Saturday Night Live: Jamie Foxx/Ne-Yo (12/8/12)

Posted: December 10, 2012 by Brendan Wahl in SNL Reviews
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(Season 38, Episode 9)




JAMIE FOXX: “Django Unchained”

NE-YO: “R.E.D.” (album)



COLD OPENING: Obama/Boehner Press Conference (4:35)
Obama-Boehner Press Conference

–      It’s always good to see Pharoah’s Obama impression and the return of Bill Hader as John Boehner was a welcome surprise as well even though this cold open was a little on the dull side.

–      The stuff about the Republican party picking on Boehner was pretty funny though and I like how all their little things they did to harrass him ended up being very similar to typical childish pranks and insults.

–      Hader’s performance sold this. His stern look the whole time was great and the ways in which he slowly spoke into the microphone made me laugh. He also brought back the over-the-top Boehner crying, which always makes me laugh.

–      Jay stumbled a bit but it wasn’t too distracting; he recovered nicely every time.




MONOLOGUE: Jamie Foxx (5:04)

–      This monologue was all about Jamie’s charisma, which definitely carried it for the most part and made for an entertaining segment.

–      I enjoyed all the “how black is that?” bits for the most part but when Foxx went over to the piano I found that it slowed the whole thing down a little bit. Jamie’s impression of Obama dancing was also very funny.

–      I have no idea who that 2 Chainz guy is but his cameo seemed kinda pointless.

–      The crowd was pretty rowdy here but really they were insane all throughout the night.

RATING: *** ½




GAMESHOW: Bitch, What’s the Answer? (4:05)
Bitch, What's the Answer

–      This seemed like a silly one-joke premise but you know what? I still enjoyed it very much and had a lot of fun with it.

–      Foxx was perfect as the host even though he again had a couple of flubs here and there. I just loved his delivery though and especially the ways in which he kept referring to the contestants as bitches.

–      My favourite response was from Foxx towards Nasim as he says “Bitch, no it ain’t!” when she tries to figure out the answer to “What’s the deal with carbon?”

–      Bobby’s look was hilarious and I loved his facial expressions throughout this whole thing, especially when he called Foxx a bitch and he gave him a cold look in response.

RATING: ****



SHOW: J-Pop America Fun Time Now! (5:35)
J-Pop America Fun Time Now!

–      Oof. This has officially gotten a little old. I applaud the writers for waiting so long to bring it back though and using Foxx in this sketch was inspired. The singing in particular has gotten somewhat annoying and repetitive.

–      I will admit that I greatly appreciated the sight gag of the tree with a ninja star on top.

–      Sudeikis is usually the best part of these sketches but he didn’t really get a whole lot of great lines here. I DID like him almost transforming into one of the faux-Japanese hosts though.

–      Fred Armisen is still Taran’s girlfriend? That’s one joke that has gotten extremely old.

–      Foxx was definitely the highlight here and I liked his stilted delivery of the fake Japanese way of talking. The way in which he challenged Sudeikis’ claim that Foxx “obviously” wasn’t Japanese was hilarious.

RATING: ** ½




COMMERCIAL: Alex Cross 2: Madea – Special Ops (2:55)
Alex Cross 2 Madea - Special Ops

–      This was something of a missed opportunity. Don’t get me wrong; Foxx was quite funny as Tyler Perry/Madea but they didn’t really go as far with this as they could have gone.

–      I liked Taran as the lead thug especially when he simply walked away while Foxx was choking himself.

–      The slow-motion shots of Jamie running were hilarious.

–      The soundtrack for this trailer was perfect.




MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself)” (3:45)

–      After this performance I can safely say I probably won’t be buying any Ne-Yo albums anytime soon. He wasn’t terrible but rap/hip-hop acts on SNL aren’t always the strongest and the backup dancers were just silly-looking.



WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (10:13)

Guests: Mrs. Claus and a ding-dong
update1 update2 update3 update4 update5 update6

–      Best Jokes: marijuana/gay marriage; Obama/Twitter supporters; Obama insults Israel; deli closed; 7 marathons

–      Aidy’s commentary as Mrs. Claus wasn’t too bad. She looked adorable as the character and despite the obvious sex and cholesterol jokes that were made about Santa, it was still carried by a pretty good performance. It’s good to see Aidy getting some airtime on the show as of late.

