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(Season 38, Episode 12)






ADAM LEVINE: “The Voice” (Season 4)

KENDRICK LAMAR: “good kid, m.A.A.d city” (album)



COLD OPENING: Obama and Martin Luther King (4:05)
Obama and Martin Luther King

–      Clever way to open the show rather than just doing an inauguration sketch. Jay’s Obama was great as usual but Kenan as MLK was a lot of fun as well.

–      There were some really fun moments here with Kenan talking about how hot Beyonce is and that he thought he was having “another one of my famous dreams,” Michelle’s bangs making her look like a guest star on The New Girl, MLK Day being his day off, Kenan telling Barack to tell his white assistant to “shut the hell up and go to sleep,” and the last bit where Kenan tells Obama that he’s going to have to tell Cornel West to “take it down about thirty notches.”

–      For some reason it made me laugh that Obama had a skinny glass of beer.

–      Great LFNY delivery from both men.

RATING: *** ½



MONOLOGUE: Adam Levine (4:56)

–      Terrific monologue but it really had nothing to do with Levine at all. This was all Samberg for the most part as his cameo had me in stitches for the entire time.

–      My favourite bits from Andy were him telling Levine that he was “in 100 digital shorts as well as 3 live sketches,” that they’ve both slept with “between 2 and 500 women,” and the bit with Andy getting out the lotion when Adam talked about taking his shirt off.

–      Cameron Diaz was funny as well, especially as she did the whole Christina Aguilera thing to a tee. Her part wasn’t quite as funny as Samberg’s but she still did a decent job with the material.

–      Jerry Seinfeld was the ultimate surprise and obviously the audience was enamoured to see him as well. I really hope to see him host again one more time. His part was very funny as well, especially his slam against Samberg for having an “interesting look.”

–      Adam taking his shirt off at the end was very unnecessary.

RATING: ****



COMMERCIAL: Rosetta Stone (1:30)
Rosetta Stone

–      Oh man, I laughed my ass off at this and it has to be one of the most offensive and funny things I’ve seen in a while on the show.

–      Taran packing the extra small condoms was what got me. His character was going to have sex with an underage Thai boy.

–      I think that was Fred as the computerized-voice guy but I can’t be sure.

RATING: **** ½



SHOW: Circle Work (5:43)
Circle Work

–      You know what? I expected to hate this but I gotta say that this was much better than expected and they actually did something with the premise of gay people hosting a show rather than just a lot of tired gay stereotypes. I really liked that Kenan and Adam kept thinking that their guests (or in one case, a guest’s husband) were gay no matter what.

–      Bayer was the highlight here too as the assistant in love with Kenan.

–      Jason’s straight character (no pun intended) was quite funny too and I liked his acting when he finally realized he was gay.

–      Adam’s random dancing interludes were amusing. He seemed to go a bit ahead of the script and stumble a couple times though.

–      Kenan spelling out “you are a gay goose at a gay goose pride parade” was hilarious.

RATING: *** ½



COMMERCIAL: The Sopranos Diaries (3:38)
The Sopranos Diaries

–      Pretty funny stuff with an exceptionally strong performance from Bobby Moynihan as a young Tony Soprano with good supporting work from Kate and Tim, especially.

–      I also thought the therapist scene was a little lacking as well but Cecily looked the part and did a good job.

–      Levine was unnecessarily thrown into this sketch. He didn’t do anything funny.

–      I liked the reveal that the girl was dancing on their cafeteria table.

RATING: *** ½



SKETCH: Bryce’s Meltdown (4:52)
Bryce's Meltdown

–      I will also jump on-board with most people in thinking that this sketch would only have worked with Hader in the lead role here. If it was anyone else I think this would’ve been completely annoying and just fallen flat on its face.

–      Bobby had the second funniest part in the sketch as the firefighter who would just randomly join Hader in his insane fits.

–      Again, Levine was worthless here.

–      It looked like Hader was trying to crack up Killam at one point with his repeated screams but to TK’s credit, he held it all together.

–      The “dog attack” scene was amusing as well.

–      The visual of Hader in that insane jacket was hilarious.




Digital Short

–      I fucking hate the term “YOLO” with a fiery passion but this was a decent digital short. However, I feel that doing this kinda cheapens last season’s finale and now Lazy Sunday 2 was not the last DS.

–      Danny McBride’s cameo was quite funny.

–      There were a few funny scenarios here that I enjoyed. The one about furniture being killing machines was probably my favourite though.

–      I didn’t care for the part with Kendrick Lamar at all.




MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Swimming Pools (Drank)” (3:31)
Kendrick Lamar1

–      Another musical guest I did not enjoy at all. Seriously, as much as I am enjoying this season so far, the musical guests have left a lot to be desired. So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed 4 or 5 out of the 12 guests.



WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (9:39)

Guests: Arianna Huffington and Ray Lewis
update1 update2 update3 update4 update5

–      Best Jokes: dream speech; tweets in Latin; Philadelphia bacon taco; library doll

–      It’s always nice to see Nasim do her Arianna Huffington impression and this week was another enjoyable segment. I especially enjoyed her bits about Rand Paul grilling a possum, the bit about the smell of sex when you get to Europe, and the Oprah comment as well.

–      Kenan’s commentary as Ray Lewis was insane and a lot of fun; it might’ve been my favourite Kenan commentary in a long time. His dancing at the end was great too, especially how he came back during Seth’s outro to do the dance again.

RATING: *** ½



SKETCH: Rock Band Rumble (4:30)
Rock Band Rumble

–      This sketch had quite a bit of promise with the idea of a rock band face-off but the sketch didn’t take the premise as far as it could have done. Still, I did enjoy it.

–      Jay and Bayer were also pretty funny. I especially liked Jay saying “it looks like they’re dancing” after Vanessa worries about them killing each other.

–      Adam using Aidy as a human shield was funny but I especially liked Taran dressing an old man to look like him so Adam would fight him instead.

–      Sudeikis was great as Jason Mraz and Kenan was good as Darius Rucker, but Hader didn’t get to do all that much as John Mayer.




SHOW: Catfish the TV Show (4:20)
Catfish the TV Show

–      Seems like I enjoyed this one a lot more than most people. Adam Levine had his best performance of the night in this sketch (and he did a pretty good job in general) and Taran had a good supporting part as well.

–      Aidy was pretty funny here as well.

–      I especially liked the time Taran asked if they were ever going to cut to his camera.

–      The “coming up next” bit was hilarious with Aidy’s expression explaining nothing about what her reaction was going to be after the break.

–      The voice that Jay used was pretty funny.

RATING: *** ½



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Poetic Justice” (3:24)
Kendrick Lamar2

–      At least this performance was a bit shorter than the first one but that’s really all I can say. It was… whatever.



SKETCH: Janet Seduces Adam Levine (4:00)
Janet Seduces Adam Levine

–      I didn’t care for this character the first time that Bobby did it but I gotta give them credit for changing the scenery this time and I gotta say that the writing was a lot funnier as well.

–      This sketch also had some of the raunchiest dialogue I’ve heard on the show in a while. I’m surprised they got away with half the stuff he said here.

–      Adam’s cue card-staring was pretty obvious in this sketch.

–      The “Magic Johnson before” comment reminded me of the New Boyfriend Talk Show with the Magic Johnson part that I couldn’t believe got past the censors.

RATING: *** ½



COMMERCIAL: Biden Bash (2:15)
Biden Bash

–      This was lacking in the humour department a bit even though I did appreciate what they were going for with Sudeikis’ Biden here. I did enjoy the Macho Man part and the “What Happens in Delaware” slogan but the rest was kinda boring and tepid.

–      Levine was decent as the Neil Diamond impersonator.








–      Taran Killam/Bobby Moynihan/Bill Hader




Like I said earlier, it seems to me that I enjoyed this episode a LOT more than most people, which is fine; everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Adam Levine certainly wasn’t anything special as a host; he had his isolated moments of decent acting but he was thrust in the background tonight a lot which was a smart move by the cast and writers.




by Brendan Wahl

(Season 36, Episode 10)

Well we’ve hit the break, folks. After ten episodes, it is time for the annual holiday break for Saturday Night Live cast and crew a like until January 3rd when they will prepare for the next episode when they return on the air. Oh, and that episode? Well, it’s set to be hosted by an actor named Jim Carrey. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Yes, that’s right. Jim freakin’ Carrey will be making his second hosting appearance on January 8th with musical guest the Black Keys. It promises to be an outstanding show. That is not to take away from the lineup being offered to us with this week’s episode.

The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, seems like one of the most laid-back and amiable people working in Hollywood today. It’s somewhat of a surprise then that he’s only gotten the opportunity to host once before (in 1983, where he did a fairly good job) because he seems like a guy who would be up for pretty much anything. Bridges is here to promote two films: Tron: Legacy, which is already breaking records at the box office, and his upcoming Coen Brothers remake of True Grit, a film that holds a lot of promise, at least in my opinion.

