Monday Nitro (11/27/95)

Posted: August 28, 2013 by Brendan Wahl in Wrestling Reviews

SALEM, VA (Civic Center)

MONDAY NITRO (11/27/95)

Eric Bischoff
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Steve “Mongo” McMichael

So, like I said this is the night after World War III and Randy Savage is the NEW World Champion.

Bischoff, Mongo, and Heenan blabber about Savage winning the title in controversial fashion last night. Bobby Heenan carries a little Japanese flag because of a Japanese invasion angle (kinda like the NWO) that was going on at the time.

Footage is shown from last night at World War III of Hulk Hogan leaving “the dark side” and going back to red and yellow… don’t ask.

WCW Television Title Match

Johnny B. Badd © [w/Kimberly] vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Yep, Johnny B. Badd had recently won the services of DDP’s real-life significant other, Kimberly Page. Dallas comes down to the ring looking solemn with flowers in hand for Kim but it’s all a ruse as Dallas takes a cheapshot at Badd and takes over early on. DDP stomps away as we get Razzie-level acting from Kimberly at ringside as she can’t decide whether to take DDP back or stick with Badd. Kimberly finds a chain in the flowers clearly meant to be a weapon and hides it at ringside. Hey, there’s a wrestling match in the ring, I think. Kim then tosses the chain to Johnny, who plants Page with it for the 3 count at 2:10. Johnny contests the way he won but Kimberly is ecstatic about him winning regardless. ¼*, yeah the match consisted of Page stomping Badd and then getting pinned with a foreign object.

WINNER and STILL Television Champion: Johnny B. Badd

“Mean” Gene talks to the Taskmaster and Jimmy Hart in the aisle. Sullivan is NOT happy that Luger is running around with Sting despite Lex being a Dungeon ally and Sting being a Hogan ally. Jimmy tries to cover up his own tracks and says that Luger & Sting are friends and have always been that way.

Cutie Suzuki/Mayumi Ozaki vs. Bull Nakano/Akira Hokuto [w/Sonny Onoo]

Sonny is about as stereotypical an evil foreigner character as you can get. This thing starts off quick with Suzuki & Hokuto starting off with Akira taking over right away. Nakano unloads some stiff shots on Ozaki followed by a couple of SICK hairpull takeovers. Big splash gets two. Suzuki & Ozaki’s double-teaming allows them to take over as Suzuki gets a nice dragon suplex for a 2 count. Bull is in but she misses the Guillotine Legdrop, which allows Suzuki to get an abortion of a victory roll that doesn’t even result in a pinfall attempt. Bull does the spot where she suplexes both ladies at the same time and then Hokuto powerbombs Ozaki for two. Frankensteiner from Ozaki gets 2 but Suzuki nails her by mistake, which allows a northern lights suplex by Hokuto for another near fall. Whew. Nakano back in and a big sit-down on Suzuki gets yet another near fall. Nakano gets sent to the outside but so do the faces. Hokuto with a big sommersault plancha but nails Nakano by mistake. This shit is crazy! Back in the ring, Nakano takes out the other team single-handedly again as does Hokuto with a single-leg dropkick on both ladies. Hokuto with a wicked brainbuster on Suzuki for two wins in a row over this team. Match ran 5:24 but had more action than some 20-minute matches. *** ½.

WINNERS: Bull Nakano/Akira Hokuto

Hulk Hogan vs. Hugh Morrus

I don’t imagine this one will last long. Heenan revels in calling him the “former Heavyweight Champion of the world.” Morrus goes to a headlock right off the bat but Hogan shoulderblocks him down and takes him down with a hammerlock (!). Morrus misses an elbow allowing the Hulkster to come back with a big lariat to a decidedly mixed reaction from the crowd. Hogan does a corner clothesline and rakes the eyes (what a hero!) but Hugh springboards off the second rope with a clothesline (Bischoff: “You gotta hand it to him. He’s a wrestler.”) and then slams him down. Morrus hits the No Laughing Matter (moonsault) but Hogan kicks out, Hulks up, three punches, big boot, Legdrop, seeya at 3:41. *, not awful but just a typical Hogan formula match.

WINNER: Hulk Hogan

“Mean” Gene brings out the BRAND-NEW World Champion Randy Savage who is there to talk about the cloud of controversy surrounding his title victory because of Hogan not really being eliminated last night at World War III. Hogan then makes his way out, crybaby that he is, and complains again that he didn’t really get eliminated. Yes, Hulk Hogan wouldn’t even do a clean job in a BATTLE ROYALE. Hogan attempts to show the footage of Hogan going underneath the bottom rope rather than over the top but the tape malfunctions before we get to it. The Giant then runs out to attack both men and rolls Hogan in the ring for a beatdown. Sting comes down for the save though which allows Hogan to chair the Giant several times, knocking him out of the ring. Hulk gives him even more chairshots (WEAK ones though) on the outside of the ring as Sting tries to get him to stop. Meanwhile, Savage is out cold in the aisle.

I just wanna take this time to say that Eric Bischoff was a fucking AWFUL commentator. Thank you.

Sting/Lex Luger vs. Arn Anderson/Flyin’ Brian

Well, this should be interesting. So yeah, Sting was a face and Luger was a heel but they still hung around each other because above everything else, they were friends. That was actually a pretty cool angle and unique for the time for sure. Sting and Arn start things off and the Enforcer is quick to take control with a spinebuster but Luger pulls him off Sting right away. Sting then takes Arn and Pillman down with a couple of facebusters and Lex comes in to help him clear the heels right out of the ring. Luger is tagged in and also cleans house on both Arn and Brian, followed by giving Arn the old eye rake on the top rope. Sting is tagged in now and quickly applies the Scorpion Death Lock on Arn but Pillman climbs the top rope… and Luger pushes Pillman off it… right into Sting, thus breaking the hold! Pillman is in now taunting and stomping away at Sting before making the tag to Arn. Sting starts his comeback but falls victim to an inverted atomic drop from Anderson just as Pillman distracts Luger on the outside. Sting goes for the tag but Luger doesn’t make it back to his corner in time. Finally, Lex has had enough and just starts waylaying on both guys. Sting rolls up Pillman out of nowhere for the pin in 5:36 and then Arn catches him right away with a DDT in a beautiful bit of rhythm. I’d give that quick match about ** ½, as they squeezed a lot of good stuff into five minutes and because Luger barely worked any of the contest.

WINNERS: Sting/Lex Luger

Ric Flair nails Luger and rolls him into the ring where he, Pillman, and Anderson go to town on Sting & Lex. Ric even takes out the ref before putting the Figure Four on Sting while Pillman pounds Luger. Hogan now comes in for the save, clearing out Brian and Arn before Flair bails after some punishment from Hulk as well. Hogan then helps Sting up and goes over to nail Luger but Sting stops him. That gives Lex the chance to get the hell outta dodge. Mongo mentions that Hogan can’t take on the “Dungeon of Duds” all by himself which is funny because that is EXACTLY what he and Savage did at a later PPV in one of the worst main events of all-time.

OVERALL: This show was quite a bit better than RAW even if the wrestling wasn’t all that great aside from the Japanese women’s match (kinda like RAW… hmm). The Luger/Sting storyline is progressing nicely and I guess this would be a good time to tell you that I have no idea where any of this is going as most of WCW is completely new to me. Please, no spoilers!



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