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Monday Nitro (12/11/95)

Posted: August 30, 2013 by Brendan Wahl in Wrestling Reviews
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PHOENIX, AZ (America West Arena)


MONDAY NITRO (12/11/95)


Eric Bischoff
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Steve “Mongo” McMichael


Eddy Guerrero vs. Mr. J.L. 

J.L. is Jerry Lynn, by the way. My tape joins this match in progress for some reason with Eddy hooking an an abdominal stretch. Lynn hiptosses out of it but Eddy catches him with a modified atomic drop. JL then catches him with a headscissors takedown to the outside but Eddy comes back in with an impressive armdrag takedown. JL takes Eddy out again with a dropkick and a big sommersault plancha takes him down. Back in, he gets a two count. Suplex gets two. Eddy goes for a victory roll but JL reverses and Eddy reverses THAT for the pin at 2:55. I can’t really rate it since I didn’t have the entire match but I liked what I DID see.

WINNER by PINFALL: Eddy Guerrero

Lex Luger & Jimmy Hart chat with “Mean” gene as Jimmy sings Luger’s praises and guarantees him victory at Starrcade in the triangle match while Luger talks about all the victories he has over the World Champion.

Disco Inferno vs. Mr. Wonderful

Okay, so who’s the face here? Both of them have “annoying” theme songs, which actually makes the entrances hilarious to watch. Orndorff’s theme is so ridiculously obnoxious, which I guess makes him slightly more heel. Disco is all over Wonderful to start off and takes him to the buckles. Paul fights back though with right hands, an inverted atomic drop and elbow to the head. Boogie woogie elbowdrop is oversold by Disco followed by a VICIOUS-looking back suplex for the win at 2:22. Wow, he squashed poor Disco. ¼*

WINNER by PINFALL: Mr. Wonderful

“Mean” Gene interviews three of the four Horsemen in Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, and Flyin’ Brian to chat about the big tag team main event against Hogan & Sting tonight. Mr. Wonderful interrupts the interview to tell Flair and Arn he respects them but calls Pillman a snot-nosed punk and that he’s only a horseman because Orndorff is NOT one. Brian slaps Orndorff across the face for calling him an errand boy, thus forcing Flair and Arn to have to separate them. Of course, Flair and Arn take some shots at Orndorff as well. Flair and Arn even give Orndorff a spike piledriver onto the floor. OUCH.

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Lex Luger [w/Jimmy Hart]

Oh God, I forgot about Hacksaw still being around at this time… and in fact, he would remain with WCW for years after this as well. Lex stalls but Duggan is all over him. He takes the Total Package to the buckles a couple of times as we take a look at Paul Orndorff getting tended to by EMTs in the aisle after that nasty piledriver. Back in the ring, Duggan hiptosses Luger and clotheslines him down, followed by a pair of elbowdrops. Front facelock is applied but Lex fights out with right hands and gets clotheslined again. Jimmy Hart distracts the ref and grabs Duggan’s 2X4 and of course Hacksaw stupidly goes over to him… and gets nailed from behind by Lex. Torture Rack and sayonara at 2:43. DUD of course.


“Mean” Gene interviews World Heavyweight Champion “Macho Man” Randy Savage regarding his match against Tenzan at Starrcade and his title defense against the winner of the triangle match along with facing the Giant next week on Nitro.

Hulk Hogan/Sting vs. Ric Flair/Arn Anderson

Sting and Arn start things off as the Enforcer grabs a headlock. He gets a fireman’s carry and then the two square off again to a number of “WOOOOOO” chants and cheers. Arn goes to work on Sting’s back but the Stinger military press slams Anderson and Hogan gets a cheapshot on him. Wow, this crowd does NOT like Hulk. Arn tags Flair and the crowd goes nuts. These fans rule. Hulk takes over to start and then no-sells some chops from Flair as per usual. Hogan then gets a backdrop on Ric and Sting claps Flair’s ears after he does his Flair Flip spot. Arn comes in but Hogan chokes him and clotheslines him in the corner. Flair is back in now and gets an eyerake to take over followed by a tag to Anderson. They go to work on the Hulkster’s arm but he takes Ric down with a clothesline and tags in Sting, who press slams Flair right away. Big dropkick puts Flair down for two. They go through a nice little wrestling sequence and Sting backslides Flair for two. Sting goes for the ten punches in the corner but Flair comes out of the corner with an atomic drop and in comes Arn. Sting quickly slams him off the top and it’s Scorpion Death Lock time! Flair comes in to break it up but Sting catches HIM in the hold… and then Arn DDTs the Stinger! Sweet spot there. Suddenly, Luger shows up and attacks Hogan, putting him in the Torture Rack outside the ring before leaving again.Back in the ring, Flair and Arn work over Sting’s leg. Flair drops a knee on it and then brings Arn in for more punishment. Sting valiantly fights back but Hogan is still out as a result of Luger’s attack. Finally, Hulk gets to the apron but the heels continue to work over Sting’s leg. Flair gets the Figure Four locked on but Sting eventually drags him over to Hogan and makes the hot tag but of course the referee didn’t see it. Flair continues to work on the knee and then hammers away on Sting but he starts to no-sell it and then slams Ric off the top rope for a two count. Flair tags Arn but Sting doesn’t make it to his corner. Sting comes back with a facebuster though and FINALLY makes the tag to Hogan. BAHAHAHA, Hogan comes in and immediately takes the spinebuster. He no-sells it of course though and boots Arn, drops the leg, and gets the win in 13:27. *** ½, solid tag match here.

