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Posted: February 20, 2010 by Brendan Wahl in Commentaries
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So I don’t usually do these kinds of posts as I generally focus on the entertainment section and Matt takes care of the rest, but I thought I should comment on what just happened to me in our building’s laundry room.

No, I did not have sex on a washing machine. Pervert.

Instead, this is what happened.

I was in the laundry room doing my thing, you know, having sex on a washing machine…

Okay, this is why I don’t do these.


So there I was doing my laundry when I opened up the dryer and found a loonie on the floor. Picking it up, I decided to deposit it into the dryer and belted out a mighty “Huzzah!” at the prospect of having just saved a dollar.

Flash-forward an hour. I come back to collect said laundry and lo and behold, there’s a note on the door saying that someone took this lady’s loonie and she needed it for wash. Well since I am feeling particularly generous today, I decided to leave her four of my quarters next to her laundry basket and wrote a note back.

Flash-forward another hour. I come back and what do I see? A ‘Thank You’ note and a gift in the form of a small candle. I struggled as I thought that I would definitely need to return the favour somehow so I gave my gift: a packet of hot chocolate. Where will it go from here? Marriage, a condo, five kids and a pool? I’m no statistician but I’d give it a 99% chance.

  1. You might stick to the entertainment side of things but THIS is entertaining! HAHA! There’s some really nice condo’s in Toronto here! Can I be your best man?

  2. Brendan Wahl says:

    Obviously! haha

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