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(Season 38, Episode 13)




JUSTIN BIEBER: “Believe Acoustic” (album)



COLD OPENING: Super Bowl XLVII (5:37)
Super Bowl

–      It was obvious that they would tackle the power outage at the Super Bowl in some form and while this sketch was not a classic, it was well-written. The best parts included Kenan’s constant plugging for 2 Broke Girls, Taran as the reporter on the field, and Jay’s whole bit about the team trying to decide who they should eat first after the power went out.

–      There was also a pretty great shocking moment here with Jay saying that Ray Lewis knows who killed those people “because it was him.” Also, Kenan finally confessing that he’s never seen 2 Broke Girls was a great way to end that running joke.

–      The quick commercial bit with Bill Hader was hilarious.

RATING: *** ½



MONOLOGUE: Justin Bieber (3:15)

–      Justin seemed pretty nervous but he accounted himself fairly well despite all that.

–      It was a good idea to stick Kenan out there with Bieber and he was quite funny with his encouragement every time Justin would say something factually incorrect about Black History Month.

–      Whoopi Goldberg’s cameo was kinda strange. She didn’t really do anything either except being wooed on the stage by our host. Okay then.

–      I will say it once so I don’t repeat myself over and over again. The screaming girls in the audience are annoying and they were loud throughout the WHOLE night.

–      Mike O’Brien’s brief appearance in the audience was great.

RATING: *** ½



SHOW: The Californians (5:47)
The Californians

–      Yes, I still like this sketch. This one, though, was probably the weakest of the bunch thus far though but I still enjoyed it.

–      Bieber was okay as the kid. His “Californian” accent actually wasn’t too bad.

–      Taran was hilarious as the gay Californian but it was Kate McKinnon’s accent that probably made me laugh the most.

–      Cecily Strong looked really good in this sketch.

–      The multiple close-ups of Hader (instead of the rest of the cast) was the best part.




SKETCH: Bieber Decoys (5:15)
Bieber Decoys

–      This sketch was great and that had NOTHING to do with JB. I mostly enjoyed it because of the slams and insults they made towards him right in his face. My favourite was Sudeikis telling him that no one is buying him trying to act black.

–      Kate McKinnon returning as Ellen DeGeneres was a great little bit too. I was hoping she’d bring back her Ellen impression because of Justin Bieber hosting. I also liked the fact that Justin said that he looked like her the most.

–      Moynihan’s dance-off was amusing too, especially when after Justin showed his abs, Bobby deadpans, “Alright, good luck you guys!” and walks off.

–      Sudeikis was excellent in this sketch, especially when he was lamenting and grieving over his former client, Saddam Hussein (“Oh Saddam, you flew too close to the sun, didn’t you?”).

RATING: ****



COMMERCIAL: Bravo Spin-Offs (2:26)
Bravo Spin-Offs

–      This was one of those pieces that just builds and builds and has enough rapid-fire segments that if one doesn’t work, the next one is bound to get a laugh or two.

–      I’d say my favourites were the Taran’s dentist show, Bobby’s limo driver show (“I drive men… crazy… and also to the airport”), A Coppola Coconuts (“…but we’re sluts”), and the Austrian dudes (Bieber, Hader, Sudeikis).




MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “As Long As You Love Me” (3:57)
Justin Bieber1

–      Blah blah blah. This was whatever. I’ll say that he was better than Maroon 5, Rihanna, and fun but that’s it.

–      His voice sounded like it was cracking at times.



WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (9:10)

Guests: King Richard III’s Best Friends From Growing Up and Corey the Only Black Guy in Every Commercial
update1 update2 update3 update4 update5

–      Best Jokes: Obama memo/just cause; background checks; Star Wars spin-offs; Boy Scouts/homosexual ban; Honey Boo Boo; Seagal training session; photo app

–      Armisen and Bayer bring back their Two Best Friends bit once again, this time for King Richard III. I thought it was kinda amusing that they picked someone who has been dead for quite some time but I am really starting to tire of this recurring commentary. Even Seth’s bit at the end wasn’t as funny as it usually is since it just involved him talking about his girlfriend rather than Tina Fey or the new castmembers.

