Saturday Night Live: Christina Applegate/Passion Pit (10/13/12)

Posted: October 14, 2012 by Brendan Wahl in SNL Reviews
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(Season 38, Episode 4)



CHRISTINA APPLEGATE: “Up All Night” (Season 2)

PASSION PIT: “Gossamer” (album)



COLD OPENING: Vice Presidential Debate (8:29)

–      No surprise here that this was the cold open but I felt that much like last week, they really delivered here with the great performances and really sharp writing. This was excellent.

–      Killam’s Paul Ryan seemed to have gotten even better and more creepier since the season premiere. I loved the sketch making fun of his stupid-looking Widow’s Peak by having Biden get frustrated and rub it off with his thumb.

–      Let’s see… my favourite parts were Biden laughing at Paul Ryan right off the bat even with his simple thanking of the college for hosting the debate, the Irish method threat, Martha making sure both men know that she is NOT Jim Lehrer, Paul Ryan’s creepy frozen smile, Biden’s comments about Scranton, Pennsylvania, Paul not being able to get specific but using hand gestures instead, Martha’s random abortion question, and Paul repeatedly drinking water to the point where it becomes ridiculous.

–      McKinnon was quite good here as the moderator Martha Raddatz.

–      Was Sudeikis sticking false teeth in his mouth just after the camera cut to him? Maybe that was supposed to be intentional to make fun of his obviously huge chompers he flashed during the actual debate.

–      The random cameo by Usain Bolt was pretty funny. He wasn’t stiff or anything either.

RATING: *****



MONOLOGUE: Christina Applegate (4:10)

–      Of course, Christina was very calm and comfortable on-stage as expected being the experienced comedienne that she is.

–      Her comment about underdogs winning was pretty amusing. I also liked her remark that when she last hosted in 1993 she was ten years old.

–      The actual content of the monologue wasn’t too bad. The song wasn’t hilarious or anything but I did enjoy it along with the cast playing the “Fruppets” and the return of Sudeikis’ Dane Cook impression (as the Swedish Chef).




COMMERCIAL: Gillette (:45)

–      This was funny. They didn’t need to change much from the original commercial besides having Sudeikis show up as a wide-eyed buck-toothed Jerry Sandusky and that sealed it for me.

–      I hate Adrien Brody. Just thought I should mention that.

–      Jay looked exactly like Andre 3000.




SHOW: The Californians (6:13)

–      Yes I am aware that pretty much everyone hates this sketch because it’s long and repetitive but you know what? I don’t really mind it usually and the goofy accents and constant convoluted directions are usually good enough for a few decent laughs.

–      Christina kinda did the Kristen Wiig role here even though she was a different character. The others came back though like Fred, Vanessa, Bill, and Kenan along with a few new characters.

–      I never pictured Bobby doing this sketch but he made me laugh with his ridiculous Californian accent. Taran was my favourite though with his gay Californian wedding planner. Also, Jason was great.

–      It looked like Christina was close to laughing in response to Hader’s exaggerated delivery.

–      The last scene where they looked in the mirror had Taran peeking his head in from the side of the mirror which was hilarious.

–      Having Usain Bolt attempt a Californian accent was a funny idea in itself. I think everyone knew he wouldn’t be able to pull it off but it was hilarious watching him attempt the accent anyway.




SHOW: Tech Talk (5:28)

–      I applaud this sketch for taking a direction that I was not anticipating. It reminded me a bit of The Comments Section from last season where all the snarky internet commenters had to confront their targets.

–      I really liked Bill Hader’s nerdy voice in this sketch. His best part was quickly asking Applegate not to read his insulting quote regarding the iPhone 5 to the labourers.

–      Fred, Nasim, and Cecily were quite good as the sarcastic peasant labourers who took everything that the tech people said with the appropriate snark and petty empathy.

–      I thought that the sarcastic dance was the best part. Nasim’s performance during that part was great.

–      I liked Fred’s line about Diabetes being an American product.