WINNERS by PINFALL (Hogan over Anderson): Hulk Hogan/Sting

Luger makes the save for Sting but Sting shoves him away so HE can make the save for Hogan. And now here’s Savage, who Sting decks with a right hand. Hogan acts as peacemaker and the “Hogan sucks” chants start up. Haha, fuck Hulk Hogan. Cue “Mean” Gene to interview all three of them as Sting apologizes for hitting Savage in the heat of the battle. Hogan backs up Sting and notes that the Stinger saved Hulk’s rear end tonight. They all agree to stick together.

OVERALL: Another darn good main event saves this one from mediocrity. This Starrcade PPV coming up actually looks pretty promising as they’re taking the time during the matches to mention which WCW guys are taking on which New Japan guys and we also have the triangle match and subsequent World Title match coming up as well.


Monday Night Raw (12/11/95)

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SALISBURY, MD (unknown arena)




Vince McMahon
Jerry “The King” Lawler

Owen Hart [w/Mr. Fuji, Jim Cornette, & Yokozuna] vs. Jeff Hardy

Yes, the days when Jeff Hardy was merely a jobber. Diesel watches the match from backstage as Owen dominates Hardy but they still work a pretty fun little squash match. Diana Hart-Smith is also in the crowd. Holy shit, Jeff takes an INSANE 360 clothesline bump and Owen nails him with a missile dropkick for the win in 2:35. After the match, Yoko squashes Hardy with a Bonzai Drop and then Owen puts the Sharpshooter on him. Diesel comes out but Owen bails so he disposes of Yokozuna instead.


Chaparita Asari vs. Aja Kong

Another Japanese ladies match? I’m down. Asari starts off quick with a couple of handspring mule kicks but Kong just powers her down with ease. A nasty hairpull and kicks to the back by Kong followed by a delayed suplex, but Kong pulls her head up at two. Kong then goes to a VICIOUS package piledriver but again picks her head up at two. Kong uses some more stiff kicks to the head and hits a big splash but AGAIN pulls her head up at two. Lawler is making fun of some dead rapper in a really “classy” manner. Kong shakes her ass around (?) and then slams Asari down, followed by a top-rope splash… but it misses. Asari then misses her high spot, which allows Aja to hit the spinning backfist for the pin at 4:05. Aja Kong just KILLED her in this match. **


We get a pre-recorded interview with Todd talking to Shawn on his recovery process. Nothing really gets said here other than Shawn saying that he will return when the doctors allow him to come back. He wants the WWF Title too.

Ahmed Johnson vs. Rick Stockhauser

Ahmed tears this poor scrub apart and no-sells all of his offense. He hits the sloppiest and shittiest spinebuster of all-time followed by showing how green he truly was by repeating the same spot. Pearl River Plunge ends it quick at 1:08.

WINNER by PINFALL: Ahmed Johnson

Lawler interviews Ahmed and makes fun of him some more but gets intimidated and sits back down.

Freddie Blassie yells at a bunch of wrestlers in a promo for the RAW Bowl. I can only cringe at what that is going to entail.

Vince McMahon gets a word with the 1-2-3 Kid and Psycho Sid [w/Ted DiBiase] regarding the tag match against Razor and Marty Jannetty at In Your House. Unfortunately, the Kid has next-to-no charisma at this point in his career and DiBiase has to carry the interview. Sid yells a lot.

Non-Title Match

Bret “The Hitman” Hart (WWF Champion) vs. Bob Backlund

I think this is Bob’s first RAW match in over a year and probably one of his last as well. Vince making Lawler read the Burger King sponsor bit is pretty funny. Hart takes Backlund to the mat to start off with but he goes to the ropes and Hart breaks it up. Hart gets a go-behind on Backlund but he switches and gets the champ in a headscissors. This is quality chain wrestling. Bret gets out of the hold and applies a front facelock while Lawler interviews Diana Hart-Smith in the crowd. She has the charisma of a split pea. Back in the ring, Bret goes to the waistlock on Backlund and they go to the ropes. Bret dropkicks Backlund out of the ring and we go to commercial. As we come back, Bret gets a backlside for two. Backlund slips to the outside and stalls for time but Bret finally drags him back in by the arm. Bret wrenches away on the arm but Bob avoids a slam and tries to lock on the Chicken Wing. Bret quickly gets to the ropes though so Backlund continues to work on the arm. Bob takes Bret over with a snap mare and locks on an armbar but gets sidetracked by the audience chanting for the Hitman. He takes Bret down with an armbar again and CONTINUES to beat on the arm. It sounds boring and plodding but it’s solid stuff here. Bret fights out but gets taken down with a big forearm shot aaaaaand Backlund goes back to the arm once again. Bret gets a couple of two counts out of nowhere but we take a second commercial break. Russian Leg Sweep gets two for Bret. Inverted atomic drop sets up the elbow, which leads to the Sharpshooter but the Bulldog runs in for the DQ at 11:34 just as Bob catches Hart with the Crossface. *** ½, solid main event here.


