Saturday Night Live: Betty White/Jay-Z (5/8/10) **REPOST**

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Since there was no new review this week, we have decided to re-post a popular SNL Review! Enjoy!

By Brendan Wahl

At long last, a day that no one thought they would ever see. After an arduous Facebook campaign by a young man named David Matthews, Lorne Michaels and co. began to take notice and so Betty White was invited on to host the show. Despite her agent insisting that she should do it, White said she was far too nervous to do it at first, but she finally caved and agreed to do the show.

That sure made everyone and their mothers the happiest little campers to hear that the legendary television star, Betty White, was to host the legendary television staple in comedy.

The wait began to find out just who would be joining Mrs. White for the huge and memorable night. When Jay-Z was announced as the musical guest, the reaction was somewhat apathetic as people thought this was one of the worst choices possible. But then things briefly looked up as it was announced that Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and Molly Shannon would all be joining her, all of them being mothers themselves.

So did it all work out and were we given a hell of a show? Let’s find out!

The Show:

1. The Lawrence Welk Show

Much like the Christmas show with James Franco back in December, we open with another Lawrence Welk Show parody featuring three sisters who are seemingly normal-looking (Gasteyer, Poehler, and Rudolph) and strange, deformed Junice (Wiig). Betty makes an appearance here as their mother and the sketch, while silly, is still a fun way to open the show. B+

2. Monologue

Betty goes for the more simple approach to a monologue and simply states that she had no idea what Facebook was beforehand, finds it a complete waste of time, and then makes a few cute jokes about her age. B+

3. MacGruber

This time, MacGruber joins forces with his grandmother (White), where his politeness ultimately leads to a moment where…BOOM! MACGRUBER! A-

4. The Delicious Dish

Much to the audience’s delight, Margaret Jo (Gasteyer) and Terry Rialto (Shannon) return for another edition of NPR Radio to present Delicious Dish. This time, they get a visit from a kindly old business owner (White) who is there to spread the word about her Dusty Muffins. What follows is essentially a repeat of “Schwetty Balls” but with vagina references instead. However, still quite funny. A

5. the Manuel Ortiz Show

Here’s a sketch that I wasn’t sure was going to return! Manuel (Armisen) hosts a Latin-themed talk show complete with dancing in between guests. This time, one of his guests (Forte) wants to come out to his parents (White & Moynihan). Maybe the weakest sketch of the night, but still not bad. B-

6. MacGruber

The second part of the MacGruber triptych sees our hero finally snap at his grandma and yell at her really loudly. A-

7. Gingey

Continuing the hot streak of fairly simple premises but hilarious results, this sketch takes place in 1904 as several ladies get ready to go to a party while one of them (Poehler) looks somewhat less feminine than the rest. Of course, White is quick to point out that she’s a lesbian and also throws out a number of great lines. A-

8. MacGruber

The final segment of MacGruber sees a very strange, sexually disturbing development take place between MacGruber and granny. A-

9. Jay-Z sings a medley of “Real As It Gets”, “99 Problems”, & “Empire State of Mind” (feat. Bridget Kelly)

Is this the first time the same song was performed twice in the same season?! I expected nothing from Jay-Z but he powerhoused his way through this performance and rocked the house. After an amazing 8 1/2 minute performance, *I* almost got up and cheered. A+

10. Weekend Update with Seth Meyers

Lots of fun on Update this week as Maya Rudolph reprises her Whitney Houston impression in one of her funniest moments actually as she huffs and puffs through a re-enactment of her latest concert flop. Amy and Tina join Seth later on for a hilarious segment of “Really?!” as well, while 50-year old Sally O’Malley (Shannon) finally meets her counterpart in Dottie O’Donegan (White), a 90-year old who likes to sit down a lot. A

11. Scared Straight

If ever there was a host that I was more excited for them being in this sketch than Betty White, I doubt it. Here, Betty plays Lorenzo’s (Thompson) crazed grandmother who is quick to help along with the rape jokes and thinly-veiled movie references. Lots of fun. A-

12. CSI: Sarasota

Making a combination of old jokes and also poking fun of David Caruso’s stupid quips provides the premise for this fake ad for two cops (White, Dratch) looking for the reasoning behind strange occurrences like 103-year olds “suddenly” dropping dead. Another sketch that clicked. A

13. Digital Short: Thank You For Being A Friend

What starts off as a beautiful tribute to Betty with the cast and guest stars singing the “Golden Girls” theme song to her soon develops into Betty’s own hardcore punk remix. Another wonderful piece. A

14. Jay-Z sings “Young Forever” (feat. Mr. Hudson)

Jay-Z brings the goods again with a favourite of mine from “Napoleon Dynamite” with some rapping over top of it. Mr. Hudson provides the singing portions and makes this another worthy ditty. A

15. The Census

In a sketch that was very reminiscent of the Christopher Walken/Tim Meadows census sketch from a few years ago, Betty plays a kooky tenant with some strange answers for the census-taker (Fey) (“Blarfinger Blarfinger!”). A great sketch to close out the night. A+

Betty joins Jay-Z, her guests, and the cast to say goodnight and much to her surprise, they give her two dozen roses. Adorable.

I don’t even know what to say after that one. Betty was adorable, Jay-Z rocked the house, the writing rocked, the guests were utilized in a great way. Overall, a fantastic show.

Host Rating: B+

Musical Guest Rating: A+

Show Rating: A+

  1. Jo Ann Zinaman says:

    I Voted for Betty White, but I Also Really Liked Jon Hamm and Michael Buble. I thought that was Funny when Jon Hamm Abducted Michael Buble and I think that Michael Buble has A Great Sense Of Humor. I thought at the Time that Michael Buble should Host some Time. I Liked when Jennifer Lopez Hosted Years ago and they had Mango VS J-Lo and Jennifer said Don’t P i s s Off A Puerto Rican Girl from the Bronx. I was Shocked how Horrible June January was and the Only Good Thing about Watching the Clouds was Jason. I thought Taylor Swift was Funny with the Singing Non Singing Monologue and I thought Taylor did Pretty Good with Scared Straight. Betty White should Teach Lindsay Lohan how to do Scared Straight. Jody

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