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(Season 38, Episode 15)




KEVIN HART: “Let Me Explain” (stand-up comedy tour)

MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS: “The Heist” (album)



COLD OPENING: Budget Cuts (4:24)
Budget Cuts

–      An Obama opening can sometimes be dicey but now that we have someone who is better at doing the impression combined with a number of other characters thrown into this made it quite the entertaining way to start the show.

–      My favourite bit was the Taco Bell & Ikea/horses reference but a lot of the actual budget cuts were pretty funny like air traffic controllers having to watch ads before they look at their radar and having people take a picture of their junk to hand in to security instead of full body scans.

–      Sudeikis’ bit was funny mostly because of his great delivery while Moynihan had a great bit during it as well, saying that there will be cutbacks on meat inspection.

–      The Village People/YMCA thing at the end was predictable but still very funny. Taran’s lingering stare at the camera as he walked off was also a great little detail.

RATING: *** ½



MONOLOGUE: Kevin Hart (6:58)

–      As expected, this was all stand-up material from Hart but he did a great job anyway and was very energetic throughout the whole thing.

–      I do like how Kevin incorporated his audition for SNL into his set even though I’m sure that he wrote the joke before with a different premise. The DeNiro “impression” made me laugh the most but I also really liked his quick comment about how they didn’t laugh which was automatically racist.

RATING: ****



SHOW: Steve Harvey (4:59)
Steve Harvey

–      Wow, I gotta give the writers props for doing an ENTIRELY different kind of sketch than the last time they did Steve Harvey on the season premiere.

–      The “dogglegangers” thing was kinda lame but it at least seemed like something that Steve would probably do on his own show.

–      Kevin was pretty good as the guest on the show with a phobia of horses and the whole bit with the stuffed horse was pretty funny.

–      Kenan’s story about his wife being impregnated was hilarious.

RATING: *** ½



SHOW: The Situation Room (3:18)
The Situation Room

–      It was pretty funny to see Kevin Hart dressed up as Quvenzhané Wallis and then it got a bit disturbing with Sudeikis’ comment about the “horsey rides at the Vatican” going on and Killam’s creepy expression the entire time.

–      I also really liked Armisen trying to be cute with his pope impression.




COMMERCIAL: Verismo (1:50)

–      Repeat from Anne Hathaway/Rihanna (11/10/12).



SKETCH: Barnes & Noble Lay-Offs (5:37)
Barnes & Noble Lay-Offs

–      I never expected these characters from Bobby and Cecily to come back but I didn’t mind this so much just as I didn’t mind watching this the first time in the McDonald’s setting.

–      The jokes mostly stemmed from the appearances of the various employees rather than the insults thrown at them from Bobby and Cecily.

–      I think my favourite employees were Sudeikis as a guy who is always wet, Armisen saying that you don’t talk during charades, Taran with the “glassy-eyed stare of a man with nothing to lose” with a “closet full of orphan bones,” Hader asking how far ahead they planned this tirade after seeing a modified dictionary prop, and Kate’s creepy delivery on how they share a pancreas.

–      I also loved the appearance by Tim at the end as the old man character from the last time they did this sketch. He even managed to crack Kevin Hart up something fierce during the last part of the sketch.

RATING: *** ½



MUSICAL  PERFORMANCE: “Thrift Shop” (3:42)

–      I actually enjoyed this rap performance… not a sentence I use often. It was lively and energetic with a good beat.



WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (8:56)

Guests: Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un and Really!?! with Seth & Kevin
update1 update2 update3 update4 update5 update6

–      Best Jokes: Castel Gandolfo; 30% increase in births; Girls Gone Wild/bankruptcy; 911/cheeseburger; Downton Abbey/black castmember; fat kids; Disney’s City Girl

–      The bit with Jay and Bobby as Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un made me laugh but also reminded me of that bit from a while back with Jay and Sudeikis as Kanye and Dubya. Still, that’s pretty much where the similarities ended. I enjoyed both performances and the best parts were the “North Korean High-Five,” Bobby stressing that he is the tallest, most handsome, and has the biggest penis in all of North Korea, the Winnie the Pooh bit, and the part at the end with the two walking off to do “jedi training.”

