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So in recent months the TTC has found themselves in proverbial hot water over service and funding issues. Here are a few new service initiatives that they will soon implement to improve service and save money.  These are real and have been leaked exclusively to Hot Off The Press!

  1. In an effort to stretch fuel economy and to improve schedule timing, buses will no longer come to complete stops at their destinations.  Passengers will be expected to hit the ground running.
  2. There will be an extra cost ladies only VIP seating section with Adam Giambrone on the Red Rocket.
  3. TTC staff will now play instruments for money in the subway stations.
  4. The monotone female voice that announces stops on the routes will now be replaced by Adam Giambrone talking in a seductive manner to call out stops.
  5. The TTC will now provide rooms that are out of the public view for staff members to sleep in to avoid those annoying  “gotcha” photos.
  6. To save electricity, escalators will only work in subway stations on the last day of every month.
  7. Lighting in designated waiting areas will be turned off at 4pm to further save electricity costs.
  8. Nose plugs will be handed out free of charge at subway stations with strong smelling dirty washrooms that can be smelled more than 20 feet away.
  9. The TTC will now add a  15% tax to panhandler’s  profits in the subway stations.
  10. Extra Seating will now be provided on the roofs of subway cars to allow for more passengers to be carried at once.
  11. Subway train doors will only stay open for 10 seconds at stops.  Passengers are now expected to rush the doors.

These will all be implemented in the coming months to help Toronto have the best transit system in Canada!

What Kind of City is This?!

Posted: February 18, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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So I just have to say that I have discovered that Torontonians are not anything like Maritimers.  Yesterday while at a very busy subway station in Toronto I managed to somehow fall up a flight of stairs during rush hour.  Yes, you are probably asking yourself, how did he fall up the stairs?  Well I am not to sure of that myself, it all happened really fast, but my best guess would be I skipped a step on the way up.

Anyways, I wasn’t seriously injured, although my dignity was given quite  a bruising.  But what disturbed me the most other than the fact of how dirty the stairs in a TTC subway station are is that not one person even asked me if I was okay or needed help!  People were literally jumping over me, and walking around me giving me dirty looks.   Had something like this happened in the Maritimes people would be crawling over each other to make sure the person was okay! Trust me I know this as I have witnessed these things in New Brunswick a time or two.

Toronto is a beautiful city but the people here are just in too much of a rush to bother to help their fellow neighbour.  I just hope that I never seriously injure myself.  I think if I had of been injured I would be laying on the steps of that subway station right now.   The other thing I hope is that I don’t come across my spill on Youtube! I could only imagine the TTC staff in a security office laughing uncontrollably at some guy falling up a set of stairs on a security camera whilst replaying my wipe out over and over again.  Somehow that security camera footage of people in embarrassing situations always leaks to sites like Failblog and Youtube.

All this said, it gave me a good laugh too, I know I looked ridiculous.  I mean really there is no way to fall gracefully is there?

—Matthew Casey

TTC Troubles

Posted: February 15, 2010 by Matthew Casey in Commentaries
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Wow! First off I have to say that it has been a while since I have posted on here! I have been so deeply entrenched in my studies as of late that I have neglected to write….Now on with my thoughts:

There is a lot of fuss lately about the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) and how their service is less than stellar.  I`ll admit they aren`t the nicest people around, they can be brute to say the least when one asks a question to the driver as I have recently discovered on my travels.   But with all that I think I know where they are coming from.

These drivers most likely work long hours and see hundreds of people everyday.  Some of the people who these employees must deal with are very rude and ignorant themselves.  Now I know that old overused saying “the customer is always right”, but I think that if I was in the driver’s seat and having to put up with rude and ignorant people like that all day I would snap too.

For instance the other day I was on a bus and the driver stopped to pick up some passengers.  A young couple tries to board the bus by saying they were just on another bus and forgot to get the transfer paper.  They asked the driver if he could just let them on anyways. Naturally the driver says no.  He starts to politely explain to the couple that anyone could just get on a bus and say that they  “forgot” to get the ticket so if they want on they have to put in the proper fare.  The couple then began to vehemently argue with the driver.  The driver started to raise his voice and the rest of the people on the bus started to get impatient as we just sat on the side of the road witnessing this stupidity.

After a couple of minutes of this bickering, a passenger got up and dropped the money in the fare box for these people just to get them on the bus so that we could get going again.  I have only been taking the TTC here for a little while now and I have to say after witnessing this I don’t know how these drivers can do their jobs day-to-day.  As I mentioned before, I think that I would snap too if I had to deal with moronic individuals like this daily.  I think that people should just lay off the TTC and let them do their job.  I’m sure all the pestering they are getting from everyone lately is really not helping them to improve their service any.

All I can say is my hat’s off to the men and women who run Toronto’s transit system!

—Matthew Casey