Saturday Night Live: Vince Vaughn/Miguel (4/13/13)

Posted: April 17, 2013 by Brendan Wahl in SNL Reviews
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(Season 38, Episode 18)




VINCE VAUGHN: “The Internship”

MIGUEL: “Kaleidoscope Dream” (album)



COLD OPENING: A Message from President Barack Obama (3:49)
A Message from President Barack Obama

–      Pretty decent cold open; Hader and Sudeikis did good work here.

–      Pharoah didn’t appear in a whole lot of this sketch but he did seem to stumble over his lines a bit. I still love his Obama impression.

–      Hader and Sudeikis’ best parts were the “are you a good person?” qualifier, Florida being exempt from all the laws, and the punishment for having three guns being that the government gives you a fourth gun.

–      I like how they were honest about the bill accomplishing nothing and their sarcastic ‘you’re welcome’ at the end.




MONOLOGUE: Vince Vaughn (7:36)

–      This was excellent and it showed that Vaughn would be MUCH more well-prepared for this hosting stint than he was back during his first attempt.

–      I liked his interaction with Paige in particular and how he kept kicking her and an old man out of the building (loved the line to an exiting Moynihan escorting him out: “give him a Drunk Uncle on your way out!”)

–      I think this also was one of the best jobs SNL has ever done at perfectly suiting a monologue tailored to the host’s talents.

–      Vaughn’s bit with the cell phone guy was also great but mainly because of the bit where Vince actually took the guy’s phone and then continued the gag later on during the goodnights.

–      Bobby was also quite funny here even though he had no lines; it was all about his facial expressions.

RATING: *****



COMMERCIAL: The Al Pacino Accused Murderer Biopic Series (1:52)
Al Pacino HBO

–      Hader’s Pacino impression is awesome and I enjoyed his various impressions of Pacino-as-murderers.

–      The best bit was Hader playing Dr. Conrad Murray and then asking the black judge if his portrayal was fair, followed by the fist-bump in response.

–      The bit at the end with the pigtails was a little lame.

RATING: *** ½



SHOW: Stormy Skies (3:57)
Stormy Skies

–      In contrast with everyone else, I actually found this to be a very entertaining, clever, and well-written sketch even if it was reminiscent of that sketch from the Tom Arnold episode back in ’96.

–      I got a kick out of Fred just being included in the opening credits and never actually showing up in the program.

–      The best comment was Vaughn talking about “sexual positions in the high-sixties… the highest sixty.”

–      McKinnon as the once-dead wife was hilarious because it reminded me of one of the stupidest soap opera cliches… that of people returning from the dead seemingly from nowhere.

–      I really thought the ending was going to result in Vaughn talking about how the last reaction from him was suicide. I was actually surprised that the sketch didn’t take that more dark route.

–      Hader’s bit was funny too mainly for Aidy’s distracting dance in the background.

–      Having Kenan as Al Roker was a funny little detail as well.

RATING: ****



SHOW: History of Punk (4:29)
History of Punk

–      Wonderful piece, well-written, great performances, and it had a very authentic overall look. It didn’t hurt that they were able to get an actual Sex Pistol to appear in this playing themselves.

–      This was also a great way to comment on the death of Margaret Thatcher without being overly controversial or cloying by merely paying tribute to her.

–      I will also note that this was one of Armisen’s best performance in a long time on the show. I’m not one of the people who despises everything he does now just because he’s “been on too long” but this definitely stuck out above his other roles lately.

–      Moynihan looked EXACTLY like a 70s British talk show host.

–      Hader and Killam did good supporting parts as well.

–      One of the best parts was the quick clips of Bayer-as-Thatcher getting a visit from Armisen’s character. Unfortunately, it was Vanessa’s only performance of the night but it was terrific.

RATING: **** ½



SKETCH: Short-Term Memory Loss Theatre (4:23)
Short-Term Memory Loss Theatre

–      Pretty weak premise overall but Hader and the rest of the cast held it together fairly well for the duration of the sketch.

–      I don’t know why but Armisen’s jacket made me laugh… a lot.

–      Bill cracking up at Armisen was actually pretty funny because they were clearly making faces at each other off-camera to induce laughter. It doesn’t happen THAT often with Hader and when he does laugh, it usually makes me laugh anyways.

–      Pharoah’s part at the end was amusing even though it was just the same joke as the rest of the sketch with the actors not being able to remember their lines.





