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(Season 38, Episode 12)






ADAM LEVINE: “The Voice” (Season 4)

KENDRICK LAMAR: “good kid, m.A.A.d city” (album)



COLD OPENING: Obama and Martin Luther King (4:05)
Obama and Martin Luther King

–      Clever way to open the show rather than just doing an inauguration sketch. Jay’s Obama was great as usual but Kenan as MLK was a lot of fun as well.

–      There were some really fun moments here with Kenan talking about how hot Beyonce is and that he thought he was having “another one of my famous dreams,” Michelle’s bangs making her look like a guest star on The New Girl, MLK Day being his day off, Kenan telling Barack to tell his white assistant to “shut the hell up and go to sleep,” and the last bit where Kenan tells Obama that he’s going to have to tell Cornel West to “take it down about thirty notches.”

–      For some reason it made me laugh that Obama had a skinny glass of beer.

–      Great LFNY delivery from both men.

RATING: *** ½



MONOLOGUE: Adam Levine (4:56)

–      Terrific monologue but it really had nothing to do with Levine at all. This was all Samberg for the most part as his cameo had me in stitches for the entire time.

–      My favourite bits from Andy were him telling Levine that he was “in 100 digital shorts as well as 3 live sketches,” that they’ve both slept with “between 2 and 500 women,” and the bit with Andy getting out the lotion when Adam talked about taking his shirt off.

–      Cameron Diaz was funny as well, especially as she did the whole Christina Aguilera thing to a tee. Her part wasn’t quite as funny as Samberg’s but she still did a decent job with the material.

–      Jerry Seinfeld was the ultimate surprise and obviously the audience was enamoured to see him as well. I really hope to see him host again one more time. His part was very funny as well, especially his slam against Samberg for having an “interesting look.”

–      Adam taking his shirt off at the end was very unnecessary.

RATING: ****



COMMERCIAL: Rosetta Stone (1:30)
Rosetta Stone

–      Oh man, I laughed my ass off at this and it has to be one of the most offensive and funny things I’ve seen in a while on the show.

–      Taran packing the extra small condoms was what got me. His character was going to have sex with an underage Thai boy.

–      I think that was Fred as the computerized-voice guy but I can’t be sure.

RATING: **** ½



SHOW: Circle Work (5:43)
Circle Work

–      You know what? I expected to hate this but I gotta say that this was much better than expected and they actually did something with the premise of gay people hosting a show rather than just a lot of tired gay stereotypes. I really liked that Kenan and Adam kept thinking that their guests (or in one case, a guest’s husband) were gay no matter what.

–      Bayer was the highlight here too as the assistant in love with Kenan.

–      Jason’s straight character (no pun intended) was quite funny too and I liked his acting when he finally realized he was gay.

–      Adam’s random dancing interludes were amusing. He seemed to go a bit ahead of the script and stumble a couple times though.

–      Kenan spelling out “you are a gay goose at a gay goose pride parade” was hilarious.

RATING: *** ½



COMMERCIAL: The Sopranos Diaries (3:38)
The Sopranos Diaries

–      Pretty funny stuff with an exceptionally strong performance from Bobby Moynihan as a young Tony Soprano with good supporting work from Kate and Tim, especially.

–      I also thought the therapist scene was a little lacking as well but Cecily looked the part and did a good job.

–      Levine was unnecessarily thrown into this sketch. He didn’t do anything funny.

–      I liked the reveal that the girl was dancing on their cafeteria table.

RATING: *** ½



SKETCH: Bryce’s Meltdown (4:52)
Bryce's Meltdown

–      I will also jump on-board with most people in thinking that this sketch would only have worked with Hader in the lead role here. If it was anyone else I think this would’ve been completely annoying and just fallen flat on its face.

–      Bobby had the second funniest part in the sketch as the firefighter who would just randomly join Hader in his insane fits.

–      Again, Levine was worthless here.

–      It looked like Hader was trying to crack up Killam at one point with his repeated screams but to TK’s credit, he held it all together.

–      The “dog attack” scene was amusing as well.

–      The visual of Hader in that insane jacket was hilarious.




Digital Short

–      I fucking hate the term “YOLO” with a fiery passion but this was a decent digital short. However, I feel that doing this kinda cheapens last season’s finale and now Lazy Sunday 2 was not the last DS.

–      Danny McBride’s cameo was quite funny.

–      There were a few funny scenarios here that I enjoyed. The one about furniture being killing machines was probably my favourite though.

