Top Signs that Toronto has The Craziest Drivers in Canada

Posted: May 26, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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By Matthew Casey

Sometimes I just need to vent to make myself feel better.  One thing that really gets me is how ridiculously stupid the drivers in Toronto can be.  I know we all have stupid moments behind the wheel but some of the stuff that I see people do in this city just defies explanation.

For instance just look at the driving schools here.  I was behind a student driver a couple of weeks ago and he was going through a large intersection.  I was shocked when I noticed the instructor motion for the student to change lanes in the middle of the intersection.  Where I’m from it was a rule that you don’t change lanes in an intersection! So this got me thinking that if a driving school teaches these people to drive like this, than it is no surprise why this city is so full of horrible drivers and high insurance rates!

So here is a list of some things that people do in Toronto that have cemented in my mind that this is the city of the worst drivers.  It can’t be a coincidence that Canada’s Worst Driver is filmed here.

The Top 15 Signs that Toronto Drivers Are the Craziest:

  1. Backing up on a major freeway because they missed their exit.
  2. When I’m stupid enough to be going 120 km/h in a 100 km/h zone and they are still flying past me like I’m a Sunday Driver.
  3. Honking at me when I won’t make a right hand turn on a red light with a sign that says “NO RIGHT ON RED”.
  4. Honking at me when I won’t make a left turn on a red light after the four cars ahead of me have already rushed through it.
  5. Honking at me when I won’t proceed through an intersection when the light has been red for only a couple seconds.
  6. Trying to squeeze around me to make a right turn at a red light when there is only one lane and a sidewalk beside me that leaves barely enough room for a shopping cart to move beside me, but they think that their Ford Windstar will fit.
  7. They slam on their brakes for no apparent reason.
  8. They tailgate me so close that one could not fit a credit card between my rear bumper and their front bumper.
  9. When they don’t know what lane to be in they drive down the middle of two.  Clearly, that is the SAFEST choice.
  10. Trying to pass me on the right on an on-ramp to a freeway that is only one lane.
  11. Honking at me because I can’t go any faster than the vehicle in front of me, but yet they seem to think that they could in my position.
  12. Thinking that they own the lane and refuse to let me merge into it.  I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was the AWSD 923 express lane only.
  13. Honking at me because I didn’t floor the gas pedal as soon as the light turned green.
  14. Jumping in front of me when I am leaving a safe distance between me and the vehicle in front of me.
  15. Apparently signal lights are merely for decoration, hardly anyone uses them so they just cut in front of me.

That’s my rant.  I feel better now. I’m not saying that I am a better driver than anyone but I just tend to use common sense on the road.  Really, what do people think? A car is a heavy piece of equipment and when it hits something it isn’t going to just gently bounce off of it like it was a bubble.  So we should all do our part and scrutinize the way we drive to make Toronto roads safer!

Slow down, use common sense, avoid distractions and be considerate to everyone else just trying to get from point A to point B like you!

  1. Andrew From Cali says:

    I just came back from Northern California and I agree with everything you said. If I sped just a little over the speed limit in Cali…a cop appears out of no where to give me a ticket. Here, I drive 10 km over the limit and I get honked. ‘m all for multiculturalism and diversity but there are too many immigrants who take their bad driving skills onto the road here. Everyone should be forced to learn about common courtesy…it should be mandatory for anyone coming into Canada.

    • You also make a very good point. A little bit of common courtesy goes a long way! I think things would be a lot better if everyone just exercised that often forgotten element of courtesy.

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