Davey Boy puts the boots to Bret while Backlund still has the Crossface locked on. Officials finally clear Backlund and Davey Boy out of the ring after a helluva beating has been administered. Backlund is not happy about being DQ’ed.

OVERALL: A very good main event and some decent build for the PPV makes for the first ‘good’ episode of RAW that I’ve reviewed for the site so far.


Monday Nitro (12/4/95)

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PHOENIX, AZ (America West Arena)


MONDAY NITRO (12/4/95)

Eric Bischoff
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Steve “Mongo” McMichael

WCW Tag Team Title Match

Harlem Heat © [w/Sister Sherri] vs. American Males

The American Males are Buff Bagwell and Scotty Riggs with the worst theme music of ALL-TIME. Riggs and Stevie Ray start things off with Stevie pounding on the little prettyboy. Riggs uses a couple of dropkicks for a 1 count and then wrenches on the arm but Ray pretty much no-sells it and gets a side slam. Booker is in now and gets taken down with a forearm. Tag to Bagwell as the challengers do some decent double-teaming on both members of the Heat. Booker soon gets the upper hand though … and gets rolled up for two. Now it’s Bagwell’s turn to go to work on the arm while Col. Parker appears in the aisle with a present, presumably for Sherri. Riggs now plays face-in-peril (even though the crowd could give a shit about him) as Stevie powerslams him. Back to the outside of the ring as Parker gives Sherri the present and I guess it’s a ring! Back in the ring, Booker gets a side kick for two. To the arm we go. And back to the dumb shit as Parker and Sherri walk away arm-in-arm. Stevie gets a back suplex on Riggs for two. Booker is back in with some kind of spinning pump kick and the crowd is CLEARLY behind Harlem Heat. Riggs gets an out-of-nowhere cradle for a one count. Sunset flip gets two. Harlem Heat continue double-teaming Riggs and Booker gets a horrible side slam on him. Top-rope move hits Scotty’s knees and the hot (?) tag is made to Bagwell. HOUSE O’ FIRE! Bagwell gets a fisherman suplex for two and now all four guys are in. The champs take over again and Booker gets the Harlem Hangover for the win at 7:47. It was okay… **.

WINNERS by PINFALL (Booker over Bagwell) AND STILL Tag Team Champions: Harlem Heat

“Mean” Gene chats with Sting and Luger in the aisle as apparently Sting, Luger, and Flair are gonna have a triangle match at Starrcade. Sting tells Luger that he has a good shot at becoming the World Champion tonight and that when Sting wins the triangle match, he’ll have the shot at potential new champion, Lex Luger. The Total Package announces that he WILL win the title tonight and re-iterates that the triangle match will be every man for himself.

Sting vs. Kurosawa

Parker is not with Kurosawa because he’s making out with Sherri somewhere, I assume. Ew. Sting starts off quick with a dropkick and knocks Kurosawa to the outside. Sting gets dragged to the outside though and takes a pounding before getting thrown back into the ring. Kurosawa kicks Sting and screams a lot. Yep. He tries to break Sting’s arm for a while and then chops him in the corner but Sting fights back and rams him into opposite turnbuckles. Stinger Splash connects and then the Scorpion Death Lock is applied for the submission in 2:38. ½* for what was barely even a match.


Starrcade promo which will feature New Japan stars going up against WCW guys in some of the matches.

Scott “Flash” Norton vs. The Giant [w/Jimmy Hart & the Taskmaster]

Well, this should be quick. Stalemate to start as no one can get the power advantage right away until Giant shoulderblocks Norton down. Norton gets slammed down with ease and then Giant clubs away in a very Andre-like manner. To the shock of everyone, Norton actually gives the Giant an atomic drop and delivers a headbutt and a few right hands but the Giant just seems to be absorbing the blows. Clotheslines do nothing so Norton heads up top… and jumps right into the chokeslam for the pin in 2:44. Well, Norton lasted longer than I thought he would last. DUD


For some reason, Charles Barkley (WOW, he was skinny back then!) shows up with Ric Flair and seems to be having a ball watching Flair just be Flair. Once they get in the ring, “Mean” Gene asks Barkley if he’ll be a new tag team partner. Well, he can’t be any worse than Rodman. Barkley praises Flair to some heel heat and then Ric does his usual great rant of a promo.