Joining Bridges are two musical guests that are slightly less than laid-back. First up is Eminem, making his fifth appearance on the show ready to showcase his new meaner side that we aren’t so accustomed to. Joining him is Lil Wayne. After a banal performance during the season premiere two years ago, Wayne looks to redeem himself a bit this time and hopefully with the assistance of Eminem, he can pull it off.


The Show:

1. Christmas Eve in Washington (2:40)
-Armisen, Samberg, Sudeikis, Thompson, Wiig, Bayer

Frosty the Snowman (Thompson) introduces a series of quick clips of several key members of the office looking out the window and dreaming about better headlines in the new year ahead. Whether it’s President Obama (Armisen) imagining lower unemployment and WikiLeaks telling everyone that John McCain is a Muslim, Hillary Clinton (Bayer) thinking about switching jobs with the pres, or Joe Biden (Sudeikis) beaming at the thought of trading jobs with Batman, it was a very funny short and sweet opening. A-

2. Monologue (5:09)

Jeff tries to separate his own personality from that of the Dude’s but of course, its way too similar. The real meat of the monologue though is the Starman bringing out SNL hopeful Cookie Monster to sing along with him to “Silver Bells.” It was a pretty cutesy segment but aw shucks, it was pretty amusing. B

3. Assange Attacks Mark Zuckerberg (2:10)
-Hader, Samberg

Before the Facebook founder himself (Samberg) can truly comment on how he feels being named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (Hader) interrupts again to point out how ridiculous it is that Zuckerberg took that honour over himself. Assange has a point and the segment resulted in another funny piece by Hader. B+

4. The Miley Cyrus Show (4:50)
-Bridges, Moynihan, Sudeikis, Bayer, Brittain

In its third appearance, Miley (Bayer) does some more funny stuff including a segment in which she takes pictures of celebrities and puts them together to see if they had a baby (and that’s more-or-less what the segment is called). Cyrus of course discusses her “very serious five-minute drug problem” and then brings out Nick Nolte (Bridges) as her guest to discuss his own past drug abuse problems. Jeff doesn’t have to stretch too much to do the Nick Nolte impression, but it’s funny nonetheless. The sketch itself is pretty much settled into a formula now but there’s enough goofiness to keep it entertaining. B+

5. Film: I Just Had Sex (2:52)
-Samberg + Akon, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, & John McEnroe

The Lonely Island’s latest opus has Andy and Jorma rapping about their most recent sexual encounter (with Blake Lively and Jessica Alba, respectively, no less) with the assistance of Akon. It’s hard to get into too many details here, but I don’t see where the criticism comes from here. Akon looks like he’s having a hell of a time and the crew create another fun, catchy song. B+

6. Larry King Live (4:48)
-Bridges, Armisen, Elliott, Thompson, Wiig

After taping his last show, Larry King (Armisen) returns for one more show with Jermaine Jackson (Thompson), the Judds (Elliott & Wiig), and Dog the Bounty Hunter (a hilarious Bridges). The usual stuff happens with King’s senility as he questions Jermaine if he has any siblings and also wants to know which of the Judds is the mother. There’s a few amusing things here as Dog cries in a very scary way and this acts as a great swan song for Armisen’s spot-on Larry King impression. Larry’s daily routine is a hoot as well. A-

7. Crunkmas Karnival! (2:37)
-Moynihan, Sudeikis, Pedrad, Pharoah

Following in the tradition of the Under Underground Records ad, DJ Super Soak (Sudeikis) and Lil Blaster (Pedrad) shill for their big Crunkmas three-day concert. Ass Dan (Moynihan) makes another hilarious appearance and then Pharoah shows up to do a funny bit as MC George Costanza. The most fun comes from all the random events and guests that will be at the event though. Quickly becoming one of my favourite recurring bits. A

8. Eminem & Lil Wayne sing “No Love” (4:59)

The two mega-stars rap with each other with a little “What Is Love” thrown in the background, which made me think: how great would it have been if Ferrell and Kattan interrupted as their Roxbury characters? Of course Em would never let that go down. All that aside, it’s still a good performance from both rappers. A-

9. Weekend Update with Seth Meyers (9:25)
-Also: Fred Armisen, Abby Elliott, Bill Hader, Bobby Moynihan, Kenan Thompson, & Taran Killam

