is scratching their heads over it, and that is something one does not see happen everyday! NASA seems to be able to explain even the weirdest images without the least bit of hesitation.

Now before everyone begins to panic like a scene out of War of The Worlds, there is a theory as to what could have caused this oddly shaped object.  David Jewitt, NASA’s investigator of the image, says that the object was most likely created by the collision of two asteroids.  This would be the best theory, but they cannot prove it for certain because they haven’t seen a collision of two asteroids before.  According to Jewitt, these collisions typically happen at high speeds and involve objects that are so large that these scenarios can’t be simulated in a lab. In other words, they don’t have any information on what this type of collision would even look like.

Even if this isn’t first contact with an intelligent alien culture at least it’s an exciting opportunity for NASA to study something new that they haven’t seen before.  Although, I was really hoping that it would be aliens, I mean honestly, how cool would that be? As long as they weren’t out to destroy us like in all the movies out there I think that would have been more interesting and it definitely would give people something to blog about for a long time…

—Matthew Casey


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