–      I didn’t care for the part with Kendrick Lamar at all.




MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Swimming Pools (Drank)” (3:31)
Kendrick Lamar1

–      Another musical guest I did not enjoy at all. Seriously, as much as I am enjoying this season so far, the musical guests have left a lot to be desired. So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed 4 or 5 out of the 12 guests.



WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (9:39)

Guests: Arianna Huffington and Ray Lewis
update1 update2 update3 update4 update5

–      Best Jokes: dream speech; tweets in Latin; Philadelphia bacon taco; library doll

–      It’s always nice to see Nasim do her Arianna Huffington impression and this week was another enjoyable segment. I especially enjoyed her bits about Rand Paul grilling a possum, the bit about the smell of sex when you get to Europe, and the Oprah comment as well.

–      Kenan’s commentary as Ray Lewis was insane and a lot of fun; it might’ve been my favourite Kenan commentary in a long time. His dancing at the end was great too, especially how he came back during Seth’s outro to do the dance again.

RATING: *** ½



SKETCH: Rock Band Rumble (4:30)
Rock Band Rumble

–      This sketch had quite a bit of promise with the idea of a rock band face-off but the sketch didn’t take the premise as far as it could have done. Still, I did enjoy it.

–      Jay and Bayer were also pretty funny. I especially liked Jay saying “it looks like they’re dancing” after Vanessa worries about them killing each other.

–      Adam using Aidy as a human shield was funny but I especially liked Taran dressing an old man to look like him so Adam would fight him instead.

–      Sudeikis was great as Jason Mraz and Kenan was good as Darius Rucker, but Hader didn’t get to do all that much as John Mayer.




SHOW: Catfish the TV Show (4:20)
Catfish the TV Show

–      Seems like I enjoyed this one a lot more than most people. Adam Levine had his best performance of the night in this sketch (and he did a pretty good job in general) and Taran had a good supporting part as well.

–      Aidy was pretty funny here as well.

–      I especially liked the time Taran asked if they were ever going to cut to his camera.

–      The “coming up next” bit was hilarious with Aidy’s expression explaining nothing about what her reaction was going to be after the break.

–      The voice that Jay used was pretty funny.

RATING: *** ½



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Poetic Justice” (3:24)
Kendrick Lamar2

–      At least this performance was a bit shorter than the first one but that’s really all I can say. It was… whatever.



SKETCH: Janet Seduces Adam Levine (4:00)
Janet Seduces Adam Levine

–      I didn’t care for this character the first time that Bobby did it but I gotta give them credit for changing the scenery this time and I gotta say that the writing was a lot funnier as well.

–      This sketch also had some of the raunchiest dialogue I’ve heard on the show in a while. I’m surprised they got away with half the stuff he said here.

–      Adam’s cue card-staring was pretty obvious in this sketch.

–      The “Magic Johnson before” comment reminded me of the New Boyfriend Talk Show with the Magic Johnson part that I couldn’t believe got past the censors.

RATING: *** ½



COMMERCIAL: Biden Bash (2:15)
Biden Bash

–      This was lacking in the humour department a bit even though I did appreciate what they were going for with Sudeikis’ Biden here. I did enjoy the Macho Man part and the “What Happens in Delaware” slogan but the rest was kinda boring and tepid.

–      Levine was decent as the Neil Diamond impersonator.








–      Taran Killam/Bobby Moynihan/Bill Hader




Like I said earlier, it seems to me that I enjoyed this episode a LOT more than most people, which is fine; everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Adam Levine certainly wasn’t anything special as a host; he had his isolated moments of decent acting but he was thrust in the background tonight a lot which was a smart move by the cast and writers.



(Season 38, Episode 8 )



JEREMY RENNER: “The Bourne Legacy”

MAROON 5: “Overexposed” (album)


COLD OPENING: Booknotes (4:36)

–      Not the liveliest way to get the show cookin’ and steamin’ but there were still some funny parts here, namely the reaction from Armisen’s character at the end of the sketch with his big creepy smile. I do kinda like Jim Downey’s narration too whenever they do these C-SPAN sketches.

–      Cecily Strong continues to impress though; while she didn’t have a whole lot of funny things to say here, she is still quickly establishing herself as one of the more successful featured players right behind Kate McKinnon. Her delivery was one of the things that made the sketch watchable as she was reading these really filthy things out of the book with a very dry, deliberate tone of voice.

–      The ending was good too with Downey announcing that this was getting uncomfortable and decides to leave the program to show footage of Obama’s press conference.

