Saturday Night Live: Louis C.K./fun. (11/3/12)

Posted: November 5, 2012 by Brendan Wahl in SNL Reviews
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(Season 38, Episode 6)



LOUIS C.K.: “Louie” (Season 3 just ended)

FUN.: “Some Nights” (album)



COLD OPENING: A Message from Michael Bloomberg (4:27)

–      Well it was a given that SNL would do some sort of commentary on Hurricane Sandy to open up the show and they did a pretty damn good job here with lots of comedy stemming from Cecily’s “sign-language” interpretation of Armisen’s speech. In particular, I found it funny that every time Armisen mentioned Obama, Cecily held out her ears a bit.

–      Bobby Moynihan reprised his Chris Christie impression and his part was probably the funniest part of this opening. I also liked how Moynihan was talking about how much he loved Obama and that he will hate voting for Mitt Romney.

–      Nasim was also pretty good as Moynihan’s “sign-language” translator. Unfortunately, this was her only part in the whole show but I think some of the cast only got to the studio days or even a day before the show as a couple were cut out either almost completely or completely from the show.

–      The part at the end about white people liking “Homeland” was funny.

RATING: *** ½



MONOLOGUE: Louis C.K. (5:57)

–      Louis stuck to his stand-up stuff here which was completely expected but completely welcome of course.

–      This was some great stuff. I loved his story about the old lady who fell over along with his crazy old foreign lady voice that he kept using when describing her dialogue.

–      I also really liked how Louis sped through the part where she told him something that he would never forget.

–      I wonder why he has the mic if he’s already fairly amplified without it. Maybe it just helps him because he’s a stand-up and the microphone is a helpful tool.

RATING: **** ½



SHOW: Fox & Friends (5:12)

–      Always good to see this sketch. Again, they stuck the host in this sketch a bit unnecessarily but Louis was still pretty funny here.

–      Bobby is always the highlight here. His facial expressions were hilarious as usual.

–      Jason Sudeikis playing Donald Trump was pretty funny. His part wasn’t the best segment of the sketch but the impression was still fun to watch.

–      This was also Taran’s only big role of the night. He’s one of the guys who got there a couple days before the show started but kudos to him for still managing to grab a big role on this episode.

–      The list of corrections was great as usual.

RATING: *** ½



SHOW: Lincoln (4:25)

–      This was a pretty genius bit of work. It was an awesome and accurate parody of Louie right down to the opening credits and overall style of the show.

–      Aidy Bryant was quite good here as Mary Todd Lincoln and her scene with Louis C.K. was funny. I liked their argument over having tickets to the play.

–      Kenan was pretty good here too with his outburst as well as Jay in his very brief scene.

RATING: *****



SHOW: Australian Screen Legends (4:05)

–      I thought this was going to be awful and was waiting for it to drag endlessly; however, I really enjoyed the silly nature of the whole sketch along with Hader and McKinnon’s performances in general.

–      Everyone’s accents were so over-the-top and hilarious. I loved how Hader and McKinnon went back and forth about his boner and her tits.

–      Louis had another small part in the show with this sketch but I liked his silly accent and the fact that Kate’s last words in the scene were “kangaroo, I guess.”

–      The Brokeback Mountain scene was funny mainly for Hader and Louis being just about ready to have anal sex. The way in which Louis was telling him to get “right up in my butt there” was funny.

RATING: *** ½



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Some Nights” (4:25)

–      Well… this band is fine in any other format but I don’t think the live setting really did them any favours, especially when the lead singer was singing all by himself.



WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (12:45)

Guests: Mitt Romney, Kourtney Barnes, and the Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At The Party

–      Best Jokes: New York subways; Bond Girl name change; 4, 444, 444th New Zealander born; skeleton found

–      Surprisingly, Sudeikis does a commentary as Mitt Romney. I guess SNL had to get a few more digs in right before the actual election takes place. This was a pretty funny  commentary from Sudeikis. I liked him bringing up old memories like his performance in the first debate, his comment about stuff he says during Republican Primary Debates and how they should be ignored, and his little “…and women” comments under his breath. It was also very telling with Romney saying that nothing he says should be an indication of what he will do in the future. The ending of the commentary sold the whole thing with Romney taking a picture with Seth and a canned good before taking it back because it’s his “picture can.”

–      Aidy finally got a big spot on the show with her own character, social media expert Kourtney Barnes. I liked how this segment took on how useless Twitter and Facebook users are when it comes to actual issues. Decent piece overall with a solid performance from Bryant. Good on her!

–      Cecily brings back her “girl at the party” character with some more strange, random comments regarding the election even though her comments have very little to do with anything. I liked this just as much as her first appearance and enjoyed things like her taking an Instagram of Seth and asking if she can sing a negro spiritual real quick.

–      The Red Cross thing at the end was pretty classy.

RATING: *** ½



SKETCH: Mountain Pass (4:46)

–      This was a bit of a stinker. There’s no real way for me to defend this one. I WILL say, however, that Louis’ numerous gaffes with the horn were pretty funny and I enjoyed how he messed up at one point and said “something” instead.

–      Kenan’s character being named Dave was kinda funny.

–      Fred and Kate looked like they were very close to cracking up.

–      Again, Bobby was probably the highlight here. He didn’t really do much of anything that was funny here but his performance was solid.




SKETCH: Hotel Fees (3:55)

–      This was a very funny sketch with great performances from Louis as the snobbish hotel receptionist and Moynihan as the straight man.

–      There were a lot of great little parts here like Bobby being charged for diamonds, a “safe fee” (of which Moynihan thinks is a little weird but is fine with), “Argon, sir. It’s a noble gas,” Fred walking by in the background with the stuffed bobcat (and Bobby is charged twelve cents for the bobcat being removed), Bobby choosing to pay $7 instead of $119,000 for The Avengers, Louis scoffing at Bobby’s donation, and the ending with Bobby needing to stay another night.

RATING: ****




–      Louis seemed to be having some FUN of his own right before the intro with his awkward stance as the show came back and his quick ‘calm down’ motion to the audience.

–      This was better than the first performance but I still wasn’t too crazy about it.



SKETCH: Last Call (5:22)

–      Excellent sketch to finish off the night. Louis and Kate were simply wonderful here and they brilliantly and accurately captured the nature of these random hook-ups. I loved how the two of them were so amazed by their completely different personalities but acted as if they were almost the same person.

–      The kiss was NASTY but they both committed to it so well, particularly Kate as she licked all over C.K.’s head as well.

–      Kenan’s reactions were good too and I liked him spraypainting the window at the end so he didn’t have to witness them having sex.

RATING: *****






–      Bobby Moynihan/Louis C.K./Kate McKinnon



My favourite show of the season thus far. Louis was a lot of fun as the host as everybody probably expected while the musical guest was mostly pretty awful. Still, this contained at least three classic segments and only one semi-stinker of a sketch (that was still kinda fun to watch anyway). Bobby Moynihan in particular has been having a really good season though and Kate McKinnon continues to step it up week in and week out.



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