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By Matthew Casey

Fall is full of wonderful and vibrant colours.

The days are getting shorter and the air is becoming a little cooler and crisper. What could be coming our way? Fall.  Out of all four seasons autumn is my absolute favourite and I just love the transition of summer into this glorious and often dreaded season.

It may be a difficult concept to grasp that fall is my favourite season, but I think that it if you look at some of the great attributes of this time of year and don’t just focus on the fact that it is the end of summer, then fall really is a likeable season. The official start to the season isn’t until September 23, but here is why I love fall.

First of all, summer is so hot! I love mild temperatures but those days where the mercury can climb to well into the 30s with a humidex factor of 40 are just too much for me.  Some people love the heat, but I am not one of them.  I prefer temperatures that range in the high teens to low twenties—without ANY humidity.  The last couple of weeks as the air masses in the eastern half of Canada seem to be transitioning from those hot summer conditions to a more seasonable cooler air mass typical of fall have been great for me.  The cooler temperatures are also great if you love to exercise outdoors, it just makes jogging or going for a walk a little more comfortable when the breeze has a slight chill to it.

Secondly I love fall because it is the most colourful season we experience.  Sure the summer is great where everything is green and growing, but I am talking about rich colours like reds, yellows, and oranges.  When I lived in New Brunswick I loved to take a leisurely drive through the countryside of the province right when the fall foliage was becoming saturated with vibrant and rich hues of colour.  All of those maple trees off in the distance looked like an oil painting brushed by the hand of Mother Nature herself. It just gives me an immense appreciation for the wonder of nature’s beauty and makes me realize how often I can be oblivious to it when I am caught up in the rush of everyday life.  Just taking in the wonders of all the colours takes my mind off of the worries of the day for a moment.  It’s almost like the proverbial “stopping to smell the roses” saying.

There is also something about the air and the way it smells and feels in the fall.  The air, no matter if you live in a big city or a rural part of town, just seems to have such a freshness to it that just isn’t there in those hot summer months.   I know when I step outside my door on a cool fall morning the air just smells so great and it is invigorating and it livens my senses.  If I was able to take a bite out of the air in the fall I absolutely would!  The cooler and fresher air of the season also makes sleeping much more comfortable than in summer.  For once I can actually sleep without the hum of an air conditioner or a fan in the background.

Canada Geese are majestic birds that migrate in large flocks every fall.

Another sign that summer is drawing to a close is when the flocks of birds begin gathering on the power lines and in the trees.  They are getting ready to fly away and migrate to their winter home.   I find that it is amazing to watch a flock of birds flying through the sky, all off to one place together.  In particular, I love Canada geese and watching a large flock of them fly over head is very majestic and also gives me a sense of the wonder of nature.

So all in all maybe fall doesn’t look to be as bad as it seems on the surface. If you delve deeper into it, it really is one of the most amazing seasons that I am glad we get to experience year after year here in Canada.  If you haven’t taken the time to admire the beauty of fall then maybe this will inspire you to get out there and do so this year.  Now if I were to talk about winter on the other hand…well don’t get me started on what I think of that “wonderful” season!

What is your favourite season?


What Kind of City is This?!

Posted: February 18, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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So I just have to say that I have discovered that Torontonians are not anything like Maritimers.  Yesterday while at a very busy subway station in Toronto I managed to somehow fall up a flight of stairs during rush hour.  Yes, you are probably asking yourself, how did he fall up the stairs?  Well I am not to sure of that myself, it all happened really fast, but my best guess would be I skipped a step on the way up.

Anyways, I wasn’t seriously injured, although my dignity was given quite  a bruising.  But what disturbed me the most other than the fact of how dirty the stairs in a TTC subway station are is that not one person even asked me if I was okay or needed help!  People were literally jumping over me, and walking around me giving me dirty looks.   Had something like this happened in the Maritimes people would be crawling over each other to make sure the person was okay! Trust me I know this as I have witnessed these things in New Brunswick a time or two.

Toronto is a beautiful city but the people here are just in too much of a rush to bother to help their fellow neighbour.  I just hope that I never seriously injure myself.  I think if I had of been injured I would be laying on the steps of that subway station right now.   The other thing I hope is that I don’t come across my spill on Youtube! I could only imagine the TTC staff in a security office laughing uncontrollably at some guy falling up a set of stairs on a security camera whilst replaying my wipe out over and over again.  Somehow that security camera footage of people in embarrassing situations always leaks to sites like Failblog and Youtube.

All this said, it gave me a good laugh too, I know I looked ridiculous.  I mean really there is no way to fall gracefully is there?

—Matthew Casey