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(Season 38, Episode 17)




MELISSA MCCARTHY: “Mike & Molly” (Season 3)

PHOENIX: “Bankrupt!” (album)



COLD OPENING: Kim Jong-un Press Conference (4:46)
Kim Jong-un Press Conference

–      Love Bobby as Kim Jong-un. Reminds me of when Amy Poehler would play Kim Jong Il. That shit was pretty funny too.

–      The audience really seemed to like Bobby’s fake Korean dialogue.

–      The same-sex marriage thing was pretty funny but overall this opening didn’t have a whole lot of laughs. I’ll give it points for effort.

–      Dennis Rodman’s cameo was pretty amusing but man, did he ever butcher that LFNY delivery at the end of the sketch.

RATING: ** ½



MONOLOGUE: Melissa McCarthy (4:14)

–      This was hilarious. I thought McCarthy’s monologue the first time was only okay but this was absolutely perfect and I like how the monologue stopped and restarted near the beginning and how Melissa got the band involved in it a bit.

–      Taran teasing the fact that they were going to do a song was great too and a nice little nod to the fact that there have been a lot of musical monologues lately.

–      The physical humour with Melissa’s heels and her slow falling on the stage was perfect. She is such a gifted comedic actress as well as being a tremendous physical comic as well.

–      Melissa’s comment about the floor smelling “like a lot of musicians” was a hilarious small moment. I also liked her attempts at lame observational humour like asking, “What’s up with North Korea?” and her great remarks about how she’s “primarily in a Croc.”

RATING: ****



SHOW: Outside the Lines (4:58)
Outside the Lines

–      Fantastic sketch with my favourite Melissa McCarthy performance of the night (and that’s saying a lot!). Pretty much anytime she showed up on-screen as the super-violent basketball coach she had me laughing my ass off.

–      Hader was a great straight man sportscaster.

–      During Jay’s interview, the look through the window was hilarious.

–      One of my favourite moments was Melissa tasing Moynihan’s teacher character over and over again. A close second was the scene with Melissa tossing a toaster at one of her players followed by the part with Melissa imitating Hader’s character.

RATING: **** ½



SHOW: The Voice (4:31)
The Voice

–      This was pretty funny with good performances from Bill, Jay, Kate, and Jason as the judges and solid work as usual from our host.

–      Taran staring creepily at the camera while playing Carson Daly was amusing.

–      Melissa’s actual singing performance was really funny too, especially her quickly saying, “I’m done” after she finished.

–      The best of all the impressions was definitely Jason as Blake Shelton and Kate as Shakira. Melissa’s incredulous facial reactions to Shakira’s broken english was perfect too and only added to how great those parts were in the sketch.

–      The ending was great with Kenan randomly showing up as Cee Lo Green.

RATING: *** ½



SKETCH: Honey-Baked Ham Bake-Off (3:28)
Honey-Baked Ham Bake-Off

–      Okay, this was all about the ridiculous musical number from Melissa, Taran and Bobby in which case it definitely delivered. I also liked Sudeikis as the dorky announcer.

–      I also got some huge laughs out of Melissa saying “ham” every so often.

RATING: ****



COMMERCIAL: Bathroom Businessman (1:43)
Bathroom Businessman

–      Kenan led this commercial piece very well. One of his better performances in a while. I really loved his goofy delivery of the line, “I’m flushing my career down the toilet!”

–      His facial reaction when he shit his pants was also hilarious.

–      The twist with the whole thing being an ad for decency was hilarious.

RATING: *** ½



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Entertainment” (3:40)

–      I liked them just as much as I did when they first appeared back in Season 34, which is to say, I liked them quite a bit. Good tune.



WEEKEND UPDATE with Seth Meyers (14:44)

Guests: Jacob, Charles Barkley, and Drunk Uncle (with Peter Drunklage)
update1 update2 update3 update4 update5 update6 update7


–      Best Jokes: Florida’s 500th anniversary; six rings; smaller airplane bathroom; Walmart; Naked and Afraid; Target/offensive label

–      I was glad to see Bayer bring her Jacob character back even though it was essentially more of the same thing that she did during her previous commentary. I still like her stilted way of reading from the book as if she’s doing a rehearsed speech with all the cheap jokes thrown in as well.

–      It was good to see Kenan bring his Charles Barkley impression back and this was another funny commentary. I liked how he went over his gambling losses and how he is gonna be screwed cause he didn’t even think Wichita was a state and that he betted that there were witches in Wichita as well.

–      I love Drunk Uncle and his appearance was hilarious as usual. Peter Dinklage showing up and joining him as “Peter Drunklage” was classic as well and he even had one of the better comments, saying “you know what’s on my Tumblr? Regret…” The sudden breaking into song makes me laugh every time as well.

RATING: ****



GAMESHOW: Million Dollar Wheel (4:10)
Million Dollar Wheel

–      This was probably the weaker Melissa character piece of the night but I still thought it was decent thanks to her spirited performance. I liked when she got mad at Nasim as well for trying to help her.

–      Hader was also perfect here as the straight man gameshow host.

–      Poor Tim Robinson got no lines at all here.

–      Fred guessing the wrong answer was also pretty amusing.




SKETCH: Bank Loan (5:59)
Bank Loan

–      This was a lot of fun. I loved Melissa’s performance in this (I sound like a broken record) and Sudeikis played off her perfectly as well. They made a great pair as did they during the last time she hosted as well.

–      The detail with Melissa repeatedly giving Sudeikis pens to sign her cheque was great, especially when Suds finally started flipping out and knocking the pens out of her hand.

–      There seemed to be a lot of ad-libbing here but it was quite funny. I liked Melissa saying “excuse me” and Suds noting that she didn’t have to excuse herself for a chair.

–      The ending was ridiculous but also funny.

RATING: ****



MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Trying to Be Cool” & “Drakkar Noir” (4:03)

–      Another entertaining performance, this one seemed to be a medley of two of their hits from the latest CD.



SHOW: The Art of the Encounter (3:54)
The Art of the Encounter

–      This HAD to have been written by Kevin McDonald. It felt exactly like a sketch from Kids in the Hall infused with a bit of SNL humour as well.

–      I love how the premise featured the idea of dating in the nineties without any rhyme or reason.

–      Melissa and Killam had excellent non-chemistry here and their scenes made me laugh every single time, especially how they ended it with Melissa asking if she could do the splits on his face.

–      The costume department should be praised here as well. They went all out with this one.

–      When they started making out with their dates at the end… hilarious as well. Great capper.

RATING: **** ½







–      Melissa McCarthy/Taran Killam/Jason Sudeikis




This was a really great show. I’d probably name it 3rd best of the season thus far. Melissa McCarthy was an outstanding host of course just as we all expected and she pretty much led every single sketch even though she wasn’t usually the only one getting all the laughs. Taran and Jason stood out in the cast this week but if I had to name a runner-up, it would be tough because a lot of other castmembers did some really solid work this week.