–      Kenan as the one black guy in every commercial was great. The detail of Kenan needing to high-five every 12 seconds was funny as well as him appearing to be friendly and non-threatening. Seth obviously got a kick out of this one and Kenan cracked up a bit, which is pretty rare for him.

RATING: *** ½



SKETCH: 50s Romance (4:12)
50s Romance

–      This was another one of my favourites of the night, due mostly to the performances by Cecily and Aidy in particular.

–      I liked the premise here that Bieber’s character was stupid and immature. The best examples of this were him not knowing how doors work, how he thought there would be actual puppies in her blouse, and the bit about him putting his pants on backwards and saying, “look at me; my butt’s in front.”

–      The ending was also great too with Bieber telling Cecily that he’s only eleven with Cecily responding that she’s good with that.

RATING: ****



SHOW: The Miley Cyrus Show (4:30)
The Miley Cyrus Show

–      This was an interesting way to bring back the Miley Cyrus Show. I always like Bayer’s impression and Sudeikis is terrific as Billy Ray.

–      Moynihan’s drummer character finally has a name: Dale.

–      Bieber as the fan club president was pretty decent. I did like how he took a few shots at himself and the semi-apology was funny as well but mostly because of Bayer’s response about how she’s sorry too regarding her own drug experience.

–      I also liked the ending with the wedding clip and Billy Ray saying he can’t believe he’s just finding out about this.




SKETCH: Protective Brother (5:42)
Protective Brother

–      Much like the firehouse sketch from the previous episode, I don’t think many other castmembers could have made this very simple premise work like Taran did here.

–      I will say that Bieber and Pedrad made a pretty cute couple and it makes sense that the writers used them in another sketch later on.

–      Taran was really good here like I said. His overall look and demeanour made me laugh a whole lot.

–      The first time the word “glice” came up I actually thought it was a real slip-up from Bieber which is something of a credit to his performance.

–      Taran actually had JB cracking up, which was also very funny.

RATING: *** ½



MISCELLANEOUS: A Sexy Valentine’s Day Message (1:41)
A Sexy Valentine's Day Message

–      This was somewhat amusing. I mostly liked it for Moynihan’s strange Taco character and the sexy dice that spelled out “fondle butt.”

RATING: ** ½



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Nothing Like Us” (3:14)
Justin Bieber2

–      Sudeikis drew the short straw and had to introduce him, I guess.

–      Another whatever performance. Nothing to see here.



SKETCH: Valentine’s Dance (4:29)
Valentine's Dance

–      Another sketch with Pharoah playing the very strange Principal Frye, Bayer as the emcee, and Kenan as the angry gym teacher. This was a pretty decent one and it’s funny how these sketches always get pushed to the back end of the show.

–      Again, Nasim and Justin played a couple here and they had some great chemistry. Nasim was especially funny here with her orgasmic reaction to having her shoulder touched and her answering in the affirmative was funny.

–      What was up with the microphone bit with Pharoah suddenly grabbing a working mic out of his jacket?

–      Kenan was great again here too; he’s been having a really good night in general.








–      Kenan Thompson




Now that wasn’t so bad, was it? On the contrary, I found this episode to be quite funny with a mostly-decent performance from Justin Bieber as the host (although he didn’t reall improve or hinder any sketches) and some great work by the cast this week, of which it will be hard to pick one stand-out. Nothing was really bad this week either; solid stuff.




by Brendan Wahl

(Season 36, Episode 16)

Well, it has happened, ladies and gentlemen. I never thought I would see the day but Hannah Montana herself has finally been pegged to host the show that has so mercilessly mocked her with Vanessa Bayer’s hilarious impression and several jokes about her bong video. Okay, so maybe Saturday Night Live hasn’t been horrible towards Miley Cyrus but I mean, what do you have to run with besides her creepy/borderline obsessive father and her videotaped indiscrepancies.

Despite the public outcry, Miley will indeed put her acting chops to the test when she tries out comedy that is NOT Disney. Joining Cyrus is the Strokes, who seem to be on the brink of a comeback with their latest CD, Angles. I enjoy them so this is an aspect of the show that I am very much so looking forward to.

Gambling time!