Seth’s Harvard joke is one of the highlights of this week’s so-so edition of Update. While the jokes were sharp and witty for the most part, the commentaries left a little to be desired. Michael Steele (Thompson) stops by to talk about running for a second term and his recent defection to the Tea Party in a segment that goes nowhere; likewise, Brad Pitt (Killam) becomes the new weatherman before he is joined by Angelina (Elliott) with another baby. It’s certainly not a great Brad Pitt impression, but it was amusing nonetheless mostly thanks to Killam’s performance abilities. It’s another segment that really doesn’t do much for me either though. Update ends on a high note though with an appearance by three regulars in Stefon (Hader), David Paterson (Armisen), and Snooki (Moynihan) singing “Oh Christmas Tree,” with some funny interaction in between the verses. B-

10. This You Call Wonderful Life?! (4:33)
-Bridges, Armisen, Elliott, Hader, Moynihan, Samberg, Sudeikis, Wiig, Bayer, Brittain, Killam, Pedrad

Presenting the original version of It’s A Wonderful Life, Ben Mankiewicz (Hader) shows the all-Jewish rendition of the film. It’s essentially another version of the Wizard of Oz sketch from the Anne Hathaway episode but this one works a lot better as for some reason, this mish-mash works a lot better with this film. Our host also stops by to make a funny appearance as the rabbi and gives ol’ George Bailey (Sudeikis) some much-needed advice. B+

11. Jeff’d (4:15)
-Bridges, Elliott, Samberg, Sudeikis, Thompson, Brittain, Killam

Spoofing Ashton Kutcher’s once-popular celebrity prank show, Bridges puts his laid-back persona on display as he performs some pretty light-hearted pranks on his old pals like Sam Elliott (Sudeikis), Maggie Gyllenhaal (Elliott), but the best one is Billy Bob Thornton (Samberg), who appears to have some other plans for our host. This was okay, but the sketch was a little too late to work as a Punk’d parody. Jeff was affable though. C+

12. Eminem sings “Won’t Back Down”; Lil Wayne sings “6’7” (6:14)

-Eminem runs through his hit single and tears the house down before switching off with Lil Wayne, so that the two-time guest can perform a hit of his own, although nothing as powerful as Em’s song. I’m impressed with Marshall’s new image and Wayne was a lot more impressive here than he was two years ago. B+

13. General Store (4:11)
-Bridges, Hader, Moynihan, Sudeikis, Wiig, Bayer

In the old West, two weirdos (Bridges & Wiig) have set up shop in the corner of a general store in order to gift-wrap presents for the customers. It’s an oddball sketch that is okay I guess, but the sketch really owes it to Jeff’s bizarre performance as the developmentally-challenged clerk. C

14. A Holiday Message from The Kardashians (1:54)
-Elliott, Bayer, Pedrad

Kim (Pedrad), Kourtney (Bayer), and Khloe (Elliott) wish everyone a happy holidays and gush over the fact that they’re famous for nothing. I enjoyed this much like their other appearance on Update a while back. B

Jeff waves goodbye and enthusiastically thanks everyone on stage for helpin’ him out tonight.

I really didn’t know how Jeff would do but it was obvious he wouldn’t be as stiff as, say, a Robert DeNiro type but I wasn’t sure if he would be a slam-bang great host. He was pretty darn good I’d say and he did better than most upper-echelon actors on the show normally perform. It’s hard to remember how good Bridges was in his previous hosting stint, but if I remember correctly he was good but somewhat restrained and limited. Here, he seemed to have a lot of fun hosting the Christmas show (and we got quite a large number of Christmas sketches too!) and seemed to be pretty open for anything.

Eminem and Lil Wayne were quite surprising to me, but moreso in the case of the latter performer. Where Wayne’s first stint was lazy and reeked of unpreparedness, he dazzled this time with a much more solid work ethic and some good ol’ fashioned rapping. Eminem was as good as you’d expect as he performed in what was probably his gloomiest appearance on the show and even though he slightly upstaged his partner, the duo had good chemistry and put Diddy Dirty-Money to shame.

All in all, it was a decent Christmas episode. Last week’s act was hard to follow up, but they tried their best this week and ended up with a handful of funny sketches and a couple of meh-worthy ones. Thanks to a willing host, a good musical guest combination, and mostly no cast burnout, we got a pretty entertaining show this week and a good way to end the first half of the season.

I’m not sure if I’ll be back every week to review retro SNLs. I’ll be doing one this Thursday but then after that I may take a break until after the Holidays. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Joyous Kwanzaa everybody!

Host Rating: B+
Musical Guest Rating – Eminem: A-
Musical Guest Rating – Lil Wayne: B+
Show Rating: B/B+