Wrasslin’ Bloggin’: An Introduction

Posted: August 28, 2013 by Brendan Wahl in Wrestling Reviews
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So I’m gonna be doing this for a while now.

See… for a while, I’ve been posting random Facebook/Twitter musings and people have been like, “Hey…jackass. Start posting them online and shit.” I didn’t think anyone really cared what I thought about wrestling or even that THEY cared about wrestling but… hell, why not give this a go?

So now you’re wondering about what I’m going to do, huh? I’m going through this shit chronologically and I have been going through since about 1983 to where I am now, which is the RAW/Nitro the night after WCW World War III 1995.

I do star-ratings but I just wanna re-iterate right now: I am not a wrestling expert. I have a pretty vast knowledge of the subject as an avid watcher and fan of wrestling but I am not someone who can tell you that this MOST DEFINITELY was a five-star match and if you don’t agree with me, you must be wrong. I WILL rate the matches on a scale (which I will provide here in a moment) but I am certainly not the final say in anything. If you think I short-changed a match, fair enough! If you think King Mabel vs. Yokozuna was an underappreciated classic, that’s just fine!

So here’s the scale I’ll be using… it’s pretty standard.



***** (5 stars) – Classic
**** (4 stars) – Minor flaws but still excellent
*** (3 stars) – Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling (to blatantly steal from another reviewer)
** (2 stars) – Okay-ish but really flawed
* (1 star) – A high spot or two maybe but otherwise bland
DUD – Bad match
Negative Stars – Insulting to the public’s intelligence


So that’s that! Expect reviews to come in quick and often!



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