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match

“Macho Man” Randy Savage © vs. Lex Luger [w/Jimmy Hart]

These guys have faced each other like four times since Nitro began. Luger begs off to start and then asks for a handshake but Macho is all “fuck you” and chokes him. Luger comes back with a clothesline that knocks Savage to the outside and he is clearly already favouring the injured arm. Savage catches Luger with a shot to the gut on the outside and takes over, nailing the challenger with a double axehandle back in the ring for two.  Lex reverses a suplex but misses that elbowdrop that never hits, which causes Savage to work over *Luger’s* arm. We go to a break and when we come back, Savage is working over Luger’s arm outside the ring. Savage rolls him back in and applies an armbar to the now-injured arm of Luger. I like the psychology here with Savage avenging his injured arm by attempting to cause Luger the same amount of pain by going after his arm as well. Savage gets an inside cradle for two and then goes right back to the arm again. Back to the outside they go and this match has been basically all Savage. Luger finally gains control after the Macho Man misses a dive and hits the guardrail. Luger rolls Savage back in and stomps away but Savage fights back with right hands and a choke on the top rope. Luger goes to the eyes and Savage slaps the ref thinking that it’s Luger but thankfully we don’t go to a DQ over that as the finish. Clothesline puts Savage down for two as Luger continues to sell the arm fairly well for Luger’s standards. A bunch of elbowdrops get Luger a near fall and a big knee lift takes him down as well. More elbows and another two count. Savage makes a comeback and we get a double knockout spot with both men colliding with each other. Savage gets a two count. The announcers are putting over the fact that the wrestlers still wrestle whether they hurt or not, which is definitely something we are MUCH more aware of now… and not necessarily in a good way. Anyway, Savage takes control again and clotheslines Luger down for 2 as we see that Jimmy Hart took off a turnbuckle. Savage sends Luger to the exposed steel as well, which somehow takes the ref out. Flying Elbowdrop connects but there’s no ref. Savage goes after Jimmy Hart but here comes Flair with a brass knucks shot to Savage. Jimmy drags Luger on top of Savage all the while Hulk Hogan arrives and chases after Flair back into the ring. The ref finally gets back in but Hogan breaks up the count for the DQ at 13:56. Hulk then smacks Luger and Jimmy Hart’s heads together but Sting runs in the way of a right hand meant for Lex, which causes some tension. *** ¼, I liked this one quite a bit despite a slow pace because the psychology was real good.


Hogan asks if Sting has got his back next week in their big tag match against Arn Anderson and Ric Flair and wants to know what the deal is with Sting and Luger’s friendship. Sting tells Hogan that he’s on their side and he’s just trying to straighten out Lex right now because they are best friends. Savage mentions that he’s the one that warned everyone about Luger in the first place and Sting does his best to defend Lex’s actions in the most logical way possible. Hogan tells Sting to keep Luger out of his face and the Stinger says he will do his best to keep him out of Hogan and Savage’s way.

OVERALL: The main event really had a big hand in making this a decent episode. Much like Hogan/Sting a while back, this main event had an ‘epic’ feeling to it and was easily the best of the Luger/Savage WCW series thus far.


Monday Night Raw (12/4/95)

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RICHMOND, VA (Richmond Coliseum)



Vince McMahon
Jerry “The King” Lawler


We’re hyping up two big matches right off the bat here: Razor facing Dean Douglas in an IC Title match as well as Jannetty taking on Sid. We even get duelling promos from both Sid and Jannetty. Apparently, we will also get some “alarming comments” from Shawn’s personal physician. Did he lose his smile before the “I lost my smile” speech?

Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly vs. Davey Boy Smith [w/Jim Cornette]

Bulldog overpowers Holly to start but Bob fights back with a hiptoss and a slam to take over. A pair of clotheslines cause Smith to head to the outside and seek counsel from Cornette. Back in, a powerslam by Holly gets two. He locks on an armbar but Smith turns it into a press slam and takes over with forearm shots to the face. Suplex attempt is countered into a small package for a VERY near fall. The second attempt works though as the Bulldog gets his trademark delayed vertical suplex for two. Aaaaand we hit the chinlock… but only temporarily as Holly fights out and gets a sunset flip for two. Bulldog catches him with a knee to take over once again and a big legdrop hits the mark. Beautiful dropkick by Holly is pretty much no-sold and a second one gets another near fall. Holly goes for the ten punches in the corner and it gets yet another two count. This is far better than I would have expected. Holly tries to springboard over Davey Boy but gets caught with the Running Powerslam and that’s all she wrote in 5:06. I’d give this a solid ** ½.

WINNER by PINFALL: Davey Boy Smith

Footage is shown from Superstars of Backlund putting the Chicken Wing on Jim Ross.

Lawler calls Backlund down out of the audience as he continues his campaigning. The King brings up Backlund’s upcoming match with Hart next week but Bob freaks out when he finds out that it’s a non-title match. Backlund goes on his usual insane rant and Lawler tries to throw to commercial but he refuses to stop talking so they cut off his microphone.

Fatu vs. The Brooklyn Brawler

Oh God, it’s “Makin’ a Difference” Fatu. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, count your lucky stars. The Brawler attacks from behind and actually gets some offense with headbutts and a knee to the gut but Fatu comes back quickly with a big backbreaker. Top-Rope Splash ends it quickly at 1:28.


Dok Hendrix updates us … oh wait, we’re interrupted by Bob Backlund in the arena, who manhandles the sound man and puts the Chicken Wing on him! Jesus. Back to Dok as we get word that it will be Diesel vs. Owen Hart at In Your House IV.

