I’m Still Alive!

Posted: May 11, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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I am still alive.  I sort of went off the radar here for a couple of months but alas, I have returned!

I finally have one year of college under my belt and am at the halfway point to earning my diploma in broadcast journalism.  So I am super excited to be one step closer to achieving my goal of becoming a broadcaster!  I am also extremely delighted to have a break! This year has been so tough with more work than I think I have ever encountered in my life.  But the pain is worth the gain in my opinion…here I am with my cliches again…oh boy!

So I’ll be trying to get back into the habit of updating my posts as regularly as possible.  I just want to say thanks to Brendan who kept up his SNL reviews during my unofficial hiatus, it is great to read them.  I just have to say as well that I totally agree with Brendan’s last review on Betty White’s hosting of Saturday Night Live, it was a very good show and I enjoyed watching it immensely!  Never thought that I would see the day when little old Betty White would say “she’s a lesbian” over and over in a sketch on live television.

Anyways that’s all I have for now! Just wanted to let you all know that I am still alive… that is if anyone even cared! haha!

  1. Brendan Wahl says:

    You should’ve played this out a lot longer ala the Paul McCartney hoax. Imagine the traffic!

  2. damn! why didnt I think of that!

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