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Spider-Man is…TWILIGHT?!

Posted: January 19, 2010 by Brendan Wahl in Entertainment
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Yes, folks, you read that right. As I’m sure most of you have heard by now, Sam Raimi has decided to no longer continue with the Spider-Man franchise and thus, it is getting a reboot ala Hulk and Batman. Okay, I have to admit that both of those movie franchises desperately needed a refresh. But does Spider-Man really need one already? I might be in the minority, but I didn’t find the third one was actively offensive enough that it destroyed the entire series or anything like that.

Oh, and the rumored choice for Spider-Man? Robert Pattinson. You’ve been warned.




Posted: January 19, 2010 by Brendan Wahl in Entertainment
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Hello everyone.

My name is Brendan Wahl and I am here to entertain you. Or rather, I’m here to correspond your entertainment. I mean, I’m entertaining and corresponding to your… ok, forget it.

Either way, I am a bitter person sometimes especially when it comes to films that insult my intelligence, but I’m not a snob either so if I like a movie and no one else does, I’m not going to agree with the masses.

My first order of business then is the brand spankin’ new trailer for MacGruber. I’ve been a bit worried for this ‘SNL-sketch-into-a-movie’ adaptation, knowing full well the history of these types of films but I don’t know…I think it looks legitimately funny and enjoyable.

What do you all think?

Check it out here:

PS: It’s NSFW, as it’s the red-band trailer and has some naughty words.