WWF Intercontinental Title Match

Razor Ramon © vs. Dean Douglas

Rematch time. See, the last time these guys fought Dean had just won the title via forfeit from Shawn Michaels and then Razor fought him and treated him like a jobber for 10 mins. before beating Douglas for the title with a back suplex. Is there any doubt the Kliq had some major pull in the mid-90s?

Anyway, Douglas starts off with a slap which leads to Razor throwing his toothpick in Dean’s face. The challenger still manages to attack Ramon from behind and put the boots to him but the ref takes the title belt away before Dean can use it as a weapon. Razor comes back by catching Dean with his trademark fallaway slam followed by a clothesline to the outside. Back in, Razor catches him with a hiptoss and goes to the armbar. Douglas comes back with a slam and some kind of high spot but it’s interrupted by a pesky commercial break. When we come back, Dean has an abdominal stretch applied on the Bad Guy. Eventually, Razor is able to reverse it but Dean hiptosses out of it. Flying bodypress is rolled through by Razor for a 2 count. He signals for the Razor’s Edge… and hits it! Wow, and it’s over in 4:48. * ½, pretty short match here and Dean was merely treated like an annoyance rather than a legitimate threat to the title.

WINNER by PINFALL and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Razor Ramon

It’s time for the Brother Love Show again and this time his guest is King Mabel, who is Sir Mo-less. They discuss the upcoming casket match with the Undertaker at In Your House. Mabel claims two things that are DEFINITELY not true. He was not the first man to pin the Undertaker NOR was he the first man to rid the WWF of the Undertaker for an extended period of time. Brother Love offers a surprise but Mabel doesn’t like surprises. Out comes a druid with a rather large casket that causes a rather pensive look on Mabel’s face. Brother Love unmasks the druid as Sir Mo (and the crowd could care less) and then reveals a custom-made and painted casket just for him. Okay then. I get that this was to hype up Taker/Mabel but it was a rather boring segment overall.

Razor Ramon gives Marty some last-minute pointers.

Marty Jannetty vs. Psycho Sid [w/Ted DiBiase]

More bullshit from Barry Didinski before we get started. Would anyone ever buy something like this?!

Barry Didinski2

Jannetty attacks from behind and gets a quick cross-body before ramming Sid’s head into the mat over and over again. A second attempt results in a powerslam from Sid though and he starts tha taunting. Sid smacks Marty’s head into the mat a few times and then chokes him out in the corner. Sid whips Jannetty into the opposite corner but gets caught with a foot and a blockbuster from Jannetty. Fistdrop gets two as we see Razor watching the match in the backstage area. After the commercial break, Sid is in control and Marty does his awesome 360 degree clothesline sell spot. Jannetty fires away and goes for a sunset flip, avoids a right hand, but then gets turned inside out with another clothesline for two. Sid goes to the chinlock but Jannetty fights out of it with right hands… and gets tossed over the ropes to the outside. DiBiase takes some cheap shots and the Kid is now out as well and he pounds away on Marty on the outside. Now Razor is out to make the save as he takes out Sid and then chases the 1-2-3 Kid through the crowd. The match is thrown out at 5:07 in favour of a DQ win for Jannetty but Sid still powerbombs him right after the match. * ¾


And now we get the main event: Shawn Michaels Health Watch. The doc talks about Shawn’s symptoms and notes that he has no idea when Shawn will be back and that some people never even recover from these types of injuries. My favourite part was the doctor very casually saying, “when I was watching Monday Night Raw at home with my wife…” Yeah, this guy is definitely in the target audience for RAW. This whole thing was like TEN MINUTES LONG.

OVERALL: Well, this was another rather uneventful episode of RAW. A buncha short matches and an overlong fluff piece for a main event do not make for very compelling television.


Monday Nitro (11/27/95)

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SALEM, VA (Civic Center)

MONDAY NITRO (11/27/95)

Eric Bischoff
Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Steve “Mongo” McMichael

So, like I said this is the night after World War III and Randy Savage is the NEW World Champion.

Bischoff, Mongo, and Heenan blabber about Savage winning the title in controversial fashion last night. Bobby Heenan carries a little Japanese flag because of a Japanese invasion angle (kinda like the NWO) that was going on at the time.

Footage is shown from last night at World War III of Hulk Hogan leaving “the dark side” and going back to red and yellow… don’t ask.

WCW Television Title Match

Johnny B. Badd © [w/Kimberly] vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Yep, Johnny B. Badd had recently won the services of DDP’s real-life significant other, Kimberly Page. Dallas comes down to the ring looking solemn with flowers in hand for Kim but it’s all a ruse as Dallas takes a cheapshot at Badd and takes over early on. DDP stomps away as we get Razzie-level acting from Kimberly at ringside as she can’t decide whether to take DDP back or stick with Badd. Kimberly finds a chain in the flowers clearly meant to be a weapon and hides it at ringside. Hey, there’s a wrestling match in the ring, I think. Kim then tosses the chain to Johnny, who plants Page with it for the 3 count at 2:10. Johnny contests the way he won but Kimberly is ecstatic about him winning regardless. ¼*, yeah the match consisted of Page stomping Badd and then getting pinned with a foreign object.