–      This was certainly one of a kind. I mean that in the most positive way as Miguel rocked the stage and delivered an energetic performance, which is exactly what I like to see with the type of performers I couldn’t really care less about anyways.



WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (9:56)

Guests: Brad Paisley &  LL Cool J and Marina Chapman
update1 update2 update3 update4 update5

–      Best Jokes: Reebok/Rick Ross; elephant shot; Kid Rock concert; Charlie Brown stalker; Cookie Monster

–      I figured they would mention that Accidental Racist song at some point and having Paisley and Cool J comment on it was pretty funny mostly due to Suds’ and Thompson’s performances. I laughed a lot at them constantly saying that they “ended racism” and how they accused Seth of being racist because he didn’t want to hear the extra verse of the song. I also enjoyed LL Cool J answering the phone: “Hello? I’ll do it.”

–      I was not completely blown away by Kate’s piece as the monkey lady. It wasn’t particularly well-written even though Kate certainly gave it her all and her performance was solid.

RATING: *** ½



SKETCH: Junior Prom (4:35)
Junior Prom

–      This was something of an odd sketch. Vaughn did well leading this piece and it straddled the line between creepy and just pointless.

–      I did like Vaughn simply saying “pass!” when Tim Robinson asked if he’d dance with him.

–      Aidy also made me laugh at her interaction with Hader’s inept character.

RATING: ** ½



SKETCH: Roundball Rock (5:16)
Roundball Rock

–      My favourite sketch of the night. This reminded me of a weird Will Forte sketch and Tim Robinson fit the typical Forte role quite nicely. He also had excellent chemistry with Sudeikis much like Forte had back in the day.

–      I lost it when Tim was singing the lyrics to the NBA theme song

–      Vaughn was a good straight man here and had the best line of the night: “…then why did you bring little hammers and a can of gasoline?”

–      Kenan also had a great line here (“That’s right! Burn it down, Teshes!”)

–      The actual smashing up of the offices with the hammers was absolutely hilarious and the oddball look at Robinson’s face was tremendous.

–      What else was awesome about this sketch? How about the part with Robinson saying that blind people will be confused if their theme doesn’t have lyrics about basketball and it’s just being played over clips instead.

RATING: *****



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “How Many Drinks?” (4:03)

–      Another lively performance. I really dug this one as well.



SKETCH: Last Call (5:15)
Last Call

–      They’ve used that exterior shot of “Donnellys” a LOT.

–      It was cool to see them bring back Kate’s barfly character but I wish they had done something just a little different with her. She definitely had a lot more chemistry with Louis C.K. but Vaughn was okay here.

–      The tequilla spit was pretty impressive and accurate. The making out was pretty funny as well.

–      Kenan still makes me laugh as the straight man bartender here.




Vaughn continues the bit from the monologue and hands Eric back his phone before thanking everyone and waving goodnight.
goodnights1 goodnights2



–      Bill Hader




Vince Vaughn wasn’t the best host this season. No, he was not even close; however, I do think he improved a great deal when compared to his first stint and I believe he intentionally tried to be more well-prepared this time. There were some really strong sketches that elevated this episode and along with an energetic musical guest, this made for one of the upper echelon episodes of the season.



  1. SNL FAN says:

    I really like your reviews but I am shocked to see you compare the magical chemistry of Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis to that of Tim Robinson and Jason. Will and Jason were a tour de force comedy tag tam. Jason is great but Tim Robinson is, quite honestly, the worst cast member I’ve seen on the show in years. And I love the show. I’m a huge fan and it really pains me to say this cause I’m always quick to defend the show when all those people say “its no good anymore.” That said I cant stand watching Robinson and he’s the only cast member who I feel I strongly dislike. (To be clear, I dislike watching him, not him personally, I’m sure he’s a nice guy.) He always overdoes it in his starring roles (which have been limited thankfully) and his supporting roles. When he does it in supporting roles it is especially annoying. A good example of him overdoing it in a supporting role is what he did in the brilliant “Outside The Lines” skit with Melissa McCarthy. That was a great skit due do McCarthy, Hader, and Pharaoh but he was painfully bad. He needs to be fired and his chemistry with Jason wasn’t great. It actually felt to me like Jason knew the skit was garbage. Tim needs to be fired and I think Aidy should be fired too. She hasn’t really done anything very good and has a tendency to overact (see the “All Like…” skit with Seth MacFarlane and the “Tales Of Sober Caligula” with Justin Timberlake.) She took normal, straight-man and tried to do too much with them and its just annoying. Anyway, good review. Keep it up 🙂

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