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It might have been his last show, but Conan O’Brien proved that he can draw in the masses.  Early national ratings reports indicate that O’Brien had a 4.8 rating share in the 18-49 year old demographic on Friday night.  This is NBC’s most targeted audience as this is what determines the price of advertising for the network and advertisers are always trying to reach out to these people.

These reports are still early, but if the numbers hold this would mean that O’Brien was able to beat out any other show that has been on NBC this season in this ratings demographic.  Even though this was his last show and there was a lot of hype about it because of the fracas of his battle with NBC, the ability for O’Brien to attract these kind of ratings is a testament to his character.  These preliminary rating reports could lend Conan a helping hand in getting a show on another network.

The most likely new home for O’Brien will be the Fox network.  The network is  having difficulties, however, in winning over the idea of giving up profit generating syndicated programming in favour of a late night talk show with its local stations.  Hopefully his achievements in his ratings in the final episode and over the last couple of weeks will be enough to propel him on Fox and win over the local stations.  If nothing else, these numbers show that Conan O’Brien is very popular and has the potential to attract a large following.  All he needs is a station that will give him a good lead in, unlike NBC where he suffered with the lead in from the local news.  The  most likely reason for this is because the local news had poor lead ins from the failing Jay Leno Show.

—Matthew Casey

Misery Loves Company

Posted: January 21, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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It’s official! Conan O’Brien is done on NBC.  I knew this was probably going to happen based on all of the rumours out there that his days were very numbered as host of the “Tonight Show”, but deep down inside of me I hoped that these were just rumours that were over exaggerating the situation and making unsubstantial claims.

I really am going to miss Conan when he goes off of the air after this Friday.  I really looked forward to seeing him every night.  The good news however is that he can go back to the airwaves as early as this coming September according to his exit contract with NBC. His most likely new home will be the Fox network, but I have a feeling that this won’t be easy for him as the brass at Fox are going to have a lot of convincing to do with their local stations.

In a way though, O’Brien’s whole situation got me thinking, if a man as distinguished as Conan O’Brien can get screwed over by his network that means no one is invincible with anything! Doesn’t matter how good you may be.  If the big guy like him can get hammered then I sort of don’t feel quite as bad when I get blasted in some of  the things I do.  If Conan can get knocked down and then get right back to his feet I suppose I can too! Misery loves company!

–Matthew Casey

Although NBC has not officially released any details on the fate of its newest “Tonight Show” host, many people seem to believe the host will leave NBC and settle in on the FOX network perhaps as early as next September.   However, this may not be as easy of a move as people might think.  According to sources in the entertainment world Fox will have a lot of convincing to do in order to be able to start up a late night show with Conan O’Brien.

Currently, Fox does not have a late night show. Instead its local stations air reruns of sitcoms during its late night hour after 10pm.  These reruns are often stable profit generating shows for the local stations.  This reliability may be hard to give up, especially in a year when local TV has been struggling to turn a profit.   In order for the network to be able to offer O’Brien a late night venue the network’s executives will have to somehow make an offer lucrative enough to convince its 205 stations to drop current money making programs and gamble with a late night show that may or may not make money for the network.

Even though the hype about O’Brien moving to Fox is just that, some of the stations at Fox are already voicing their concerns over the potential to lose money if the network takes on a late night talk show.

So this is definitely an interesting situation, with O’Brien most likely to wrap up his “Tonight Show” this Friday January 22 his future in the late night scene seems very uncertain.   A night without Conan in the television line up is like cookies with no milk.

—Matthew Casey