WINNER and STILL Television Champion: Johnny B. Badd

“Mean” Gene talks to the Taskmaster and Jimmy Hart in the aisle. Sullivan is NOT happy that Luger is running around with Sting despite Lex being a Dungeon ally and Sting being a Hogan ally. Jimmy tries to cover up his own tracks and says that Luger & Sting are friends and have always been that way.

Cutie Suzuki/Mayumi Ozaki vs. Bull Nakano/Akira Hokuto [w/Sonny Onoo]

Sonny is about as stereotypical an evil foreigner character as you can get. This thing starts off quick with Suzuki & Hokuto starting off with Akira taking over right away. Nakano unloads some stiff shots on Ozaki followed by a couple of SICK hairpull takeovers. Big splash gets two. Suzuki & Ozaki’s double-teaming allows them to take over as Suzuki gets a nice dragon suplex for a 2 count. Bull is in but she misses the Guillotine Legdrop, which allows Suzuki to get an abortion of a victory roll that doesn’t even result in a pinfall attempt. Bull does the spot where she suplexes both ladies at the same time and then Hokuto powerbombs Ozaki for two. Frankensteiner from Ozaki gets 2 but Suzuki nails her by mistake, which allows a northern lights suplex by Hokuto for another near fall. Whew. Nakano back in and a big sit-down on Suzuki gets yet another near fall. Nakano gets sent to the outside but so do the faces. Hokuto with a big sommersault plancha but nails Nakano by mistake. This shit is crazy! Back in the ring, Nakano takes out the other team single-handedly again as does Hokuto with a single-leg dropkick on both ladies. Hokuto with a wicked brainbuster on Suzuki for two wins in a row over this team. Match ran 5:24 but had more action than some 20-minute matches. *** ½.

WINNERS: Bull Nakano/Akira Hokuto

Hulk Hogan vs. Hugh Morrus

I don’t imagine this one will last long. Heenan revels in calling him the “former Heavyweight Champion of the world.” Morrus goes to a headlock right off the bat but Hogan shoulderblocks him down and takes him down with a hammerlock (!). Morrus misses an elbow allowing the Hulkster to come back with a big lariat to a decidedly mixed reaction from the crowd. Hogan does a corner clothesline and rakes the eyes (what a hero!) but Hugh springboards off the second rope with a clothesline (Bischoff: “You gotta hand it to him. He’s a wrestler.”) and then slams him down. Morrus hits the No Laughing Matter (moonsault) but Hogan kicks out, Hulks up, three punches, big boot, Legdrop, seeya at 3:41. *, not awful but just a typical Hogan formula match.

WINNER: Hulk Hogan

“Mean” Gene brings out the BRAND-NEW World Champion Randy Savage who is there to talk about the cloud of controversy surrounding his title victory because of Hogan not really being eliminated last night at World War III. Hogan then makes his way out, crybaby that he is, and complains again that he didn’t really get eliminated. Yes, Hulk Hogan wouldn’t even do a clean job in a BATTLE ROYALE. Hogan attempts to show the footage of Hogan going underneath the bottom rope rather than over the top but the tape malfunctions before we get to it. The Giant then runs out to attack both men and rolls Hogan in the ring for a beatdown. Sting comes down for the save though which allows Hogan to chair the Giant several times, knocking him out of the ring. Hulk gives him even more chairshots (WEAK ones though) on the outside of the ring as Sting tries to get him to stop. Meanwhile, Savage is out cold in the aisle.

I just wanna take this time to say that Eric Bischoff was a fucking AWFUL commentator. Thank you.

Sting/Lex Luger vs. Arn Anderson/Flyin’ Brian

Well, this should be interesting. So yeah, Sting was a face and Luger was a heel but they still hung around each other because above everything else, they were friends. That was actually a pretty cool angle and unique for the time for sure. Sting and Arn start things off and the Enforcer is quick to take control with a spinebuster but Luger pulls him off Sting right away. Sting then takes Arn and Pillman down with a couple of facebusters and Lex comes in to help him clear the heels right out of the ring. Luger is tagged in and also cleans house on both Arn and Brian, followed by giving Arn the old eye rake on the top rope. Sting is tagged in now and quickly applies the Scorpion Death Lock on Arn but Pillman climbs the top rope… and Luger pushes Pillman off it… right into Sting, thus breaking the hold! Pillman is in now taunting and stomping away at Sting before making the tag to Arn. Sting starts his comeback but falls victim to an inverted atomic drop from Anderson just as Pillman distracts Luger on the outside. Sting goes for the tag but Luger doesn’t make it back to his corner in time. Finally, Lex has had enough and just starts waylaying on both guys. Sting rolls up Pillman out of nowhere for the pin in 5:36 and then Arn catches him right away with a DDT in a beautiful bit of rhythm. I’d give that quick match about ** ½, as they squeezed a lot of good stuff into five minutes and because Luger barely worked any of the contest.

WINNERS: Sting/Lex Luger

Ric Flair nails Luger and rolls him into the ring where he, Pillman, and Anderson go to town on Sting & Lex. Ric even takes out the ref before putting the Figure Four on Sting while Pillman pounds Luger. Hogan now comes in for the save, clearing out Brian and Arn before Flair bails after some punishment from Hulk as well. Hogan then helps Sting up and goes over to nail Luger but Sting stops him. That gives Lex the chance to get the hell outta dodge. Mongo mentions that Hogan can’t take on the “Dungeon of Duds” all by himself which is funny because that is EXACTLY what he and Savage did at a later PPV in one of the worst main events of all-time.