RATING: ****



COMMERCIAL: Give Us All Our Daughters Back (2:22)

–      Another great commercial piece with the cast showing off some great impressions. I especially loved Taran’s Liam Neeson (it was SPOT-ON), Jay’s Denzel Washington of course, Christina as Uma Thurman (loved the long fingers), Bobby as Steven Seagal, and Bill Hader doing an amazingly spot-on Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

–      The ‘shootin’ the breeze’ talk was great like Denzel asking “are you a porpoise or a Narwhal!”

–      The reviews were great, especially the one about no one having backstories.

RATING: ****



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Take a Walk” (4:08)

–      I had no idea who Passion Pit was and I still don’t really know but they did a solid job here and I quite enjoyed their performance. It was unique-sounding at the very least.



WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (10:18)

Guests: Arianna Huffington and Jean K. Jean

–      Best Jokes: Biden enjoyed debate; Mitt Romney/pro-life; Comic-Con; Lance Armstrong/steroids; new Red Bull flavours

–      Nasim stops by to bring back her impression of Arianna Huffington and she had some good lines here. She did a real good impression of the Huffington Post blogger and I liked the bit about Martha controlling both candidates. Her constant compliments directed towards Seth were amusing as well. The stuff about men getting pregnant was funny because it was true and it led to a great part with Nasim getting surprised by something her vagina might do.

–      Did Kenan really need to bring back Jean K. Jean? The answer is no. No he did not. Also, why was he nearly cracking up? Hasn’t he done this character like a billion times before? Ugh.




SKETCH: Odysseus and the Sirens (5:02)

–      This was pretty decent but the premise got pretty thin after a while and Sudeikis’ performance was the only thing really keeping this a float (no pun intended).

–      Took me a second to figure out the first song but it was definitely Stay by Lisa Loeb.

–      I did enjoy Sudeikis’ shipmates acting in disbelief that he was enjoying these songs clearly meant for teenage girls.

–      The best tune was when the three girls were wearing the funky hats and singing.

–      I really liked Bobby’s part (“I do what everyone else does!”) before jumping out of the boat.




SKETCH: Halloween Ball (4:13)

–      Another appearance for Principal Frye, the strange wheezing tribute to Jay Pharoah’s own principal in his high school days. This was another pretty good sketch featuring this character along with Kenan’s angry gym teacher.

–      Applegate got the most to do here with her squirrely librarian character and I enjoyed her part the most out of the whole sketch. Kenan interrupting her and telling everyone that she’s just trying to dress up as a slutty Jedi was quite funny.

–      Jay almost cracks up for the second time with this character… this time after announcing that two students were expelled after having sex in a Mufasa costume. It was a great line so it’s hard to blame him.

RATING: *** ½



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Carried Away” (3:38)

–      Another solid performance. I liked this one even more than the first set.



SKETCH: Jillian Chizz Dance Studio (5:01)

–      Yep, this is the sketch where everyone is saying that Applegate was basically channeling Kristen Wiig. I can totally see Wiigy playing this role in the past when she was a castmember. By the way, this was awful.

–      Applegate tried very hard so the effort was certainly there but she didn’t really have a lot to work with here except for the Bob Fosse references.

–      Kenan’s “this don’t make no sense” remarks were amusing for a little while.






Jason Sudeikis/Christina Applegate



Good show and Applegate was a pretty strong host but out of the four episodes thus far, it was probably the weakest one we’ve had up to this point. Aside from that awful final sketch and ANOTHER appearance from Jean K. Jean, this was a pretty decent episode with a few sketches that really stuck out in a good way.


  1. Riley says:

    My favorite skit was the Tech Talk. It definitely made a good point about some tech bloggers. I wasn’t able to see the show last night since I was working late at DISH. I set my Hopper a while back to automatically record the entire season to the two terabyte DVR and then watched it the other morning. I am just happy that I can watch it when I want without having to worry about how much recording space I’ve got. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Bruno Mars this weekend!

  2. rr says:

    christ why were you rating so harshly. I think this was a great episode compared to some of the garbage hosts…

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