RATING: ** ½


MONOLOGUE: Jeremy Renner (5:42)

–      For some reason, Renner’s voice sounded like James Franco to me at times.

–      Oof, this was as awkward as awkward can get. While Renner certainly appeared to be trying here, he came off as a mumbling host who could barely get a word out without appearing super-nervous.

–      I did like the line about someone dying if Renner laughs in one of his movies.

–      So… yeah, the piano gaffe was incredibly awkward as Renner started playing the piano and no sound emitted from it. He didn’t have too bad of a recovery from it though for a non-comedian.

–      The songs themselves were not even that funny except for maybe the line, “they’re always there! From the Hulk to Iron Man to Captain Amer!” I will say that Renner had a nice singing voice though.



COMMERCIAL: Your Hometown (2:05)

–      This was a pretty clever segment showing all the negative qualities about going home for the holidays in the frame of a vacation commercial.

–      I especially liked the bit with Hader fixing the light while wearing his underwear, Taran listening to a Carrie Underwood CD as the only one his mother owns, and the exotic locations for smoking weed (complete with an amusing brief appearance from Moynihan).

–      Taran, Aidy, and Bill were all quite funny here.

RATING: *** ½


SHOW: The Californians (6:08)

–      I’ve said this many times. I like this sketch. I know it’s not a popular sketch but I always have a fun time with it and apparently the cast does every time as well.

–      This is the most I’ve ever seen Fred crack up in a sketch. He just completely lost it during this whole thing and when he wasn’t laughing, he had a big smile on his face. Usually I’d be upset but it really adds to the silly nature of the sketch.

–      Tim Robinson made me laugh with his ridiculous attempt at an accent and his facial expressions throughout the sketch.

–      I think almost everyone has been in one of these sketches now.

–      Jeremy was alright here in his first sketch appearance. I liked his stilted way of walking and it looked like he was about to crack at one point as well.

–      The close-up of the baby’s face during all the close-ups was hilarious. I like how the baby looked differently every time.

–      The interaction between Bill and Taran was pretty funny here. I liked Bill’s extended “Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe thought you were dead!”

RATING: *** ½


SHOW: The Situation Room (3:51)

–      This was a very funny sketch. I enjoyed the satire of the Petraeus scandal AND CNN’s lack of footage at the same time. Cecily as Jill Kelley was an obvious choice.

–      I always enjoy Suds’ Wolf Blitzer impression so it was nice to see it back. I loved his line about his face being haunted by “the ghost of an old beard.”

–      Bobby as the never-used correspondent was funny (she hasn’t responded to any of the things that Bobby yelled at her house) and Renner as the mayor of Tampa was decent too but I can only imagine what a great host could’ve done with the role.

–      The best part was DEFINITELY Tim Robinson in drag as Jill Kelley in the CNN dramatization. His facial expressions made me laugh quite a bit.

RATING: ****


FILM: The Standoff (3:31)

–      The continuing streak of great short films continues this season. This had a very simple premise but Jeremy, Bobby, and Taran were all quite good. Much like other mediocre hosts, Jeremy was a lot better here because it was a filmed bit and he didn’t have to act on the live stage.

–      I enjoyed the different scenarios like Jeremy picking up his kid from dance class, the three of them in the shower trying not to look at each other’s junk, Bayer’s awkward dinner speech, the ice rink scene, the Adam Levine cameo (and I’m not a Maroon 5 fan at all), and the ending with Bobby getting shot over and over again in an excessive manner.

RATING: ****


MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “One More Night” (3:36)

–      Ugh, Maroon 5. I will give them credit for not being as bad as they were last season and at least being better than fun, Frank Ocean, and Rihanna but they still weren’t all that great. This song got a bit annoying after a while.


WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (10:43)

Guests: Katt Williams and Gov. Chris Christie

–      Best Jokes: FBI agent photo; Obama’s big gift; Victoria’s Secret; Kentucky/developed photos; lying competition

–      The Winners/Losers segment regarding the Petraeus scandal was quite funny. I particularly liked the comments regarding future biographers, John Allen, and Jill Kelley being referred to as a “Tampa socialite” (or prostitute).

–      Jay Pharoah did an impressive job as Katt Williams and he had a lot of funny lines regarding his recent meltdown. It seemed like Jay was about to crack at one point but this was a really good commentary overall.

–      Chris Christie showing up as himself was a huge surprise as I’m sure everyone expected Bobby Moynihan to roll out his impression. As far as politicians go, Christie did a good job and he had some funny lines like him not thanking other stupid mayors for ignoring his orders and using Seth’s name as a noun.