OVERALL: This show was quite a bit better than RAW even if the wrestling wasn’t all that great aside from the Japanese women’s match (kinda like RAW… hmm). The Luger/Sting storyline is progressing nicely and I guess this would be a good time to tell you that I have no idea where any of this is going as most of WCW is completely new to me. Please, no spoilers!


Monday Night RAW (11/27/95)

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Just as a head’s up, for any matches I could find on Youtube, I’ve underlined them so that you can click on ’em and watch ’em! SORRY I couldn’t find the opener, which is what I’m sure you were all REALLY aching to see!


We open up this week’s show by showing footage from last week where Shawn Michaels “collapsed” in the middle of a match with Owen Hart. They’re totally playing this off as real and I think I might’ve bought it at the time. They did a solid job with it.


OK, I love the intro. (starts at :54)



Ahmed Johnson vs. Rad Radford


Oh, Ahmed. A man who went fairly far on not that much talent. Rad Radford is also known as Louie Spicolli and a Body Donnas-in-training (that went nowhere). Rad attacks from behind which goes nowhere of course as Ahmed knocks him down with a stiff forearm. Ahmed pounds away in the corner and knocks Radford out of the ring. Meanwhile, Bob Backlund is campaigning in the crowd. Yes, Bob Backlund was doing a fake campaign for president at the time. Back to the match, Radford actually drags Ahmed to the outside and gets some shots in but they’re mostly no-sold. Once they get back in, Rad chokes him out in the corner and buries some shoulders to the gut. Ahmed knocks him down with a sloppy clothesline though and an even sloppier bicycle kick, followed by a pump kick to the face. Big spinebuster puts Radford down just as McMahon mentions that Ahmed will face Dean Douglas at In Your House. Pearl River Plunge ends it at 2:47 for Ahmed. ½*, pretty much a squash here.


WINNER: Ahmed Johnson



Lawler gets a word with Ahmed following the match and makes dumb jokes (like jokes about him being dumb). Ahmed talks back with barely-intelligible dialogue but is quickly interrupted by Dean Douglas (who, being a teacher, he must’ve been insulted by Ahmed’s terrible diction). Dean tells Ahmed that the road to superstardom is in the ring and Ahmed tells him he wants to fight RIGHT NOW. Of course, officials run down and restrain Douglas before anything can happen between the two.


Tour de Force dates are announced.


Jerry Lawler not-so-subtly advertises a Twix bar. Yep, that happened.


Next up we get a focus on Shawn Michaels and his recent problems including the Syracuse incident where a marine beat him up (or the million other things that could’ve happened… draw your own conclusions), his recent shots to the head, and then the enzuiguri from Owen last week on RAW that led to Shawn’s literal downfall. Apparently, Shawn WILL be back though so do not fear!



Alundra Blayze/Kyoko Inoue vs. Aja Kong/Tomoko Watanabe


Yes, welcome to the WWF’s VERY BRIEF obsession with Japanese female wrestling. AND OH MY GOD, BARRY DIDINSKI IS HERE. Don’t you just wanna punch this guy in the mouth? Just look at him!

Barry Didinski


Anyway, the match… the heels start off strong with double-teaming but Blayze and Kyoko take Kong out with a double dropkick. Things settle down to Kyoko vs. Aja… and of course, Kong destroys her. This match REALLY needs Jim Ross on commentary as McMahon & Lawler are clueless out there. Tomoko comes in now and takes Kyoko over by the hair and chokes her out for a bit before applying a painful-looking hold with the assistance of a foot in the back of the head. Kyoko attempts a cross-body to no avail and Tomoko gets a surfboard but Blayze quickly gets the tag and is a HOUSE OF FIYAH! Kong is back in and so is Kyoko. Aaaaaand Kong destroys her again. Jesus. Kong pulls off a British Bulldog-style suplex for 2 but Blayze breaks it up as we go to commercial. We come back with Kyoko kicking some ass, running the ropes, and dropping an elbow… on the thigh? Oops. Tomoko comes back with a cross-body but Kyoko runs the ropes and does a Kurt Angle- style overhead suplex off the top rope. Alundra’s back in now and goes for the German Suplex but Kong breaks it up. A pair of missile dropkicks by Blayze take Kong out but a third misses. Tomoko then runs in to slam Blayze down but Kong misses a top-rope splash, allowing Kyoko to get the tag. Kong once again uses her power to dominate Kyoko and then nails her with the spinning backfist for the win at 6:03. Wall-to-wall action here as they were clearly setting up Kong to be the next Women’s Champion before … other things happened. ***.


WINNERS: Aja Kong/Tomoko Watanabe (Kong over Kyoko)



Footage is shown from the Survivor Series of Diesel’s brutal post-match attack on the Hitman followed by footage from last week of Diesel interrupting a Savio Vega/Skip match and doing his infamous ‘tweener’ speech.


