Go Canada! Oh wait, that isn't being modest. I'm sorry.

Posted: February 17, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Articles, Commentaries
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Well Canada is doing excellent so far in the Vancouver 2010 games.  We’re at five medals total, 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze.   I hope that this makes a certain journalist in the New York Times eat his words from an article he recently published about the over bearing modesty that Canadians seem to exhibit.

The article that appeared recently in the New York Times on February 9 was about how Canada has never won a gold medal on our soil and that we like it that way.  In the article by Charles McGrath, the author says that Canada is a vast country run like a small town with small town values.  He also goes on to write that Canadians believe a good effort is better than wining a “trunkload” of medals.

Well perhaps Canada is a modest country and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  However for an article to spell out that here in Canada we are happier to just give it a good shot than we are to win shows how ill-informed our south of the forty-ninth parallel neighbours actually are.

Just watch any news report out there in Canada.  People are so confident that our athletes are going to get gold.  When the journalists ask people in crowds “do you think the athletes will win gold?” people abundantly cheer yes! Even in Toronto, look at the transit buses, they all say “Go Canada Go!” on the route signs.  Now according to this article in the New York Times all of this should be unheard of. Canadians publicly announcing their hope to win gold?  What! We’re too modest for that, it even says so in the prestigious New York Times.

The article even goes on to say based on a quote from the Canadian author George Woodcock that Canadians don’t like heroes and therefore they don’t have any.  Well, I don’t think that is true, I know I had some growing up.    I think this is a very belligerent statement.  Perhaps some people don’t have heroes but to paint an entire country with the same colour is just ridiculously naive! There are lots of kids growing up who have heroes.  Many of them probably sports heroes.  Who didn’t look to athletes growing up? People like Wayne Gretzky or Mike Weir, I think they could classify as heroes and most likely still top people’s hero lists to this day.

So if American’s read that article in the good old NY Times and believe it to be entirely one hundred percent accurate as the mantra for all Canadians, than they will also believe me when I say that it’s getting very cold outside here and it has been snowing since last July.  So with nothing else going on I think I’m going to shut the deerskin door on my downtown Toronto igloo and turn in for the night on my bearskin bed.

—Matthew Casey


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