The Show:

1. Duh! Winning! (6:05)
Cyrus, Armisen, Elliott, Hader, Killam

It was a foregone conclusion that SNL would take a swipe at Charlie Sheen. After weeks and weeks of his insane (and I do mean, BAT-SHIT insane) ramblings and interviews, Charlie (Hader) hosts a show in which he talks to fellow messed-up celebrities/third-rate famous people in order to compare notes. Included are his bandleader Christina Aguilera (Elliott), who has also had her problems with the National Anthem and then was arrested for public intoxication. Guests include Hitler sympathizer John Galliano (Killam), crazy dictator Muammer Kaddafi (Armisen), and troublesome partygoer Lindsay Lohan (Cyrus). This was not a home-run as might have been expected but it was still quite funny and Miley’s Lohan impression was pretty damn good too. Loved the e-mail from Gary Busey, too. B+

2. Monologue (2:22)
Cyrus, Moynihan, Wiig

Miley brings up her indiscretions in song (such as the insanely horrendous deed of smoking salvia) and then notes that there were many other celebrities who did far worse things than just show a little side boob or kiss their boyfriend in a picture. She makes a point and it’s a good little monologue with some fun accompaniment from Bobby and Kristen. B

3. Baby Spanx (1:03)
-Hader, Sudeikis, Thompson, Wiig, Bayer, Pedrad

Repeat from 10/23/10. However, they took out the “tabby spanx” part at the end, I noticed. PETA complaint? B+

4. Our Time! (5:47)
Cyrus, Elliott, Samberg, Thompson, Pharoah

Finally, the two members of the Black-Eyed Peas that no one really knows (Taboo and get the spotlight and host their own show. Of course, it isn’t long before (Pharoah) and Fergie (Cyrus) interrupt to hog the spotlight and see if they’re needed. If this is the start of a recurring sketch, I’m all for it. Samberg and Kenan’s chemistry together has been proven already with those banal Deep House Dish sketches and at least this time, they have better material to work with with these underappreciated background singers (let’s face it, that’s what they are) as they interview equally unimportant celebrities like Khloe Kardashian (Elliott). B+

5. The Essentials: The Sound of Music (5:02)
-Cyrus, Armisen, Elliott, Hader, Moynihan, Samberg, Sudeikis, Wiig, Bayer, Killam, Pedrad

Jason Sudeikis gets to put his great Robert Osborne impression to work again as the host of the series that features famous films with deleted scenes that just never made sense. This week, we get Mexican comedian Richie Inez Jr. (Armisen) making an awkward appearance in The Sound of Music as one of the Von Trapp children. If you must know, Miley appears as one of the children in love with a boy (Samberg). She didn’t do too much here as it was Armisen that ran away with this purposely stereotypical role. I particularly liked Samberg’s reaction to Richie’s comedy and the crowd of Nazis in one scene. It was nothing too outstanding, but it was a decent enough edition of the sketch. B-

6. The Disney Channel Acting School (2:19)
Cyrus, Elliott, Moynihan, Thompson, Brittain, Killam

Miley takes her reputation to task in this jokey commercial, advertising the art of acting on the eponymous family channel. Of course, it shows various aspects of shows like Hannah Montana and the art of speaking louder than the person who previously spoke, disrespect any authority figure, and spying in a doorway (my favourite). This was tremendous and proved that Miley was more than willing to poke fun at her image. A

7. The Miley Cyrus Show (4:50)
Cyrus, Sudeikis, Bayer, Killam

Here we go! This is what most people were looking forward to if they would have to endure Miley Cyrus hosting the episode. In this edition of the show, Miley (Bayer) does a “famous celebrity impression” of Charlie Sheen and then quickly introduces her guest, Justin Bieber (Cyrus). Miley does a pretty great impression of Bieber along with her swagger coach, Be-Bop (Killam) and the interaction between host and guest is “pretty cool” as well. Of course, Billy Ray (Sudeikis) chimes in with some great lines as well and the clip is good as per usual. It was awesome to see both Miley and “Miley” sing the theme too. A-

8. The Strokes sing “Under Cover of Darkness” (3:53)

Julian and co. sing the hit off their new album and… the verdict is… it’s great! The Strokes haven’t lost a step as they deliver a great new song and then some. A