Now it’s time for the return of Brother Love (in 1995! Really?) as he’s here to interview the new WWF Champion, Bret Hart. Of course, Brother Love doesn’t give Bret a word in edgewise much like usual. Brother Love even mentions the fact that he brought the Undertaker into the WWF way back when and claims that Bret fears the Dead Man. I gotta give Bret credit for at least selling the whole thing well. Of course, he also mentions Bret’s upcoming title defense at In Your House IV against the British Bulldog. Finally, Bret gets irritated with Love and makes sure the microphone stays in his face so he can cut a promo on Davey Boy. They’re playing up the fact that the Bulldog beat Hart during their previous match at SummerSlam ’92, which is pretty cool but seems to make it fairly obvious that Bret will retain at the PPV. Bret shoves Brother Love around but suddenly, Bob Backlund rekindles their old feud and locks the Crossface Chicken Wing on Hart! I legitimately did not expect Backlund to show up as I thought he was pretty much phased out by this point.



Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs. John Chrystal


Before the match, Henry Godwinn introduces us to his “family” of pigs and talks about the Hogpen match at IYH IV against Hunter. The match itself is just a squash for Hunter as he picks Chrystal apart with his limited 1995 offense including using his knee a buncha times. Pedigree finishes this at 2:21. I don’t rate jobber squashes.


WINNER: Hunter Hearst Helmsley



It’s announced that Razor Ramon and Marty Jannetty will face the 1-2-3 Kid and Psycho Sid at the In Your House IV PPV.


Owen Hart [w/Jim Cornette] makes an open challenge for someone to face him at the PPV and end up “just like Shawn Michaels.”



The Undertaker [w/Paul Bearer] vs. Kama [w/Ted DiBiase]


If Taker wins, he gets the urn back. BUT WAIT! Kama comes out to the ring on crutches so he will not be able to compete tonight. DiBiase says that he HAS paid for the services of a replacement though and out comes Sir Mo. Oh, hooray.


The Undertaker [w/Paul Bearer] vs. Sir Mo


Undertaker is currently in the mask-wearing phase as he suffered a “crushed face” at the hands of Mabel. Taker takes out Mo right away of course with throat thrusts and a big slam but gets tripped up by DiBiase from the outside. Mo clotheslines him to the outside so Taker goes after DiBiase… and Kama attacks because he’s perfectly fine, of course. Mo takes advantage and pounds Taker on the outside before ramming his back into the apron. We take a break and when we come back, Mo is choking Taker on the ropes. Thrilling. Mo takes Taker to the buckle but it’s no-sold and then he chokes Mabel’s bitch in the corner. Big boot puts Mo down followed by his trademark jumping clothesline. Taker then takes out Kama on the outside and intimidates DiBiase before going back in the ring with a chokeslam for Mo. DiBiase & Kama leave ringside just as Taker gets the win in 4:10. Did anyone give Mo a millionth of a chance here? ¼*.


WINNER: The Undertaker



The fighting doesn’t end here though as King Mabel  comes out and tries to take the urn/gold necklace but Taker grabs it and has it back in his possession now. Now Yokozuna is out as well so Taker hands off the urn necklace to Paul Bearer and stalks the big sumo wrestler. This allows King Mabel to attack Paul Bearer and waddle away with the urn necklace leading Taker to stalk him to the back.


NEXT WEEK: Razor Ramon defends the IC Title against Dean Douglas! Marty Jannetty faces Sid!



OVERALL: Eh, it was an okay show this week. The ladies match was good but there wasn’t anything else here that really tickled my fancy (maybe that’s a really bad expression to use when talking about greased-up men touching each other).



Wrasslin’ Bloggin’: An Introduction

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So I’m gonna be doing this for a while now.

See… for a while, I’ve been posting random Facebook/Twitter musings and people have been like, “Hey…jackass. Start posting them online and shit.” I didn’t think anyone really cared what I thought about wrestling or even that THEY cared about wrestling but… hell, why not give this a go?

So now you’re wondering about what I’m going to do, huh? I’m going through this shit chronologically and I have been going through since about 1983 to where I am now, which is the RAW/Nitro the night after WCW World War III 1995.

I do star-ratings but I just wanna re-iterate right now: I am not a wrestling expert. I have a pretty vast knowledge of the subject as an avid watcher and fan of wrestling but I am not someone who can tell you that this MOST DEFINITELY was a five-star match and if you don’t agree with me, you must be wrong. I WILL rate the matches on a scale (which I will provide here in a moment) but I am certainly not the final say in anything. If you think I short-changed a match, fair enough! If you think King Mabel vs. Yokozuna was an underappreciated classic, that’s just fine!

So here’s the scale I’ll be using… it’s pretty standard.



***** (5 stars) – Classic
**** (4 stars) – Minor flaws but still excellent
*** (3 stars) – Perfectly Acceptable Wrestling (to blatantly steal from another reviewer)
** (2 stars) – Okay-ish but really flawed
* (1 star) – A high spot or two maybe but otherwise bland
DUD – Bad match
Negative Stars – Insulting to the public’s intelligence


So that’s that! Expect reviews to come in quick and often!