RATING: ****


SKETCH: The Avengers (4:07)

–      This sketch was a bit of a mess. I appreciated the effort that went into it but the premise that relied on Jeremy being out of arrows was kinda weak. There were enough other funny parts to almost make up for that but it was still a weak sketch overall.

–      I did like Jay’s Samuel L. Jackson impression even if it wasn’t perfect.

–      Kate looked REALLY good as Black Widow.



SKETCH: Dick Fuel (4:40)

–      Decent sketch.

–      I appreciated Sudeikis’ effort here in this sketch as he certainly tried his best to elevate the quality of the material.

–      Aidy was real good here as Suds’ assistant even though she had no lines. I just liked her frozen smile the whole time. I also liked Tim Robinson’s very brief appearances as the assistant cameraman, especially him saying “C’mon! It’s my one thing” when Jason tries to do his job for him.



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Daylight” (3:44)

–      Much like the previous musical guest, the second performance was better than the first.


CARTOON: Midnight Snack – Cool Drones (3:09)

–      Interesting to see another attempt at a cartoon segment on SNL after the success of TV Funhouse. I like the concept and the name “Midnight Snack.”

–      Overall, this wasn’t too bad but I feel like the boy band jokes are more than a little passe. They didn’t do anything too original with this and it feels like something that should’ve been done in like 1998. The massacre scene at the end was funny though.

–      I did like hearing several castmembers’ voices in this thing though, especially Bill Hader as the general.



SKETCH: Identifying the Body (3:34)

–      My favourite sketch of the night. Renner was okay here but this sketch was all about Sudeikis. Hader provided some good work as well and Taran deserves credit for being able to stay still the entire time.

–      My favourite parts were Jeremy guessing the body was Yao Ming, asking if it’s two people, if the body can guess who he is first, Hader thinking it’s HIS brother, Taran sitting up and figuring out that HE is Yao Ming, and finally Hader’s response that Taran TOLD him he was dead.

–      Bill messing with Taran throughout the sketch and trying to get him to crack up made me laugh more than I have at a sketch in forever. That was just great.

RATING: **** ½






–      Jason Sudeikis



I thought I was going to really hate this show at first but despite a less-than-average host and the worst of the year so far in Jeremy Renner, I still thought this was a pretty solid episode. Despite it being the second-worst of the season, this year has been very strong so it still holds up pretty solidly.


by Brendan Wahl

(Season 37, Episode 5)

The Show:

1. Cold Opening: The Ghost of Kaddafi (3:12)

Muammer Kaddafi (Armisen) comments on what it’s like being dead and discusses the ups and downs of burning in hell for the rest of eternity.

– Funny cold open and in fact, probably one of the better Kaddafi appearances that the show has utilized.
– I loved the opening remark: “I got murdered pretty bad last week.” There were lots of other good stuff here though like Fred remarking about the elevator in The Shining and saying you can not reason with a mob.
– Very energetic LFNY from Fred.
Rating: *** 1/2

2. Monologue (4:20)

Charlie talks about growing up in New York and then decides to relax tonight, but Danny DeVito interrupts and tells him that he’s gotta go way over-the-top because it’s his first time hosting. Therefore, he does a “mediocre piano” number and gets everything off to an energetic start.

– I don’t remember the last time a host has been this energetic and thrilled to be in 8H. Maybe Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Charlie’s enthusiasm was very infectious and his jokes about being a child in the city were hilarious.
– As if that wasn’t good enough, Danny DeVito only adds to the monologue with his “surprise” cameo appearance .
– Charlie’s piano performance was also quite hilarious and the energy put into it was great.
Rating: ****

3. Kim’s Fairytale Divorce (2:45)

A special focusing on Kim Kardashian’s (Pedrad) divorce from her husband Kris Humphries (Samberg) 72 days after the wedding.

– Much like the opening, this was probably the best utilization of these impressions of the Kardashian sisters.
– The highlights here were Kristen Wiig as Kris Jenner, Taran as Bruce Jenner, and Samberg playing Humphries as a complete moron. Charlie Day was also pretty amusing here as the divorce lawyer.
– The ending was hilarious with Kim saying that things are looking up for her because she’s single and there’s an NBA lockout going on.
Rating: ****

4. The Dr. Oz Show (3:40)

Dr. Oz (Hader) welcomes on a guest (Day) to talk about his bowel problems but proceeds to humiliate him by making obvious statements and then making his guest participate in a particularly embarrassing demonstration.