9. Weekend Update with Seth Meyers (13:09)
-Also: Bobby Moynihan and Jason Sudeikis

After a brilliant start in which Seth chastises the Charlie Sheen story for coming up too early, Meyers settles in and delivers zinger after zinger with not a break to take a breath in sight. His highlights this week? Seth’s rant about the discovery of Legionnaire’s Disease at the Playboy Mansion is a gas, but his bit on the man losing weight by placing a robot in his stomach takes the cake this week (“No salad?” “Nah, robot.”) Seth’s Sheen jokes are pretty great too and it leads into another edition of Winners/Losers, which is also fantastic. The guest commentaries this week are equally great as the Devil (Sudeikis) stops by to comment on his recent evildoings and then announces how even he doesn’t agree with the Westboro Baptist Church, who are going straight to hell. Jason excels at this new character as his smarmy charm takes over and he delivers some top-notch work here once again. Anthony Crispino (Moynihan) is the other commentator and he never fails to entertain me with his second-hand news, particularly this week’s edition considering how he has no idea about the whole slew of Charlie Sheen news. Flawless edition of Update. A+

10. Les Jeunes de Paris (3:21)
Cyrus, Elliott, Moynihan, Samberg, Wiig, Brittain, Killam, Pedrad

Making its return after the Stone/KOL broadcast, Killam’s original Groundlings creation takes place again. Basically, a bunch of french people dance around with a perfectly choreographed dance number. This sketch is fantastic just for the amazing detail that goes into the choreography and the performances of all involved, specifically Taran Killam as the main dancer, Francois. A

11. Beastly (1:14)
Cyrus, Samberg, Brittain, Pedrad

Remember that trailer with Andy Samberg as the creepy roommate of Justin Bieber, who turns out murderous? Well, this is the same idea except that Declan takes the role of the main character in a mock-up of Beastly and has some pretty fun interaction with our host. Pretty funny stuff and it’s kept short. B+

12. Rock-A-Billy Lady Party Moisturizing Facial Cream (3:45)
Cyrus, Wiig

In the same vein of Spa Talk from the Eisenberg episode and A Spot of Tea from the Russell Brand one, we get another sketch to add to the “WTF” pile. In this commercial, two women (Cyrus & Wiig) with puffy 80s hair advertise their facial cream and rock-a-billy CDs, which will complement each other and help your life out. This was such a bizarre sketch but I liked it based on the strength of the performances from the two stars here plus the writing was absolutely absurd. I seem to be in the minority on these really weird bits. A-

13. The Strokes sing “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight” (4:06)

Another big number for the Strokes and another success. Casablancas’ vocals are no match for the instrumental section on this song, but it’s still an entertaining song by a great band. B+

14. Ginger Rangers (3:04)
Cyrus, Elliott, Moynihan, Thompson, Wiig, Bayer, Brittain, Killam

What starts out as a simple performance on a cruise line launches into something more crude, as the songstress Ginger Rangers (Miley) proceeds to sing about how disgusting she finds all of the older passengers (Elliott, Moynihan, Thompson, Wiig, Bayer, Killam) in the audience to be. Cyrus starting up “You people are gross to me” as a musical number was hilarious as was the interaction between Ginger and the “almost handsome” passenger, as played by the versatile Taran Killam. Mark my words. TK is going to be a big-time player. Paul’s line was pretty funny too. B

15. CBS: Gurney Month (1:07)
-Killam (voice)

Taking a well-deserved shot at all the “corpse” shows that CBS now has (CSI/NCIS/Mentalist), this quick commercial parody introduces the new upcoming shows in the same manner such as Two and a Half Dead Bodies. It’s a topical piece that packs a punch. A-

Miley thanks the Strokes and SNL for having her before waving goodbye and embracing everyone on-stage.

Miley surprised everyone and was a very capable host. The Strokes were great. There was a serious lack of unfunny material tonight. Taran Killam continues to come into his own. All is well. This episode continues the terrific roll that Season 36 continues to be on essentially since Poehler/Perry.

Sorry for the lack of closing comments, but I am very tired.

Host Rating: B+
Musical Guest Rating: A-
Show Rating: A-