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It might have been his last show, but Conan O’Brien proved that he can draw in the masses.  Early national ratings reports indicate that O’Brien had a 4.8 rating share in the 18-49 year old demographic on Friday night.  This is NBC’s most targeted audience as this is what determines the price of advertising for the network and advertisers are always trying to reach out to these people.

These reports are still early, but if the numbers hold this would mean that O’Brien was able to beat out any other show that has been on NBC this season in this ratings demographic.  Even though this was his last show and there was a lot of hype about it because of the fracas of his battle with NBC, the ability for O’Brien to attract these kind of ratings is a testament to his character.  These preliminary rating reports could lend Conan a helping hand in getting a show on another network.

The most likely new home for O’Brien will be the Fox network.  The network is  having difficulties, however, in winning over the idea of giving up profit generating syndicated programming in favour of a late night talk show with its local stations.  Hopefully his achievements in his ratings in the final episode and over the last couple of weeks will be enough to propel him on Fox and win over the local stations.  If nothing else, these numbers show that Conan O’Brien is very popular and has the potential to attract a large following.  All he needs is a station that will give him a good lead in, unlike NBC where he suffered with the lead in from the local news.  The  most likely reason for this is because the local news had poor lead ins from the failing Jay Leno Show.

—Matthew Casey

Alright! Here I go with another commentary about the one, the only, Conan O’Brien.  Last night (Jan 21) was probably one of the funniest episodes of the “Tonight Show” I have ever had the joy of watching since I can remember. The episode was the second last with tonight (Jan 22) being, unfortunately, the last one.

The monologue  was pretty typical of recent days, making jokes about his future, making indirect jokes about his former home of NBC.  His new bit that is supposed to milk NBC of a lot of money was pretty funny as well. The last couple of nights he’s been releasing a comedy bit known as “skits that aren’t as funny as they are expensive.”   Last night it was an expensive Kentucky Derby race horse watching restricted NFL footage on a huge plasma television. According to O’Brien this gig cost NBC a whopping $4.5 million! Talk about going out in style!

Ben Stiller also made a brief appearance on the show.  He stopped by and gave a funny little public service announcement on how building $50 million studios that are only used for seven months is bad for the environment. He also put together a great little montage of what he believed to be the “classic Tonight Show moments” that he enjoyed.  And as one could imagine, his clips were entirely of his appearance on a previous episode of the show.

Things really got funny though when Robin Williams came on.  As people well know, Williams is not the most conservative comedian out there and he was a perfect choice for the second last episode’s guest!  It started right from the beginning with Williams commenting on how the studio as an apartment was too big and could never be rented.  He then commented on the view in the background of LA.  Screaming at the people stating “you gave me the wrong view!” over and over he turned his back to the camera, went up to the back drop and of course grabbed his crotch! Classic late night television! I felt as though I was watching history in the making.

Where Williams really got me laughing was just towards the end of his interview when he decided to sing to Conan an Irish “lament”.  It basically ended with Williams dancing around the stage singing in an over exaggerated Irish accent “As for NBC F*** the bastards they can’t take a joke!”  over and over again, whilst waving two middle fingers around.  There was something about watching Robin Williams on the stage of the “Tonight Show” waving middle fingers and telling NBC to basically shove off, with Conan O’Brien dancing with him and Andy Richter slapping his knees on the couch that screamed to me this is not something I see everyday and this is truly the end of an era in late night.

It’s such a shame that these last few episodes for Conan have had the highest ratings and in my opinion the funniest skits of all time!  NBC should reconsider, keep him on and just let him do what he’s been doing, it’s drawing the crowds in like ants to a picnic!

—Matthew Casey

** By the way Jan 22 looks to be a great show,both Will Ferrel AND Tom Hanks will be on the show! Can’t wait for 11:35pm to roll around! <====Click this link to see the hilarious ending of his interview!!!!