Better Late Than Never

Posted: May 16, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Articles, Commentaries
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By Matthew Casey

For me going to school at the age of twenty-two seemed like a really late time to start my post secondary education career.  But after stumbling across an article about a California woman who finally achieved her lifelong goal of going to university I have really thought otherwise of my situation.

According to the article 94-year-old Hazel Soares of Richmond, California has become the second oldest person to receive a degree.   The oldest person to claim the record is 98-year-old Nola Ochs who received her master’s in liberal studies at the age of 98.

As for Ms. Soares, it appears that after achieving her goal she plans to keep active by not settling down.  Her plans are to become a museum guide in the San Francisco Bay area.  Although the article mentions that she won’t be attending the ritual parties that accompany graduation.  Really though, I can’t say as I blame her there as those can be too much for me!

So this just goes to show that it is never really too late to go after your dreams no matter how old you may feel!   Even though I may feel like there is too much pressure with all of my school work at times stories like this really give me a boost of confidence to try harder in what I am doing.


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