Wanted: Adventure Seeking Treasure Hunters

Posted: May 19, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Articles
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TV adventure seeker Kevin Brauch will lead an expedition that is bound to get even a seasoned explorer's heart pumping.

By Matthew Casey

For all those Canadians out there looking for a good treasure hunt here is one for you.  Canadian Club Whiskey is on the lookout for eight adventure seeking junkies who are willing to go on a treasure hunt of epic proportions.  The contestants will be made up of four Canadians and four Americans, creating some rivalry between geographic neighbours.

But it’s not money that these eight people will be looking for.  It’s something a little more strange.  It’s a case of Canadian Club whiskey that has been placed in some remote location in the world.  There is money involved, to the finders of the case goes $100,000.

This contest is not new; in fact it is over forty years old.  The original “Hide a Case” treasure hunt began in 1967 and lasted through to 1991.  During this period twenty five cases of Canadian Club whiskey were hidden in remote locations around the world from atop a skyscraper in Manhattan to the North Pole to Mt. Kilimanjaro–to name a few.   Presently only sixteen of the twenty five cases have been found.  The cases that have been found were discovered with the help of clues that were found in Canadian Club print advertisements released in the 60s 70s and 80s.

It was this contest that cemented Canadian Club whiskey as a solid household brand and a beverage of choice for adventure lovers.

The expedition will be led by TV personality Kevin Brauch who is known for his role as floor reporter on Iron Chef America and the Thirsty Traveller.  In April of 2011 Brauch will lead the eight contestants on an adventure of a lifetime that is sure to bring people far past the edge of their comfort zones.

People that have an insatiable urge for adventure can apply online for a chance to become one of the eight lucky contestants who will get the chance to travel to a remote location and compete in a series of challenges that will lead to the discovery of the case.

The selection process to boil down the pool of applicants to the final eight will involve a series of online challenges in which applicants will have to use their creativity skills and brain power to earn points.  Those who earn fifty or more points will advance to the next round in which they must submit a video detailing why they should have the chance to embark on this adventure.  Following the submissions of the videos the top thirty videos will go before a panel of judges and will be submitted to an online vote which will select the eight contestants.

The original contest from the 60s and 70s went down as one of the most memorable contests of all time because of its grand scale.  In a way this first contest was a sort of predecessor of today’s reality television.

If the case of whiskey has been missing for almost forty years the whiskey in it could be considered a prize.  Who wouldn’t want to drink some forty-year old aged whiskey? It would be pretty potent stuff!  But if the whiskey wasn’t your thing the $100,000 prize should be just as good.

  1. Brendan Wahl says:

    That guy looks like a bit of a douche…

  2. […] Article Explaining the CC Hide-A-Case Adventure Here’s another article I found about The adventure. It includes info on the way it will be presented and who the host will […]

  3. Thanks for all of the info on this contest! It’s difficult to find this amount of detail about it anywhere else on the web! Fantastic reporting.

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