Monday Nitro (12/11/95)

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PHOENIX, AZ (America West Arena)


MONDAY NITRO (12/11/95)


Eric Bischoff
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Steve “Mongo” McMichael


Eddy Guerrero vs. Mr. J.L. 

J.L. is Jerry Lynn, by the way. My tape joins this match in progress for some reason with Eddy hooking an an abdominal stretch. Lynn hiptosses out of it but Eddy catches him with a modified atomic drop. JL then catches him with a headscissors takedown to the outside but Eddy comes back in with an impressive armdrag takedown. JL takes Eddy out again with a dropkick and a big sommersault plancha takes him down. Back in, he gets a two count. Suplex gets two. Eddy goes for a victory roll but JL reverses and Eddy reverses THAT for the pin at 2:55. I can’t really rate it since I didn’t have the entire match but I liked what I DID see.

WINNER by PINFALL: Eddy Guerrero

Lex Luger & Jimmy Hart chat with “Mean” gene as Jimmy sings Luger’s praises and guarantees him victory at Starrcade in the triangle match while Luger talks about all the victories he has over the World Champion.

Disco Inferno vs. Mr. Wonderful

Okay, so who’s the face here? Both of them have “annoying” theme songs, which actually makes the entrances hilarious to watch. Orndorff’s theme is so ridiculously obnoxious, which I guess makes him slightly more heel. Disco is all over Wonderful to start off and takes him to the buckles. Paul fights back though with right hands, an inverted atomic drop and elbow to the head. Boogie woogie elbowdrop is oversold by Disco followed by a VICIOUS-looking back suplex for the win at 2:22. Wow, he squashed poor Disco. ¼*

WINNER by PINFALL: Mr. Wonderful

“Mean” Gene interviews three of the four Horsemen in Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, and Flyin’ Brian to chat about the big tag team main event against Hogan & Sting tonight. Mr. Wonderful interrupts the interview to tell Flair and Arn he respects them but calls Pillman a snot-nosed punk and that he’s only a horseman because Orndorff is NOT one. Brian slaps Orndorff across the face for calling him an errand boy, thus forcing Flair and Arn to have to separate them. Of course, Flair and Arn take some shots at Orndorff as well. Flair and Arn even give Orndorff a spike piledriver onto the floor. OUCH.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Lex Luger [w/Jimmy Hart]

Oh God, I forgot about Hacksaw still being around at this time… and in fact, he would remain with WCW for years after this as well. Lex stalls but Duggan is all over him. He takes the Total Package to the buckles a couple of times as we take a look at Paul Orndorff getting tended to by EMTs in the aisle after that nasty piledriver. Back in the ring, Duggan hiptosses Luger and clotheslines him down, followed by a pair of elbowdrops. Front facelock is applied but Lex fights out with right hands and gets clotheslined again. Jimmy Hart distracts the ref and grabs Duggan’s 2X4 and of course Hacksaw stupidly goes over to him… and gets nailed from behind by Lex. Torture Rack and sayonara at 2:43. DUD of course.


“Mean” Gene interviews World Heavyweight Champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage regarding his match against Tenzan at Starrcade and his title defense against the winner of the triangle match along with facing the Giant next week on Nitro.

Hulk Hogan/Sting vs. Ric Flair/Arn Anderson

Sting and Arn start things off as the Enforcer grabs a headlock. He gets a fireman’s carry and then the two square off again to a number of “WOOOOOO” chants and cheers. Arn goes to work on Sting’s back but the Stinger military press slams Anderson and Hogan gets a cheapshot on him. Wow, this crowd does NOT like Hulk. Arn tags Flair and the crowd goes nuts. These fans rule. Hulk takes over to start and then no-sells some chops from Flair as per usual. Hogan then gets a backdrop on Ric and Sting claps Flair’s ears after he does his Flair Flip spot. Arn comes in but Hogan chokes him and clotheslines him in the corner. Flair is back in now and gets an eyerake to take over followed by a tag to Anderson. They go to work on the Hulkster’s arm but he takes Ric down with a clothesline and tags in Sting, who press slams Flair right away. Big dropkick puts Flair down for two. They go through a nice little wrestling sequence and Sting backslides Flair for two. Sting goes for the ten punches in the corner but Flair comes out of the corner with an atomic drop and in comes Arn. Sting quickly slams him off the top and it’s Scorpion Death Lock time! Flair comes in to break it up but Sting catches HIM in the hold… and then Arn DDTs the Stinger! Sweet spot there. Suddenly, Luger shows up and attacks Hogan, putting him in the Torture Rack outside the ring before leaving again.Back in the ring, Flair and Arn work over Sting’s leg. Flair drops a knee on it and then brings Arn in for more punishment. Sting valiantly fights back but Hogan is still out as a result of Luger’s attack. Finally, Hulk gets to the apron but the heels continue to work over Sting’s leg. Flair gets the Figure Four locked on but Sting eventually drags him over to Hogan and makes the hot tag but of course the referee didn’t see it. Flair continues to work on the knee and then hammers away on Sting but he starts to no-sell it and then slams Ric off the top rope for a two count. Flair tags Arn but Sting doesn’t make it to his corner. Sting comes back with a facebuster though and FINALLY makes the tag to Hogan. BAHAHAHA, Hogan comes in and immediately takes the spinebuster. He no-sells it of course though and boots Arn, drops the leg, and gets the win in 13:27. *** ½, solid tag match here.

WINNERS by PINFALL (Hogan over Anderson): Hulk Hogan/Sting

Luger makes the save for Sting but Sting shoves him away so HE can make the save for Hogan. And now here’s Savage, who Sting decks with a right hand. Hogan acts as peacemaker and the “Hogan sucks” chants start up. Haha, fuck Hulk Hogan. Cue “Mean” Gene to interview all three of them as Sting apologizes for hitting Savage in the heat of the battle. Hogan backs up Sting and notes that the Stinger saved Hulk’s rear end tonight. They all agree to stick together.

OVERALL: Another darn good main event saves this one from mediocrity. This Starrcade PPV coming up actually looks pretty promising as they’re taking the time during the matches to mention which WCW guys are taking on which New Japan guys and we also have the triangle match and subsequent World Title match coming up as well.


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