– This was a funny piece. It may have seemed a bit juvenile at first but the acting by Charlie and Bill elevated it quite a bit. Charlie blowing into the replica of a rectum was amusing as was him going through the tunnel.
– Charlie’s combover look made me laugh quite a bit for some reason.
Rating: ***

5. Greek Gods (6:26)

In a discussion of the current Greek economic crisis, Zeus (Sudeikis) finds it difficult to locate a workable solution with various gods and goddesses including Dionysus (Day), Artemis (Bayer), Poseidon (Samberg), Ares (Killam), and many more.

– Terrific ensemble sketch. This reminded me of the Save Broadway and Save the Funnies sketches but it still held up very well on its own and didn’t recycle any jokes.
– My favourite parts here were Jay Pharoah’s bit as Apollo, Samberg’s long line as Poseidon (“Here’s the plan. I turn into a dolphin, hear me out. I have sex with a human woman, hear me out. It’s not consensual, hear me out. She’s my daughter.”), Kristen’s line about needing to get rid of her actual crabs, and Charlie Day’s whole scene (“Sorry, I’m late. Orgy stuff!”) and him finding out he had sex with an actual goat.
– Adam Levine’s quick bit as Yanni was amusing.
Rating: **** 1/2

6. It’s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green! (5:50)

Cee Lo (Thompson) hosts a talk show with the help of the Freakasaurus (Day) and Colonel Nasty (Hader) and tries to help a couple (Elliott & Samberg) put some freakiness back into their marriage.

– Pretty funny sketch. Much better than I expected when this started.
– Kenan didn’t even really even try for an accurate impression here but he was still funny and his overall look was quite amusing as well.
– The overall look of the sketch was fantastic from the crazy set to the dancers (Moynihan, Brittain, & Pharoah) decked out in the red jumpsuits.
– Charlie as Freakasaurus had to be a reference to his Green Man character from Always Sunny. I loved the fact that they referenced that because it’s something I DEFINITELY was not expecting to see.
– Bill Hader doing Colonel Nasty was terrific. It combined his great physical appearance as a Colonel Sanders-type character along with that great laugh he did in the Blackenstein sketch from Jesse Eisenberg/Nicki Minaj. I think he even made Samberg crack up a bit or he at least came perilously close to losing it.
– Great visual gag with the pile of ladies in Cee Lo’s dressing room, especially when Charlie jumped in again.
Rating: *** 1/2

7. The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2 (3:05)

A sequel to the first compilation DVD with some of the original comics along with new ones like Dirk “Jack-Knife” Cane (Day), Bonnie “My Vagina” Carolina (Pedrad), Black Stewie Griffin (Pharoah), Rick “Watch It Or I’ll Suck Your Cock” Tipenski (Hader), and many more.

– This was just as hilarious as the first one, maybe even moreso. Way too many highlights to list all of them but I’ll point out some of them like Charlie’s homage to Dane Cook, Jason’s passive racist character, Nasim as Bonnie, Hader’s role, and Taran as the twins finishing each other’s “sentences… meatballs.”
– I find it hilarious that SNL SOMEHOW managed to work in a way to use Jay’s Stewie Griffin impression.
– Again, Adam Levine makes another amusing cameo here.
Rating: **** 1/2

8. Maroon 5 performs “Moves Like Jagger” (3:22)

– I. Hate. This. Song.
– Actually, to be quite honest, even with my bias this performance was still awful. This song does NOT sound good in a live setting (or any other setting, quite frankly) and ended up being terrible.
– No Christina Aguilera either, which might have boosted the song a bit.

9. WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (14:58)
Guests: Gov. Rick Perry and Judy Grimes

Best Jokes: Kim Kardashian divorce; Justin Bieber paternity suit; impotence treatment; Dubai/prostitute; anti-aging discovery; sleep study

– The first commentary by Bill Hader-as-Rick Perry was fantastic and he did a great recreation of the drunken speech he did some time ago. Bill’s mannerisms and slurred speech was perfect and I loved his insane story about being drugged by Herman Cain’s pizza and then Cain admitting his sexual harassment charges were true. I think Bill messed up too when he said “hola” instead of “aloha,” which Seth called him out on, causing Bill to chuckle a bit.
– I loved Seth’s “A Closer Look at Europe” segment. Every single part of it. I now know what a germance is.
– It was pretty fun to see Judy Grimes back again. It is essentially the same every time but I always enjoy her fantastic delivery with the rapid-fire dialogue. I loved her gasp at the beginning as well.
Rating: ****

10. Because of One Dolphin (4:33)

An actor (Day) has problems on the set when his scene with a dolphin faces distractions from the animal’s trainer (Killam) making annoying noises to get the animal to perform well.