–      Kevin Hart joins in for an edition of “Really!?!” on the Voters Rights Act enacted to protect the rights of African-Americans in the south. Kevin was a good candidate for this type of segment and he had a lot of energy in this segment; he had some great lines too like how having one black friend in Clarence Thomas being more racist than having no black friends. His “God damn!” outburst was as a result of a line flub but he said it again in a later sketch so I’m sure he added that one in as well. I hope that doesn’t prevent him from being invited back again.

RATING: ****



SKETCH: The Walking Dead (3:48)
The Walking Dead

–      Frankly, I’m surprised it took them this long to tackle the show. This was a funny parody but didn’t really spend a whole lot of time parodying the actual show rather than just taking the ‘racist card’ angle.

–      Kevin led this sketch and did a solid job. I liked all his accusations of everyone else being racist, especially when he said his limp was just his swag and after he ate Maggie, he just said, “Oh what? Like I should’ve ate some fried chicken or some watermelon?”

–      Nasim made me laugh a whole lot as Carl Jr. I like how they made fun of the fact that the kid is somehow able to kill people and immediately feel fine about it afterwards.

–      There’s been an awful lot of Tim Robinson tonight, which is certainly a good thing.




SHOW: Shark Tank (3:15)
Shark Tank

–      Strange parody of the reality show; I don’t think it was terrible but it was a bit underwhelming and I wasn’t sure what they were really going for here.

–      The bit at the beginning with Tim Robinson was pretty funny (“it’s called a slest!”)

–      The visual of the lamp with the sunglasses was pretty funny but did anyone else think that it was going to be called “Lampshades?” I mean, I thought that was a pretty obvious punchline.

–      Kevin’s final line at the end was strange.




COMMERCIAL: Z-Shirts (1:25)

–      INSANE commercial parody! This further proved the notion of Tim Robinson appearing a lot more this week as he had a lead role here alongside Hart. Combined with the later sketch that referenced this commercial, it reminded me a whole lot of the Closet Organizer bit from a few seasons ago.

–      The camera angles on Kevin every time he went through the alphabet and asked if it was a [insert letter here] shirt cracked me up to no end. He really sold the whole thing but Robinson as the straight man was great as well.

RATING: **** ½



SKETCH: Voiceover Auditions (4:29)
Voiceover Auditions

–      Very funny sketch with another highlight performance from Kevin in the lead role. He’s really been doing a solid hosting job tonight. Bayer made me laugh too with her weird little trail-offs at the end of a few of her sentences.

–      Hader and Armisen came perilously close to cracking up but this time it was from Kevin Hart rather than from each other.

–      I also liked how Kevin kept getting more and more over-the-top as the sketch progressed forward. I feel like he may have been pushing it even further just to try and get Fred and Bill to fully lose it.

–      The bit at the end combining Kevin’s narration with Nasim was hilarious.

RATING: ****



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Can’t Hold Us” (3:47)

–      Another entertaining performance. I enjoyed this guest. Yay, another good one this season! With Timberlake next week, it looks like the recent trend of decent musical guests will continue for now.



SKETCH: Z-Shirts Guy at a Funeral (:49)
Z-Shirts Guy at a Funeral

–      This was really short and just meant as a continuation to that crazy Z-Shirts thing but it made me laugh. This was a hilarious continuation of the commercial piece.

RATING: ****



SKETCH: 360 News (2:54)
360 News

–      Yet another sketch led by Kevin and yet another sketch where he does a great job handling the workload.

–      The idea of a news show having 8 cameras is ridiculous enough to begin with but having Hart start off the show with a neckbrace on was great and made the premise more interesting than it seemed to be right off the bat.

–      Hey, there’s Tim again! Kevin must’ve loved the guy or something.

–      The camera operators bit was pretty amusing too and I’m glad they didn’t go with all eight of them like they apparently did in dress rehearsal. Jay’s part was the best.

RATING: *** ½





–      Kevin Hart/Tim Robinson




Highly enjoyable episode with a great host performance by Kevin and some fine work by the cast, Tim Robinson in particular, who got a whole lot more to do this week than usual (I’m not sure if it’s because he got along with the host so well or if he legitimately just got to do more this week). Good musical guests too, which was also nice.