No Shoes, No Shirt, No Deodorant, NO SERVICE.

Posted: February 19, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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By Matthew Casey

First it was movie director Kevin Smith being kicked off of a Southwest airlines plane for being “too fat” to fit into one seat and now it’s Air Canada Jazz kicking an overly smelly passenger off of their plane.

First off, I think the whole Kevin Smith thing was overdone, he blogged about it for days and tweeted about it as well saying how fed up he was with the airline for what they did.  However all I have to say is maybe he should take better care of himself.  But I am not going to say anything more about that infamous incident.

Apparently a United States passenger, who Air Canada refuses to identify for privacy reasons, was compromising the comfort of the other passengers on the plane.   Fellow passengers began to complain about the severe body odor coming from the man.  With the best interest of everyone else on the plane the crew decided to kick the man off of the flight.

I think the airline did a great thing here.   I have flown many times between Toronto and Moncton and I can’t express in words how horrible it is when I am seated in a plane with either a passenger that smells like they haven’t bathed in months or someone who fell into a bottle of perfume or cologne.

So after all this commotion the gentleman was permitted to fly again the next day.  I would suspect that he invested in some deodorant the next time around though.  I just wish that the TTC would do the same thing for passengers that don’t smell so good when they get on the bus!

  1. brenw23 says:

    Okay, the Kevin Smith thing is ridiculous though.

    Kevin even offered to pay for an extra seat, but they still refused when most of the time they have agreed to it. The guy is loaded with money, why not just let him pay for an additional seat if that’s what he wants to do?

    I totally agree with Kev’s rage about the issue!

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