– A good sketch due to Charlie’s straightman performance and Taran’s insane vocal tics and motions to the dolphin.
– Kenan constantly saying, “I do my job!” was also worth a couple of chuckles.
– The ending with Kenan switching places with Charlie was funny, especially with Charlie admitting he wasn’t recording audio that whole time.
Rating: ***

11. Maroon 5 (feat. Travie McCoy) performs “Stereo Heart” (3:29)

– This wasn’t anything special but compared to the first performance, this was LIGHT YEARS better. I don’t know if the addition of Travie McCoy helped but it couldn’t have hurt.

12. Crime Scene (3:49)

An aging detective (Day) and a police officer (Sudeikis) investigate the crime scene of a murder and through their discussion, it is evident that the detective has no knowledge of pop culture or even historical events like World War II. Although, when attempting to piece the case together, he does seem to inadvertently reference Seinfeld and baseball terms, much to the officer’s frustration.

– This was a classic ten-to-one sketch. It reminded me of the quality of the potato chip thief sketch or the one with Tracy Morgan talking about rocket dogs.
– Charlie and Jason had amazing chemistry together, which was to be expected considering the two movies they did together and Jason’s guest spot on Always Sunny.
– Charlie did a HILARIOUS impression of Kramer and it caused him AND Jason to lose it momentarily. Rare to see Suds crack up.
– The ending bit with Moynihan as a George Costanza look-alike was quite funny, but the CSI part was even better.
Rating: *****

13. Lil Poundcake (1:18)

Repeat from Melissa McCarthy/Lady Antebellum.

13. Goodnights

– I really hope Charlie comes back. Looks like he had a ball.

OVERALL: An excellent show, even better than the stellar season premiere. Charlie Day was an energetic host who brought some great performances to the show and fit in with the cast like a glove. Maroon 5 was an alright musical guest with at least one decent performance but they didn’t really detract too much away from this awesome show. Danny DeVito showing up was great too and as far as the cast goes, Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis are the big standouts this week.



HOST: CHARLIE DAY – 8 segments (Monologue; Kim’s Fairytale Divorce; The Dr. Oz Show; Greek Gods; It’s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green!; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2; Because of One Dolphin; Crime Scene)
MUSICAL GUEST: MAROON 5 – (Greek Gods [Adam Levine]; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2 [Adam Levine])

CAMEO: DANNY DEVITO – 1 segment (Monologue)

FRED ARMISEN – 3 segments (The Ghost of Kaddafi; Greek Gods; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2)
ABBY ELLIOTT – 4 segments (Kim’s Fairytale Divorce; Greek Gods; It’s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green!; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2)
BILL HADER – 6 segments (The Dr. Oz Show; Greek Gods; It’s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green!; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2; Weekend Update; Crime Scene)
SETH MEYERS – 2 segments (Weekend Update; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2)
BOBBY MOYNIHAN – 4 segments (Greek Gods; It’s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green!; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2; Crime Scene)
NASIM PEDRAD – 3 segments (Kim’s Fairytale Divorce; Greek Gods; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2)
ANDY SAMBERG – 4 segments (Kim’s Fairytale Divorce; Greek Gods; It’s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green!; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2)
JASON SUDEIKIS – 3 segments (Greek Gods; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2; Crime Scene)
KENAN THOMPSON – 4 segments (Greek Gods; It’s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green!; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2; Because of One Dolphin)
KRISTEN WIIG – 6 segments (Kim’s Fairytale Divorce; Greek Gods; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2; Weekend Update; Because of One Dolphin; Lil Poundcake)

VANESSA BAYER – 4 segments (Kim’s Fairytale Divorce; Greek Gods; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2; Lil Poundcake)
PAUL BRITTAIN – 4 segments (Greek Gods; It’s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green!; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2; Because of One Dolphin)
TARAN KILLAM – 4 segments (Kim’s Fairytale Divorce; Greek Gods; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2; Because of One Dolphin)
JAY PHAROAH – 4 segments (Kim’s Fairytale Divorce; Greek Gods; It’s Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green!; The Original Kings of Catchphrase Comedy Volume 2)

EPISODE MVPs: Bill Hader/Kristen Wiig