–      As soon as Seth introduced a commentary from a ding-dong I groaned a bit but then Jamie Foxx showing up was completely unexpected and like most host commentaries, this was pretty entertaining as silly as it was. The best parts were Jamie talking about twinkies as his “snack brother from another batter,” Foxx hating on snowballs, the “call me Dong”/“No” exchange, and the bit about Big Suge…gar. Jamie cracked up a bit here too which was expected because the whole thing was just so ridiculous.

RATING: *** ½




GAMESHOW: Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney? (5:28)
Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney

–      Another gameshow sketch?!

–      I think Marika Sawyer may have written this sketch as I saw her down on the set moments before it started.

–      Just the premise of this sketch alone was enough to make me laugh as I have often gotten both Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney confused with each other. I like the fact that Foxx, Pharoah, and Thompson played the clueless contestants and Hader was hilarious too, especially when he kept looking back to his assistant as he kept getting his facts wrong.

–      Kenan getting it right for answering Rupert Everett because he is the gay version of Dermot Mulroney was hilarious.

–      Dermot Mulroney showing up at the end of the sketch was hilarious and completely unexpected (“I’ve been sleeping with another man’s wife!”). I’d love to see him host sometime based on his performance here.

RATING: ****



FILM: Marcus Banks – Tree Pimp (3:14)
Marcus Banks - Tree Pimp

–      Very funny filmed piece and well-written as well with one of the best performances Kenan has probably ever had on SNL. I liked how the whole film treated his job as a tree salesman just the same as if the trees were his prostitutes.

–      The part with Fred pushing the tree down towards his crotch was quite funny and the only instance of a really weird character.

–      My favourite parts were Kenan pretending not to sell trees when a cop walked by, him freaking out at Tim Robinson for wanting to cut the bottom of the tree, Kenan telling a family they “got 20 minutes now” with their new tree, Kenan slapping around his tree and threatening one with pliers, Foxx quickly mentioning Matt Lauer as one of his clients, the Rockefeller tree being Foxx’s biggest earner, and Kenan “slipping” and having sex with a tree.

RATING: **** ½




SHOW: Maine Justice (6:32)
Maine Justice

–      This was an absolutely ridiculous sketch that was a whole lot of fun to boot. This is going to be a future classic or at the very least it will always be a classic to me.

–      Sudeikis was basically playing his character from Potato Chip Thief from way back in Season 35 and he was absolutely hilarious here. Jason got so into this role here that his feet were up in the air at one point. Foxx was quite great too and I can’t say I blame him for cracking up because of Jason’s performance.

–      Bobby’s performance was excellent too; he always does really well with straight roles.

–      I loved the bit with Sudeikis sentencing Moynihan to eat a really hot bowl of jambalaya followed by his incredulous response.

–      Charlie Day’s cameo was hilarious and unexpected. His get-up as the “congressman” was absolutely hilarious.

–      The twist made sense to me because I was wondering why in the hell everyone was using Louisiana accents if the sketch was making fun of Maine.

RATING: *****




–      This was much better than the last performance mostly because it more closely resembled a real song. That automatically bumped Ne-Yo up quite a few spots in terms of the year’s musical guests.



COMMERCIAL: Swarovski Crystals (4:09)
Swarovski Crystals

–      Oh. My. God. This was another sketch that absolutely killed and everything here had me laughing my ass off from Vanessa and Cecily’s great airhead delivery to Jamie Foxx’s constant “okay”’s as he walked off the set after screwing up his cue.

–      I can’t even mention all the great lines in this sketch but Vanessa and Cecily killed here. They were so damn good.

–      Foxx’s bit at the end was also excellent. I liked the bit about not wearing condoms (“I got integrity”), Foxx mispronouncing the name of the crystals, his death threat towards his former teacher, and the weird wink at the end.

–      Cecily saying “anal” instead of “crystals” at the end was hilarious.

–      Whoa! Were Vanessa and Cecily about to kiss at the end? Why the hell did they go to commercial RIGHT then?!

RATING: *****







–      Jamie Foxx




A very strong show, but it got ESPECIALLY great during the second half. The first half was average with one big highlight and fun performances from Foxx but as soon as Update ended, the show went into one big hit sketch after another along with Ne-Yo’s second performance (which was great), making this a very entertaining episode. Jamie Foxx is also one of the best hosts of the year.


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