Saturday Night Live: Anne Hathaway/Rihanna (11/10/12)

Posted: November 11, 2012 by Brendan Wahl in SNL Reviews
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(Season 38, Episode 7)



ANNE HATHAWAY: “Les Miserables”

RIHANNA: “Unapologetic” (album)


COLD OPENING: Mitt Romney at Home (4:35)

–      I was hoping for a Fox News parody but this worked out just fine and acted as a swan song (probably) to Sudeikis’ Mitt Romney impression. I enjoyed the fact that he was progressively getting “drunker” from chugging all that milk.

–      Nice to see Kate’s Ann Romney impression return as well although I doubt we’ll see it much more again.

–      The beer can sound effects being used every time Romney opened up a carton of milk was a nice touch.

–      Taran playing three of Mitt’s sons without changing his appearance or costume at all was a very funny detail and only added to the hilarity of the sketch.

–      Moynihan’s Karl Rove was funny, especially when he asked Romney to borrow 300 million dollars and Romney just threw him over the porch.

–      The moment at the end with Jason and Kate was actually a bit sweet.

RATING: ****


MONOLOGUE: Anne Hathaway (3:43)

–      It was quite expected that they would do a big musical number here because of Les Miserables but I did not expect the extremely funny subject matter regarding everyone being excited to do nothing on Sunday, their day off. This was excellent.

–      Sudeikis has a very nice singing voice (I loved him singing about tomorrow being “chill as hell”).

–      Also, the initial appearance of Taran and Cicely with headset microphones was hilarious.

–      Stefon has gotten to the heights of popularity that Anne can even reference him in the monologue and everyone knows what she’s talking about.

–      Kenan’s bit about waiting to vote the next day was awesome and I also really liked Tim & Aidy’s thing about barely being in the show along with Killam announcing that they will all have sex the next day (with Anne disgustedly backing off).

–      Also, did anyone notice as the camera faded away, Anne and Jason kept up the running joke of her having issues with him during the week as they started yelling at each other? That was clever.

RATING: **** ½



SHOW: Girlfriends Talk Show (4:31)

–      I had doubts about this as it started but it was really funny and a great lead-off sketch.

–      Another starring role for Aidy Bryant and another impressive performance. This girl has gone leaps and bounds since her appearance in that Daniel Craig sketch in which I thought she was way too broad compared to the rest of the cast.

–      Hathaway was pretty good here as well even though her role wasn’t the biggest of the sketch.

–      Cicely also made for a good host of the sketch but it’s ridiculous how good Aidy was compared to the other two ladies. This was really her time to shine.

–      I really liked Cicely’s story about her stalker/boyfriend watching her eat steak.

–      I also appreciated that the sketch didn’t go on longer than necessary.

RATING: *** ½


FILM: The Legend of Mokiki and the Sloppy Swish (2:21)

–      Wow, this was SUCH an odd short film but Taran was hilarious just with his facial expressions and strange dancing alone. Kenan was also funny in this as the singer/narrator.

–      Hathaway turning into a female version of Killam’s insane character was a riot and probably made me laugh the most here.

–      Did anyone else get a Lou Bega vibe from Kenan in this sketch?

RATING: ****


SHOW: Homeland (4:33)

–      I wish I had seen this sketch before because I probably would’ve appreciated it more but I still had a ball with most of this.

–      Hathaway turned in another great performance here as the emotionally unstable Carrie obsessed with Killam’s character Brody and corkboards. Taran was also quite good here as Brody, who could barely open his mouth when he spoke.

–      Hader and Thompson were good straight men here too, especially how Hader’s interpretation of Mandy Patinkin was so on-the-money.

RATING: *** ½


SKETCH: McDonald’s Lay-Offs (5:11)

–      Well, this wasn’t the strongest sketch but the performances from Moynihan and Strong were damn inspired. They carried the subpar material over-the-top.

–      My favourite parts were Cicely barking and referring to Bayer’s character as a bitch, Moynihan and Strong saying that Nasim should be at the end of sentences because she’s a big period, Killam’s vacant stare, Sudeikis telling Nasim that he’s already married, turning the McDonald’s jingle into a song about how Jay should kill himself, and the ending with Tim Robinson as the elderly employee.

–      Aidy looked like she was on the verge of cracking up here.

–      There seemed to be a camera gaffe here when they cut to Pharoah too early.



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Diamonds” (3:50)

–      What an odd performance. It didn’t make the song any better because to be quite honest here, I was not a fan. Was it worse than fun? Hell no. Was it good? Eh.


WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (14:40)

Guests: Barack Obama, Same-Sex Maine Couple, and Drunk Uncle

–      Best Jokes: Obama’s poll data; General Petraeus resignation; Medal of Honor; NFL on TV; heavy drinkers; man shoots horse

–      Jay brings back his Obama impression for a commentary on how he won the election. It was pretty funny with lots of good lines sprinkled throughout the segment and Pharoah just having a lot of fun with the impression this time out. I particularly liked his bit about a Hispanic gay woman being born every eight seconds, his Wesley Snipes “quote,” the comments about Republican congressmen talking about rape, and him saying that this is a “terrible job and I hate it.”

–      Hader and Armisen bring back their same-sex couple characters but this time from Maine with cartoonish accents and wearing dungarees. I liked that this commentary never went for an over-the-top moment and didn’t go the route of a silly male-on-male kiss. It was pretty decent overall.

–      I very much enjoyed the return of Moynihan’s Drunk Uncle character. I don’t care how many times he does this character; I still love it. I particularly enjoyed his comments on voting, groupon, confusing political races for skin colour, his state of denial, the little “Windows 8” comments, 1950’s Playboys and dignity, and his quick “jewspapers” comment.

RATING: ****


SHOW: Ellen (4:44)

–      This was a great sketch with Kate doing her fantastic Ellen DeGeneres impression and Kenan having some great lines as her DJ who is excited about having the same hours as a schoolteacher.

–      Very accurate stuff here too like Ellen making two little girls (played by Bayer and Pedrad) famous along with declaring it a half talk show/half weird daycare.

–      The visual of Ellen having a text conversation with Sofia Vergara was hilarious.

–      Hathaway brought back her great Katie Holmes impression and I loved her bit about going in disguise by slightly shifting over her mouth to look straight.

RATING: ****


SKETCH: American Gothic (5:29)

–      This was a very silly but highly entertaining sketch with some great chemistry between Hathaway and Sudeikis (no surprise there; they always work well together). I liked how both of them were so giddy about the painting and how they progressively got more and more deflated until the last comment about posing there for 10 hours resulted in their looks of utter sadness.

–      Kenan’s been in a lot of sketches tonight.

RATING: ****



–      This was much better than the first song. Overall, Rihanna’s been decent. I’m getting kinda tired of seeing her on SNL though.


COMMERCIAL: Flaritin (1:28)

–      Good little commercial parody to end the night on with my favourite bit coming from Fred getting really mad at Moynihan for smoking in his face and doing his exaggerated coughing spell.

–      Hader made for a good spokesman of course.

RATING: *** ½





–      Anne Hathaway/Taran Killam/Jason Sudeikis



If last week’s show was the best of the season thus far then this was easily the second-best. Anne Hathaway was an awesome host and it’s seriously going to take me the rest of the season to contemplate if she or Levitt was host of the year thus far unless someone blows them both out of the water but I have my doubts about that happening. There was simply nothing bad this week. I loved a lot of sketches and highly regarded the rest for the most part. Awesome episode.



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