Saturday Night Live: Dana Carvey/Linkin Park (2/5/11)

Posted: February 8, 2011 by Brendan Wahl in SNL Reviews
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by Brendan Wahl

(Season 36, Episode 14)

My reviews are gonna be a little more concise from now on. No opening paragraph necessary, really.

The Show:

1. Wayne’s World (5:59)
-Carvey, Mike Myers

Yes, that’s right! The hugely popular recurring cable access show makes its 19th appearance (and first in over seventeen years), reuniting your favourites, Wayne (Myers) and Garth (Carvey)! After discussing what they’ve been doing since their last appearance together, the rockin’ duo move onto their Oscar picks. They don’t get too far though without mentioning the aptly-named Winter’s Bone (“This film has not yet been rated.”). Lots of fun from the duo here as well as the cheap dick jokes that are thrown in. A+

2. Monologue (5:24)
-Carvey, Jon Lovitz, Hader, Samberg, Wiig

Dana uses this time to sing a little ditty about how his cast was the best of all-time before being interrupted by several current castmembers like Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, and finally Andy Samberg. Before the originator of digital shorts can get the better of him though, Jon Lovitz swoops in for the save and makes a cute allusion to his Master Thespian character. All in all, a pretty fun monologue. A-

3. iSleep Pro (1:10)
-Thompson, Pharoah (voice)

Repeat from Cranston/West. B

4. Church Chat (8:51)
-Carvey, Justin Bieber, Elliott, Hader, Moynihan, Sudeikis (voice), Bayer, Pedrad

YES! Another favourite of mine comes back! Enid Strict herself (Carvey) makes her first appearance in over 10 years and of course has a ball with all the new morally reprehensible shows on television (One and a Half Men and a Whoremonger was my favourite). The first guests are the “Holy Trinity of Sluts,” the Kardashians (Elliott, Bayer, & Pedrad), who actually get coaxed into sitting down for once. Secondly, the best guest comes in the form of Snooki (the always reliable Moynihan) and after an attempted exorcism goes horribly wrong, the Church Lady then gets hot and bothered at the sight of a walk-on from Justin Bieber, no doubt to plug that horrible-looking 3D documentary. Bieber’s appearance took it down a notch as it felt a little tacked-on, but this was still a whole lot of fun from another great Dana character. A

5. Celebrity Teen Crisis Center (3:04)
-Carvey, Armisen, Elliott, Hader, Thompson, Wiig, Brittain, Killam, Pedrad, Pharoah

Introducing a brand new show in which celebrities like Alan Alda (Hader) and Mickey Rooney (Carvey) attempt to give advice to teenagers in peril. Dana was great again, but the real highlight is Fred Armisen as Ice T acting like a complete moron with a brand of machismo in his voice. The impressions here are all spot-on though, as Abby shines as Anna Faris and Jay Pharoah tears the roof off as Eddie Murphy. I love whenever the cast gets to showcase their impressions and this continued the trend tonight: fun. B+

6. Film: The Roommate (:59)
-Justin Bieber, Samberg

A mock-trailer for The Roommate finds Andy Samberg as the creepy roommate of Justin Bieber’s. It’s a really quick bit and it kills based on its one-joke premise that it could not be any more obvious that this guy will turn out to be a crazy, obsessive murderer. I guess SNL is getting tired of these types of films too. A-

7. Linkin Park sings “Waiting For The End” (3:50)

Employing some cool background effects, LP takes a different direction with this song and for me, it worked out really well. I’ve heard some criticism of their performance on the show, but I think this was pretty good. B+

8. Weekend Update with Seth Meyers (10:35)
-Also: Kristen Wiig and Paul Brittain

The highlight of this week’s Update is definitely James Franco (Brittain) and his many jobs as he starts off by just being a correspondent, but follows that by trying to report a story, holding cue cards, and finally trying to wipe off the desk at the conclusion of tonight’s segment. Seth’s other guest is meteorologist/disco queen Angela Dixon (Wiig), who dispenses advice accompanied by disco dancing, of course. It’s not one of the more successful characters from Kristen and it gets a little grating. Seth’s stories are pretty decent for the most part, but the best part was the “Winners/Losers: Egypt” segment in which Seth details how Anderson Cooper is the biggest winner out of it all because he still looks so damn good. Good edition this week, though not on par with most Updates from this season. B

9. Live with Regis & Kelly (4:49)
-Carvey, Wiig, Killam, Pedrad

On the brink of the announcement that Regis (Carvey) is finally retiring, Kelly Ripa (Pedrad) brings up the discussion about some of the people who are rumoured to replace the male portion of the show. Taran Killam shines as well here as Gelman, Regis’ trusty producer. The fun continues when Kathie Lee (Wiig) interrupts the proceedings and after warming up her pipes with some hidden Chardonnay, she proceeds to sing a goodbye song to her former co-host. Dana comes perilously close to cracking up here and it’s not hard to see why. B+

10. Beauty Pageant (4:28)
-Carvey, Elliott, Samberg, Thompson, Wiig, Bayer, Pedrad

Two emcees (Carvey, Thompson) host a beauty pageant with a number of interesting characters like a cheese-loving girl who likes to wake up (Bayer), a girl with dreams of being a nurse or getting to know a nurse (Elliott), a Tennessee-born girl who likes to save seats (Wiig), a girl who likes to talk through toilet paper tubes (Pedrad), and finally a young man dressed as a cowboy (Samberg). It’s actually sad to see Andy’s character entered into the beauty pageant and you almost feel for the little tyke. Really good little piece, but it was hampered by the fact that it was so bizarre and didn’t seem to have a point to it. B+

11. Deidra Wurtz: Downsizing Expert (1:51)
-Jesse Eisenberg, Elliott, Moynihan, Wiig, Bayer, Killam, Brittain, Pedrad, Pharoah

A character for Abby Elliott?!? In one of the first big showcases for the younger Elliott, the talented actress plays a consultant who help people with their issues by basically telling them “ya know, it’s really sad and I apologize, but that’s just the way it is.” Abby shines here and puts forth a wonderful little performance in her first big stand-out. Notice that Jesse Eisenberg was here too, thus making it obvious that this was cut for time last week. A

12. Linkin Park sings “When They Come For Me” (5:08)

Performing the number entirely in black-and-white was a novel idea and it lends some enjoyability to this otherwise-lively ditty mixing rap with some decidedly grungy rock. It was a good end product. B+

13. Sports Bar (3:31)
-Carvey, Armisen, Hader, Moynihan, Sudeikis, Thompson, Brittain, Killam

As a favour to his wife, a bartender (Killam) allows his brother-in-law’s band to play before the SuperBowl begins to a group of barflys that are anything but willing to listen to the weird trendy David Bowie-type crooning that this band (Carvey, Armisen, Hader, Brittain) does. The sketch is probably my favourite of the night and the song is damn catchy as well. For the band to suggest that the song is SuperBowl-related is hilarious in itself and when the bartender gets in on it too, that is the icing on the cake. A+

Dana thanks everyone, declares this the best cast ever, and waves goodnight with everyone else. Mike Myers even gives some hugs out.

This episode can best be described with one word: FUN. Whether Dana was involved or not, most everything tonight had a sense of looseness and some fun was had much to the enjoyment of everything. Special mention should be made of Abby Elliott and Taran Killam as well, who were finally able to get some ample screentime. Paul Brittain was the MVP of the night on the strength of the James Franco bit alone as that was hysterical.

Host Rating: A-
Musical Guest Rating: B+
Show Rating: B+/A-

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